Kommentare Background story: my love for Louise and how it came to be

  • Pretty amazing how honest and detailed your admiration!
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    Such a great text. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and love for Louise. She's also my favourite tsundere and I love her not for the violent and later sweet parts, but for seeing her how she really is, when she shows us bit by bit in each episode (and in the novel too) as she opens up not only for Saito, but also for the viewers.

    Most people who are negative about her never actually watched the show or read the novels, but just seen some fragments of what's on the Internet.

    Like, imagine someone saying "Leonardo da Vinci sucks" while he/she saw only one, not so great work of his.

    It's the same with Louise.
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    I wasn't sure what to expect from this, but interesting read. I can't say I would have expected her relatability to be such an important factor, but I can also see it. I feel like I've missed out by not having a character I can relate to and find so much comfort in enjoying as strongly as you have with Louise lol.
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