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4Arnd4ArndVor 6 Jahren
A club created to assist everyone who may have questions regarding MFC. This club contains "How to?" guides, be it for new entries of items, uploading pictures or posting in forums. Basically anything the FAQ does not cover in detail.

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Hi. I just joined the mfc and was wondering how to add an avatar to your profile. Looked in forms, faqs, and blogs, but it's not to clear or non existent. Tried taking a picture and uploading it for an avatar picture, but it tells me I can't. Step by step instructions would be great as I'm not to good at these sort of things. Thanks
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mikeymikemichaelVor 6 Jahren#2126580How to Club hmmm, sounds good!. "How" do you join? LOL!


Work in progress. Once we've got a number of items done, we will open it up for general viewing.
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How to Club hmmm, sounds good!. "How" do you join? LOL!
Vor 6 Jahren
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