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bakugou + izuku nendoroids + how store stock works?Kommentare • bakugou + izuku nendoroids + how store stock works?

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    Izuku and bakugo are a diffrent story. With a limited stock rerelease. Due to the crazy high demand of them this sold out crazy fast.

    Im with hobby stock too for the first time. Have only heard positive things sofar. So thats reassuring^^.
    Vor 5 Monaten
    Every store orders a specific number or gets an allocation. Think about, they cant accept an infinite amount of orders. The items need to be stored and processed. No store has infinite storage space or hands to pack orders. Plus they have to pay for them, whether all customers actually take them off their hands or not. As a retailer, you also need to prepare for these cases. Calculation is key.
    Vor 5 Monaten
    Nendoroid Bakugou and Deku is a bit different than other nendoroids. Most nendoroids are made to order and has a pre-order window. However, some nendoroids like Bakugou and Deku have a limited quantity, that was why they sold out so fast. It might have to do with licensing, I don't really know.

    Edit: Hobby Search is one of the most reliable online Japanese retail, you do not need to worry about them canceling your pre-order.
    Vor 5 Monaten
    agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
    HS won’t cancel on you. If they’re preordered then they’re ordered.

    From my knowledge stores get a certain stock number they’re, I guess, “allowed” to sell. Since the BNHA Nendoroids were so high in demand the orders closed fast everywhere due to everyone ordering them at once.
    Vor 5 Monaten
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