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proyectzeroproyectzeroVor 7 Jahren
★★★ Love live! >_< μ's Bonus extra ★★★

★★Love live! >_< Bonus extra extra (anime) XD★★
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favorite μ's member ???

10%Eri Ayase.
6%Rin Hoshizora.
8%Hanayo "Kayochin" Koizumi.
7%Honoka Kousaka.
13%Kotori Minami.
22%Maki Nishikino.
11%Umi Sonoda.
9%Nozomi Toujou.
14%Niko "Nico" Yazawa.
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how do i join photo for attention picture/1994594...
Vor 2 Jahren
Selling a poseable figure of Honoka Kosaka in her START:DASH costume :3 Make me a nice offer ★~(◠‿◕✿)
Vor 3 Jahren
What are some of the best figures of them out there?
Vor 3 Jahren
Nico of corse!
Vor 4 Jahren
daabeaiVor 4 Jahren#13699592I love Honoeli too!! It's very rare to find someone who also likes it ;;

hahaha omg reallllly ??? im dying lool *___________________* i love honoeri thats a perfect pair. *___* thats rare yeahhh.....so rare...:-----/
much of people like eri and nozomi :-/// but for me that dont fit together.. but yea xD
nozomi nico are a perfect pair :-) my second favo pair.
Vor 4 Jahren
HarukaHaruno1991Vor 4 Jahren#7505713best series is love live for me <3 and my favo pair is honoeri. love forever *___*

I love Honoeli too!! It's very rare to find someone who also likes it ;;
Vor 4 Jahren
best series is love live for me <3 and my favo pair is honoeri. love forever *___*
Vor 4 Jahren
Hello all you Love Livers!

I heard many recent premieres did not get the character boards at the premiere. That is wack, but no fear!

I am selling a complete set of Love Live movie shikishi autograph boards!


Interested individuals must at least have Paypal.
I ship internationally from US and will include tracking.

Please PM me if you are interested! ~$30-$35USD per board!

In case you guys don't trust me, I've been a MFC member for over 5 years and I have a 6/6 sellers feedback from the shop.
Vor 5 Jahren
Did anyone go to the Love Live concert at Anime Expo this year? would love to chat about how it went or for you to write a blog!
Vor 5 Jahren
mintbunnyVor 5 Jahren#3053805The other Alter figure pics have been revealed (that go with the Kotori and Rin already in the database): twitter.com/ll_.... I'm not usually at a PC so I won't be adding them any time soon. Can't wait, although I'm not overly thrilled about my best favorite girl, Hanayo. Not my favorite outfit. Oh well it's Alter!
Edit: woo! Added to my wishlist! Now we wait...

time for saving some of my allowance... pretty happy that they decided to choose the promo sr version for nico because that sr is one of my favorites, although I was hoping that they went with her panda outfit instead...

and rip: Maki's fans wallet because alter will release 2 Makis
Vor 5 Jahren