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Small and Mighty!Small and Mighty!

Small and Mighty!
Is your favorite scale a 1/10? Is 100mm the ideal height for you? Is the figure you like just plain SHORT?

Here's the club for you! We love tiny scales, non-scales, prize figures, and shorties. For all those figures of short height and small stature!

This is my first time running a club, so bear with me! Feel free to link figures any time.

Some simple clubroom rules:

✿ Nendoroid/super deformed figures don't belong here, UNLESS it's the style of the series. (I.E. Panty and Stocking OK, Nendoroid Petit NO, Petanko NO)

✿ Dolls also do not belong here.

✿ Please no explicit NSFW figures at this time!

✿ Japanese sourced figures only at this time!

✿ Prize figures, non-scale are OK!

✿ Short boys are allowed too!

✿ Use common sense in adding shorties! 100mm and under is great! 200mm and under- okay, but use caution! Is she 1/8 or larger? Probably not a shortie at all.

✿ How tall is too tall? If she's over 200mm, she belongs elsewhere.
-Does her base or tall hat put her a cm or two over the limit? Don't sweat it!

✿ When in doubt- the objective is to find tiny gals and small figures, not "chibis and lolis." Use the appropriate clubs for that!

✿ Besides all that: be polite and let's make friends! Let's build a giant tiny collection together!✿
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