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optimisticpenguioptimisticpenguiVor 11 Jahren
Welcome to the New Zealand Figurine Collectors Club.

If you have received an invitation to this club it is because you have identified your location as being in NZ.

The purpose of this club is to make friends and net-work between NZ figure collectors.

So feel free to introduce yourself and share your figure stories.

Much love,

Optimistic Penguin
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grymdylan weeaboo kingpin
Yikes, trying to sell some stuff and sadly looks like this group is deader than dead. RIP
Vor 2 Jahren
Argh. Looking at it, it is quiet here... I too am selling quite a chunk of my collection off. Specifically, all my Cheerful Japan Nendoroids (Miku, Luka, Kaito, Len and Ren, all sealed /new). I fear that my otaku days are now in their sunset years >__<

PM with offers if anyone is keen.
Vor 4 Jahren
is this place still alive? Xd
Vor 4 Jahren
Hey is this group still up and running? Kiwi here
Vor 4 Jahren
Selling items in my collections, if anyone is interested PM me offers.

Vor 4 Jahren
Hello Araka

I don't get much time to run my clubs anymore and the last few times I've tried to arrange meet ups for this group only one person has showed up :/ so yeah that's a bit disheartening
Vor 4 Jahren
I'm guessing this club is pretty much dead, huh?
Shame really. There don't seem to be any other NZ clubs.
Vor 4 Jahren
If anyone is interested, I'm selling quite a few things at the moment: profile/Elixir/...

I'm flexible, let me know if you are interested.
Vor 6 Jahren
Hey guys,

im selling my Alter Suguha figure


please pm me if you're keen on it, if youre in auckland i can drop it off, probably looking for 80 bucks which is below price + shipping

opened and sealed
Vor 6 Jahren
inovar AzuNyan! (ΦωΦ)
Looking to sell some of my impulse brought figures >.>

ITEM #91473 - Brand New - Unopened - Sealed
ITEM #97751 - Brand New - Unopened - Sealed

Selling from Auckland. PM me for more info on prices etc, PICS can also be requested :) Thanks!
Vor 6 Jahren