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AnimeGirl3D is a tool that is capable of processing characters from 2D anime art, and then its able to convert it into 3D models (.obj files). Then, it can be used in modeling programs, applications, games, or can be printed with 3d printer.


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Minimum system requirements
-An Intel ATOM CPU on at least 1,2 ghz, a Celeron CPU on at least 1,4 ghz
-An AMD cpu on at least 800 mhz
-VIA CPU on at least 1 ghz
-Transmeta CPU on at least 1 ghz
-Vortex86 CPU on at least 1 ghz
-Elbrus CPU on least 1 ghz
-1 Gbyte of RAM
-Linux, or Windows operating system (x86)

Recommended system requirements
-Intel i7 CPU with at least 8 hardware thead, or AMD CPU with 8 CPU cores
-4 Gbyte of RAM
-24 col display
-This software does not uses graphics card or IGP, it uses software rendering.
-Linux, or Windows operating system (x86)
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