MyethosMyethosA club for fans of the Chinese figure company, Myethos.

A club for fans of the Chinese figure company, Myethos.

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Illustrator credits:
Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood: Monogo (Pixiv)
Alice, Queen of Hearts, and White Rabbit: Ask (Pixiv) encyclopedia #57044

MFC currently does not allow non Japanese related items in it's database. Make sure you have read the database guidelines when adding items, espically if they are from a non Japanese manfacturer.

If you have pictures of Myethos's figures uploaded to the site let me know in the comments and I will link them. Tag your images with the tags below if you want to add them to each figure's gallery.

Click to View List of FiguresHide Name | Version
Origin | Comment
Illustrator | Sculptor | Item link
Status | Release Date | MSRP (Yen)
Scale | Tag (pictures)/MFC Gallery link |
ImageHideOfficial image or latest prototype here. Click image to visit source.

Fairy Tale ~Another~ line Snow White
© Monogo | Myethos
Released | Feb 2015 | 8,800
1/8th scale | myethos_snow_white | ImageHide Little Red Riding Hood
© Monogo | Myethos
Released | Aug 2015 | 8,800
1/8th scale | myethos_riding_hood | ImageHide Alice
© Ask | Myethos
Released | Jan 2016 | 10,800
1/8th scale | myethos_alice | ImageHide

Alice 2.0 | Announced | TBA Queen of Hearts
© Ask | Unknown
Released | Oct 2016 | 11,800
1/8th scale | myethos_queen_of_hearts | ImageHide White Rabbit
© Ask | Unknown
Announced | TBA
1/8th scale | myethos_white_rabbit | ImageHide

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku | Sweet Princess Ver.
Vocaloid | Collab with MaosouHouse
Unknown | Unknown | item link
On Hold: (mfc link)
UNK scale | (mfc link) | ImageHide Stardust
Ask | Unknown
Preorder | Apr 2017 | 11800
1/8th scale | myethos_stardust | ImageHide

Wedding Dress Figures Nia Teppelin | Wedding Dress Ver.
Gurren Lagann
Unknown | Unknown | item #368017
Preorder | Apr 2017 | 11,800
1/8th scale | (mfc link) | ImageHide Holo | Wedding Dress Ver.
Spice and Wolf | Collab with TOM
Unknown | Unknown | item #485674
Preorder | TBA |
1/8th scale | (mfc link) | ImageHide

Other Dante
Devil May Cry | Collab with UMOE
Unknown | Unknown | item #449239
Announced | TBA
1/6th scale | (mfc link) | ImageHide Celestia Ludenberck
Danganronpa | Collab with Emontoys
Unknown | Unknown | item #597971
Painted | TBA
1/8th scale | (mfc link) | ImageHide Zhao Linger
The Legend of Sword and Fairy
Unknown | Unknown
Preorder | Apr 2017 | ‎11800
UNK scale | myethos_zhao_linger | ImageHide Shao Siming
Qin's Moon | Collab with Manluotuo
Ask | Unknown
Preorder | TBA
1/7th scale | myethos_shao_siming | ImageHide Yat Sen
Project R Warship Girls
Unknown | Unknown
Preorder | TBA
UNK scale | myethos_yat_sen | ImageHide Seele
Gun Girl Z Collab with Azure
Ask | Unknown
Preorder | TBA
1/8th scale | myethos_seele | ImageHide Sujiu
Monster List Coprod with Tencent
PSlenDy (PSD) | Unknown
Sculpted | TBA
UNK scale | myethos_sujiu | ImageHide Unknown
The land of Caromag
Ran | Unknown
Teased | TBA
UNK scale | unknown | ImageHide

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3Vor 2 TagenReichiReichi
White Rabbit prototype!
[ext link ]
3Vor 2 TagenTayaTaya
Rin_Asano (Vor 2 Tagen) #28620141a new one!
[ext link ]

She's so beautiful! Never heard of the game, but I'm really tempted to buy this figure.
7Vor 2 TagenRin_AsanoRin_Asano
a new one!
[ext link ]
0Vor 20 Tagen (Vor 20 Tagen)OliverOliver
naikousei (Vor 21 Tagen) #27751575She's looks so beautiful! Did you have any problems with yours?

Actually yeah she wasn't perfect right out of the box. The paint on her mouth was a little off, enough to make it look bad so I had to fix that. The yellow lines on her legs weren't perfect either so I fixed those too. I also painted a few spots that needed more paint. Unfortunately I wasn't careful and I dropped her (yes, I feel the pain and I regret being careless) and one of her big hair piece along with the base broke. I had to glue the metal rod back on the base and fix her hair, which wasn't easy at all. Thankfully she looks fine now and you can't really notice it, but that spot on her hair will never look exactly like it did before I broke her. Lesson learned.
0Vor 21 Tagennaikouseinaikousei no Tabi ❤️
Oliver (Vor 21 Tagen) #27749889Hi! I just posted the pictures of Stardust on my profile and I tagged them. I'm just letting you know in case you want to see them.

She's looks so beautiful! Did you have any problems with yours?
0Vor 21 TagenOliverOliver
Hi! I just posted the pictures of Stardust on my profile and I tagged them. I'm just letting you know in case you want to see them.
0Vor 1 Monat (Vor 1 Monat)ItsaTimmyItsaTimmy
All tag and picture links in the list are working again, however due to a URL bug I can't currently shorten the links so the list will have to look ugly for the time being.

Edit: fixed
0Vor 1 Monat (Vor 1 Monat)ItsaTimmyItsaTimmy
Oliver (Vor 1 Monat) #26536317Hi again!
Is it okay to upload pictures of Myethos figures on our account? Or does MFC strikes anything that isn't Japanese?
Thanks and sorry if it's a dumb question.

You can post any figure pics on MFC regardless of the figure, you just have to be the author of the photograph. So if you go to a Chinese figure convention the pics you take should be fine to upload, but you cannot upload someone else's pictures unless the subject of the picture is an item in the database.

This of course includes any pictures you take of your collection. you are more then welcome to upload those.

That is the way I understand it anyways.

Also just link them here in the comments and I'll link them. Also be sure to add the figure tags mentioned above.
0Vor 1 Monat (Vor 1 Monat)RyukosamaRyukosama
Oliver (Vor 1 Monat) #26552002Yeah that's what I saw after posting here haha. I'm going to upload pictures of Stardust when she arrives. How do I link my pictures to the club's?

not sure, I think the club admin links pics

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