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For anyone who love Azone dolls, original Ex☆Cute, characters dolls, costumes, etc... ^0^/



↑[lazy mode]this link should give you a chronological list of Azone dolls in the database[/lazy mode]
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Grailed_Cheese (Vor 17 Tagen) #31072434snip
For your first question, the doll you have is on the 50cm obitsu body and 'AZO2' refers to the chest part only. You can see this in the dolls info right at the bottom of the page [www.azone-int.c...]. So any shoes should fit if they're marked "for 50cm".

For your 2nd question, yes that is accurate. The ◎ means best fit, △ means tight fit and of course ❌ means no fit.

Hope that helps.
Vor 9 Tagen
I only own one doll [ITEM #331390] and so I don't know much about them - I have a couple questions about buying clothes. Most of the clothing product pages on the AZONE site in the “For 50cm dolls” category (50cmドール用) [www.azone-int.c...] have a simple guide at the top that lets you know which dolls that particular item is compatible with. But a few of the product pages don’t have this. For example, [www.azone-int.c...] has no guide – the only info it has is “For 50cm dolls” under “Size.” And [www.azone-int.c...] has no guide but has a small blue graphic that says "50cm Doll Size Costume" and, under "Size," it says "Costume for Obitsu 50cm." So, how would I know if either of these are compatible with my doll (which is an AZG doll)?

One other question I have is about the guide itself. If you look at this product page [www.azone-int.c...] you'll see the guide for this particular item has more symbols than just X's and O's. Does anyone know what the triangle means or what the O with an o inside of it means?

{EDIT: I think I found the answer for my second question but just want to verify. Does the triangle mean it will sort of fit but may be a bit loose or a bit tight? And does the ◎ mean it's the best fit?}

Thanks in advance!
Vor 17 Tagen
yurii (Vor 1 Monat) #30897667There's the Azone Labelshop in Akiba too, it's in the Radio Kaikan building. You've also got Mandarake as an option. and yeah the wax is worth getting because finding it online (for a good price) is difficult!

Thanks! I just got my first Azone Spain there :D I’m not sure if he have S or M body though.
Vor 1 Monat
RafeAdler (Vor 1 Monat) #30897652snip
There's the Azone Labelshop in Akiba too, it's in the Radio Kaikan building. You've also got Mandarake as an option. and yeah the wax is worth getting because finding it online (for a good price) is difficult!
Vor 1 Monat
Hello guys, I'm new to Azone and I'm really interested to purchase my first Azone 1/6 doll which is Hetalia Spain once I've arrived in Japan. Is there any recommended shop for me to shop for those Azone Hetalia Dolls other than AmiAmi in Akihabara? Also, I've seen people told me to purchase Azone Styling Wax which is hard to find...
Vor 1 Monat
edited the logo slightly to fit the new icon size :)
also updated the link! the old site no longer works
Vor 1 Monat
Latest azone flyer ✨

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Vor 3 Monaten
Anyone interested in becoming an admin or mod for this club? I haven't been able to keep up with Azone recently (well, for a while...)
There isn't really anything to do, maybe just link releases once in a while. Edit that top page if you want to.

Well, if anyone is interested please PM me and tell me which position you want.


YURII is now an Admin for the club.
Thank you for your help! (*´∇`*)
Vor 7 Monaten
latest azone flyer twitter.com/Azo...

i want everything orz
Vor 9 Monaten
Titan_Scientist (Vor 1 Jahr) #18534921I know this club isn't massively active now, but does anyone know anyone in the UK who does face-ups for 1/6 scale heads, like obitsu heads?

Sioux of Little Moo has done Monster High and the like, as well as resin, hard plastic, 3D printed dolls etc. Her Instagram his : www.instagram.c... - there's contact details in the bio.
Vor 9 Monaten
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