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  • Consume less, create more
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    1. It's sometimes or even often better to wait on a figure's re-release than to purchase it for aftermarket price (would've saved a lot of money if I had).

    2. Even if desperate, only ever buy from highly recommended sites you know of and trust, not sketchy ones just because they still have a figure you want in stock that's unavailable everywhere else (would have avoided a big issue with ITEM #498420 where I paid over 300 CAD for her on Kirin Hobby AND ended up waiting over 3 months for it to arrive. This also ties into #1 since she re-released not long after).

    3. Be more careful with figures that have their pegs on the underside of their feet. You won't end up having to buy your buddy another and be left with the broken one (ITEM #331471 - have really bad luck with this figure unfortunately).

    4. Some of those 'side collection' figures you'll buy whose character's you know nothing of and only want because they're pretty and/or look cool: you're going to want to sell them off some day. Focus mainly on characters you know and love - they're the ones you'll always cherish and never tire of or be willing to give up.

    5. If you know you absolutely want it (a figure), then get it. Don't sit on it hesitating until the pre-order deadline has ended and then regret you didn't (this may potentially contradict #4 but there are indeed a few figures I regret missing out on. Mostly ITEM #256472.

    There are probably a couple more I'm missing but those are the ones (albeit some recent) that immediately come to mind. Overall however I don't believe I've made too many mistakes in the time (4 years already?!) I've engaged in this hobby (yet) and I generally try to keep a level head when it comes to it.
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    Don't buy anything other than figures/dolls! You will save a lot of money and buy more!
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    1. Don't buy any of the SE lines like Play Arts Kai, Bring Arts Kai or any Arts Kai.
    2. Don't buy Figmas
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    Don't start collecting figures it will consume your entire life!!!

    ....But I cant go back it time so I guess I will just keep at it *wallet cries*
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    When I first started collecting around 2013, I was grabbing everything in sight to build up my small collection. Even if I wasn't familiar with the source material, if it looked neat, I wanted it. But man, if I could have had my current purchasing habits back then, I would have saved so much money.
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    dont buy figures from all animes u watched or animes u havent watched
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    dokidoki azusa girl
    I'd say my biggest mistake in collecting was a few years ago. When I took a year-long hiatus from social networks in 2016, I got to thinking, what's the point of my collection if I wasn't sharing it online? I realised that for a while I hadn't been doing it for myself so much as for other people :/ There's been a lot I've gotten rid of since then and still more I want to give away. Big financial and emotional waste on my part. So for a five-parter I'd go with:

    1: Only collect for what brings YOU joy, forget other people
    2: Try to stick with characters you know you will love long-term
    3: Yeah I KNOW it's only $2 but do you need it taking up space?
    4: Enough with the prize figures!
    5: Buy more Precure stuff it gets rare so fast :c
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    1. The Griffon Uesugi Kenshin leans! Also you don't need the orchid seed Ignis (stick with the yamato and Wedding Endless winter versions)

    2. Also don't get started with the Kancolle Nendos XD

    3. Also don't start with the little armory line (damn things are a pain to assemble)

    4. Don't bother with SD Neo Zeong as MSG will have something similar

    5. Stick to Nendo Racing and Snow Mikus X_X
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