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December 2019: What's coming into your collection?Kommentare • December 2019: What's coming into your collection?

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    lzaya 臨也ラブ!
    I'm really excited for ITEM #740524 ! I've never owned a proper doll before and this one looks really cute (´・ω・`)

    I also have clothes for my Gift plushies that I bought last week! Too bad it'll be a while till I get them, though...
    Vor 2 Monaten
    I have one imminent figure coming, which is just waiting for the customs fee to clear, my favourite version of Salter ITEM #846012 (DW when are you gonna give us this outfit in game lmao)

    but then my favourite Assassin ITEM #549107 is due to drop any time now too, keeping me sweating because her cost is going to take a nice bite out of my wages until I get my early Christmas pay on the 20th of this month; kinda hoping she doesn't release before then so I can finish up getting gifts too (luck would have it my younger sister's birthday is Christmas Eve so it's just that little more expensive time of year for me otl)
    Vor 2 Monaten
    ITEM #850350 is certainly a neat looking figure. The gold bikini armor should be very eye catching.

    I've got incoming orders from AmiAmi and Native that should be here this week. We've got:

    ITEM #713864 An 18+ offering from Native's online shop. I'm interested to see what she will look like in person.

    ITEM #2052 One of my most wished-for items. There weren't many Gunslinger Girl figures made, and this one is one of the hardest ones to find, so I was very stoked when it popped up one day on AmiAmi.

    ITEM #99068 Kodama has been off and on my wish list several times, and so finally I bit when AmiAmi had her for a good price. The extra sling bikini she comes with could be a fun figure accessory, too.

    ITEM #761932 The one new figure I originally had preordered this month got delayed, so I decided to pick up Suomi. I like Anmi's character designs, but so far this is the only Anmi figure that I think looks really nice in 3D. Plus, she reminds me a little bit of one of my favorite characters, Lynette Bishop.

    I also picked up some media items and character goods- a Miku calendar ITEM #899046 and a Coffee Kizoku calendar ITEM #910967 as well as a new Noire mug ITEM #895486.

    I also picked up a Switch Lite, as I was in the market for a new handheld and it seems like support for the Vita is starting to dry up. To go with it, I picked up the US release of Senran Kagura Peach Ball ITEM #920522. It's kind of a dumb game, but it is fun and I like to vote with my wallet when companies localize these ultra-niche types of games.
    Vor 2 Monaten
    From this point on, my loots will be much smaller than they used to be.

    I managed to snag this Kill la Kill bunny girl figure on TOM a few days ago. She should be delivered tomorrow. Originally decided to pass on her, but some of the recent Freeing bunny girl figures made me change my mind.

    ITEM #396901

    The two Kizuna Ai figures by stronger should also be delivered in a couple of weeks.

    ITEM #791648

    ITEM #791649

    I also just paid for my Jiraiya Figuarts Zero.

    ITEM #848414

    To top it off, I'm also getting a few My Hero Academia tapestries.

    ITEM #889493

    ITEM #889501

    ITEM #889502
    Vor 2 Monaten
    I love that bikini Alice, deff a must-have for me
    Vor 2 Monaten
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