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Boa HancockBoa Hancock

gumonshoegumonshoeVor 4 JahrenAsk MFC
Part of a project to research the ultimate mold of each character. I am interested in what others here think about these figures; and at the very least, it may be something fun to do while passing the time. Thanks to everyone for your participation!

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I didn't think it necessary to convey this, but apparently some people have been offended by the use of the word 'ultimate'. So, I would like to note: this is just a poll on MFC, a simple method/attempt to efficiently compare figures to some degree via quantitative research. By no means do the poll results found here scientifically and definitively determine the best/ultimate figure in existence--a notion which is ultimately relative nonetheless.

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There can only be one...
Boa Hancock

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ITEM #24947

ITEM #61347

ITEM #49008

ITEM #36098

ITEM #77895

ITEM #137245

ITEM #77734

Limited to pre-painted figures, uniquely identified by Character (and Origin in some cases) (based on MFC's database/encyclopedia).
Please choose an option. If you really cannot pick one, abstain from voting. Extraneous poll entries will be deleted. Thank you.

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Which is the best version?

  • 61%ID #24947 - One Piece - Boa Hancock - Portrait Of Pirates DX - Excellent Model - 1/8 (MegaHouse)
  • 14%ID #61347 - One Piece - Boa Hancock - Portrait Of Pirates Limited Edition - Excellent Model - 1/8 - Wedding Ver. (MegaHouse)
  • 0%ID #49008 - One Piece - Boa Hancock - Portrait Of Pirates Limited Edition - Excellent Model - 1/8 - Swimsuit White (MegaHouse)
  • 13%ID #36098 - One Piece - Boa Hancock - Salome - SQ (Banpresto)
  • 8%ID #77895 - One Piece - Boa Hancock - Salome - Figuarts ZERO (Bandai)
  • 3%ID #137245 - One Piece - Boa Hancock - Figuarts ZERO - Battle ver. (Bandai)
  • 2%ID #77734 - One Piece - Boa Hancock - Figuarts ZERO - Looking Down Upon ver. (Bandai)
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Megahouse POP DX, no question haha
Vor 3 Jahren
DarkHentaiX (Vor 4 Jahren) #2262401Boa Hancock - P.O.P. DX - has my vote. I wonder if she will get other clothing/costume/outfit if she reappears again in the manga.

That's a good point! MegaHouse are missing out on a chance if they don't release more of her, I would like to see what she looks like for the Anniversary as I have the mouse pad coming, a figure would be awesome though!
Vor 4 Jahren
I voted for Boa Hancock - Portrait Of Pirates DX version too even though I have the blue version ITEM #130706 (〜^∇^)〜 Without saying more, Hancock is amazing in any outfit but I would recommend the one of the Magahouse ones - I have all of those and each is worthy having in your collection ^///^ (my swimsuit version is again another colour variant - he purple one - ITEM #49201).

From all the other I have Bandai's Battle ver. which was ok for the price tag but as far as quality is concerned I know that Bandai tends to have hits and misses. But I think she's cute - and those legs ~( ̄ω ̄~)

I'm planing on buying Figuarts ZERO (Bandai)version soon and ... that should be it - at least until new version comes out m(_ _;;m
Vor 4 Jahren
Boa Hancock - P.O.P. DX - has my vote. I wonder if she will get other clothing/costume/outfit if she reappears again in the manga.
Vor 4 Jahren
For me Megahouse produced the best Hancock ever. So she got my vote :)
Vor 4 Jahren
I would go with the MegaHouse P.O.P. They're really beautiful figures.
This one! www.youtube.com... Totally gorgeous!
Vor 4 Jahren

eta I also really like the GLL Boa!
Vor 4 Jahren
Ah. My second waifu! It has to be the MegaHouse POP DX Excellent model for me! I do love the wedding version, in fact it's one of my fav figures! However the red DX version just shows more of her personality and her dominance in her character from when we first met her in the show.
Vor 4 Jahren
I'm voting the SQ Hancock coz 1st there's Salome and 2nd the sculpt is amazing. The quality is of course not as good as Megahouse's but I'd still chose her.
Vor 4 Jahren