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  • RubyspVor 4 Monaten#78136394Just offering a different perspective after having an opportunity to work at one of the con stores in my younger years. Yes they tend to overcharge a lot on figs but there is a chance you can find some rare buys. Some store owners doesn't really check the market that often (at least the guy I worked for didnt) so if a figure prize drops online they won't reflect it in store.
    Another thing is con tables are expensive. I don't know how much they charge commercial tables elsewhere but my boss said he paid around $1k per table (usually x4-5 tables per space) so that's about $5k upfront payment. A store owner would not expect to move all the merchandise/stock so they would try to raise fig prices to make up for it and try to make a profit in the meanwhile.

    Ahhh I totally understand! Thank you for providing some insight on the sellers' perspective! I had no idea buying a space/stand/booth was so much!!
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    Chloe-tsundereVor 4 Monaten#78136031Usually plushies actually like alpacasso and nemuneko.
    But I also scored deals in the past from briing and buy which are fair priced most of the time plus Youko from inukami for 58 euros which back then was fair ^^ (sold her by now tho..)
    Here cons: animecon and abunaicon
    Is where I buy
    Prizes are often decent prices too but rest is often overpriced with figs :( like 2-3x the value.

    Most definitely T^T I think when selling scales they take advantage of the fact that the figures look much higher quality, the boxes are usually bigger, and in general it just looks like it's worth more ;-; for people that don't know how to research and find a better price, they're fine with paying 2-3x the price they can find it online v-v so sad...
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    noctisityVor 4 Monaten#78136026I tend to only buy trading figures at cons, and I was very fortunate to find this set for sale ENTRY #123055. They were unopened but missing one character, so it was a bit of a gamble since I didn't know if my fave was missing. Luckily, the missing character was the one I didn't want! I had missed the preorder period for the set and the price at the con wasn't even marked up too badly ($10 USD each compared to 800 yen each originally).
    Not bad! Glad to hear you were able to find a pretty good deal/set! It's always fun to find something you're really interested in randomly at a con - and even more to open up the box and find what you were hoping for :3!
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    NemsyVor 4 Monaten#78136009I've seen some used figures at a convention that have defects or were dirty that were being sold for $5-15 each, I'm sure there were some good ones in there. I'll never forget when I saw someone pay $60 for ITEM #523131 at a convention, though. That one pained me a little bit.
    :0!! Bruh!! That's just tragic lmao, I have heard of people selling plenty of prize figures with multiple imperfections for dirt cheap - at my last con I was hoping to find a place like that (but there wasn't T^T). But for real though, the fact that they sold that figure to someone for that much is just...atrocious lol
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    SebastianLoverVor 4 Monaten#78135972I don't normally buy figures at cons because they're so overpriced. I might get one once in a while just for kicks, but I mostly buy fanart instead.
    Totally -_- some people here have found some really good prices at cons, but it seems that's only about 20% of experiences ;-; I've only ever witnessed completely overpriced figures v-v smh
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    Amy27Vor 4 Monaten#78135953I've bought a total of 7 figures at the cons I've been to over the years. Yes, the prices of figures at cons are usually way over priced, but sometimes you can find some good deals. I got ITEM #98987 at a local comic con for $75, brand new, and I was really happy with that price! Found ITEM #573877 at a con for $80, brand new, and snatched him up in a heartbeat. Got ITEM #512120 for $55, brand new, and ITEM #659762 for $45, brand new, which is retail but I didn't have to pay for shipping so that's a plus for buying figures at cons.
    The last con we went to my sister saw ITEM #675700 and we asked the guy at the booth how much and he said $45. I told her it was a really good price but she wanted to see if there was anything else she wanted at the con first so we left the booth. We went back to the booth later and there was a different guy running it so we asked him about the figure and he said he would take $40 for it since the box was squished. The figure was in perfect condition and she was authentic so my sister bought it. It just proves that if you look hard enough you can find some good deals on figures at cons!

    :0 omg! Those prices are crazy good! What con did you go to? And do you happen to remember the booths that were selling those great finds? :000
    I wish I was lucky (and even patient) enough to find such great deals :3! Glad to hear someone has had such great experiences buying figures at cons!
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    Hot_ZennyVor 4 Monaten#78135921Cons dont happen too often around me, but I'm kinda getting the hang of it.
    I keep the idea of buying a figure that I normally wouldn't of bought online and payed shipping for, maybe a figure thats lower on you wish list. (Albeit if the price is right)
    Dont be afraid to haggle, if the price is iffy* ask for a few dollars off or try to bundle! if My friend and I both find a figure we like from the same dealer; ive asked if they could do a bundle deal and we pool our cash together, or buy two and get 1/2 off a third figure.
    Bring cash if you plan to haggle, wave that green stuff right in front of their face and say "I'll give you "X" amount of dollars for said figure right now". Dont be afraid to low blow, they might meet you in the middle.

    Totally! My parents are kinda hagglers so they taught me if you're looking for a certain price, always go a lil' lower - if they deny it, they'll probably just go with the price you wanted it anyways, but sometimes you're lucky enough for them to agree to your low offer :3

    Also, the cash rather than card is a pretty good idea! They'll definitely want cash in case they need change so they might accept just for the fact that they need some bills! Good thinking !! A wad of cash is always really tempting as well >:-3
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    I usually buy at least 1 figure for every convention i attend, though i try to either try to find old figures i want or figures to complete my collection. I've also noticed the prices for me are a hit and miss, I've seen ITEM #549502 sell for 250 and regretted not getting it but also ITEM #464666 for 400 and ITEM #454347 for 50.
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    I generally don't buy figures at cons because a) they're often overpriced, b) there's a huge chance the figures are bootleg, and c) I don't like the idea of lugging a bunch of figure boxes around all day and then figuring out how to fit them in my luggage when I go home, lol. Which isn't to say I haven't ever bought figures at cons; I bought a couple of scales for good prices at a con flea market a few years ago, and sometimes I'll indulge in some blind box trading figures from sellers I know are reliable.

    The one thing I'm mad about though is that I bought ITEM #3082 from one seller who had a table of a whole bunch of non-scale figures (mainly prize and trading) with no boxes or packaging, for $40 CAD. I knew the price was ridiculous, but at the time - as someone else in the comments mentioned - I got pretty much all my anime merch at cons and had no idea how to find stuff online, and Orihime merch in particular is far and few between, so I just bit the bullet. I'm mad at myself for that, and mad at the seller for having such exorbitant prices, so even if they're a legit GSC resell partner (since they have an attached booth selling other figures), I've since refused to buy anything from them.
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    I've been guilty of having to push my figure prices about 10% above market price because of the crazy fees to rent a table at the convention. Otherwise I always advertise the shop and below market prices online
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