Dance In The Vampire Bund - Mina Tepes - 1/6 (Alphamax)Dance In The Vampire Bund - Mina Tepes - 1/6 (Alphamax)Review

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Zukin-ManZukin-ManVor 9 Jahren
WARNING: This review contains graphic nudity. If you are under 18, wait until your parents aren't home before viewing press the Back button on your browser.

Dance in the Vampire Bund. The heartwarming story of a vampire, a werewolf, and the romance they share...I'm well aware of what that sounds like, and I know what you're thinking, but no, it's not that at all.

Previously, my knowledge of the series essentially consisted of "Rachel Alucard look-alike gets naked a lot", and this was enough to get me mildly interested, but not enough to make me put forth the effort to watch it. However, upon seeing this figure of Mina, I was captivated to the point of pre-ordering her before even starting on the series, as well as finally getting the motivation to start watching it, and I was not disappointed.

This wonderful-looking 1/6 figure by Alphamax is based on Mina's near-naked true form, first seen in episode seven. Oh, and if you haven't seen the series yet, spoiler alert.

Let's begin by examining the box, shall we?






And my GOODNESS, what a box! To give you an idea how big this thing is, if you remember my review for FREEing's 1/4 Minami Iwasaki, this box is comparable to that one, and Minami was significantly larger than Mina.

The box is quite pretty, and gives us a good idea what we're dropping money for, and even goes on show a brief (censored) sample of the cast-off feature, but one little thing irks me: There's no window. Before this figure arrived, I'd read horror stories about cold cast figures being exceptionally brittle and breaking even before they reach the distributor, let alone the customers, so the box not having a window to make sure your vampire princess ISN'T already obliterated doesn't ease the nerves very well.

Upon opening said box, we find...


Styrofoam. A whole block of it.

And a white ribbon.


And instructions, but don't be fooled; you really don't need them. Most of the assembly is so simple a caveman knucklehead could figure it out.

So we've got a block of styrofoam sealed with masking tape. We tear off the tape and crack open the foam to find...


Parts, and every single one of them wrapped in plastic. Between the heavy, windowless, cardboard box, the thick block of styrofoam, the tape holding it together, and the plastic covering each individual piece, I'm surprised Mina didn't show up with armed guards and force me to fill out a stack of papers to wait a 30-day waiting period before accepting her.


Total parts are as follows: Half-naked body of a not-loli-anymore vampire, her head, wings, the base, and a pair of boob-semi-covering things.

Upon closer inspection, my fears were dispelled as I see that all of the pieces are intact. Cold cast, shmold cast, Mina is just as awesome as she is in the anime. Maybe even moreso now that she's in a form that I can touch and hold. I mean...ah, forget it.

So the packaging is pretty as well as functional enough to get a supposedly "brittle" figure to its destination in one piece. I still would have liked to see a window on the box, however. Would it compromise the box's ability to protect the figure? Maybe, I don't study this stuff. I don't know the science behind the structural integrity of corrugated cardboard, but I can sit here on a keyboard and complain about what it doesn't have.

Packaging: 8

Now let's take a look at that base.


A chunk of rock. They could've used something more elegant, but if Mina's in a situation that warrants relying on her true form, then the area around her probably looks like a tornado hit it anyway.


Information like company name and such is printed on the bottom, instead of obnoxiously on the top. Plus, the bottom is covered in a soft fabric (felt, I assume), so you can place it on your desk in your home or office without worrying about it scratching up your workcenter...you know, provided you're actually ALLOWED to bring something like this to work.

As nice as it looks, I do have one issue with the base, though.


If you take a look, you can see that the base has a large indention for Mina's "stone" foot, and even has individual grooves for each and every little toe on her other foot. However, while the "stone" foot fits its intended spot well enough, the toes on her normal foot just don't match up with the grooves on the base. This minor detail doesn't make any less stable as far as I can tell, but it is slightly irksome knowing that they tried to do something and it just didn't work out like it was inteded to.

Base: 8

In most of my reviews, this would be the point where I show how to put together the figure in question, and while the figure assembly is as simple as falling on your face, I'll show how to assumble Mina for tradition's sake.


Neck rod.


Head slot.




Wing bases.


Back gaps.


Done. Wasn't so hard, was it?

Now, as easy as everything up to this point was, there is one thing that frustrates the hell out of me.


The boob-cover rock-things.

Typically, when you try to put clothes on a figure with cast-off capabilities, there's a way to secure them so that they stay on the figure. Not so with Mina. In the case of her right breast, the rock covering will stay if you're extremely careful when placing it, but any movement or even light jolt to the surface she's positioned on will cause an immediate wardrobe malfunction.


Her left breast is even worse off. I can't even manage to get the cover to stay. It seems like you're supposed to kind of "tuck" the covering underneath the stone around her collarbone, but there's no way for it to keep.


You're literally depending on a smooth plastic cover to stay balanced on her smooth plastic boob...


...and that doesn't work.

Because of this, I have to dock it a FEW points on assembly. If it was a more minor part that was incompatible, like an optional pair of glasses or an interchangable hand or something equally insignificant, I'd dock it only one point, if even that much, but an error like this means the difference between public display and frantically hiding it when family members decide to bring their kids over for a visit.

Assembly: 7

Now I think we should take a moment to examine Miss Tepes in all of her glory. Keep in mind, because of the inability to use the breast covers (or maybe just my incompetence), all photos will include her exposed chest. (OH DARN)

View spoilerHide spoiler


































...Okay, enough drooling, let's take a look at some details.

I'd like to call the wings to attention first.



They have a really awesome mix of "demon skin" and "stone structure" look to them. If I were attacked with those things, I wouldn't know whether to expect a leathery slap to the face or being clonked in the head with a rock.

Then there's her hands.



I have to say, there's a wonderful contrast between the soft-looking skin of her "human" hand and the menacing appearance of her "true form" hand, and it looks spectacular. Bonus points for putting such effort into details like her fingernails.

As for her feet...




Now I'm normally not a foot fetish person, but this figure could change me. On one leg, wonderfully sexy-looking skin, and on the other, a stone boot that could turn your sternum to powder with one good kick to the chest.

However, I do have one qualm about the sculpting.




The hair. From far away, it doesn't look too bad. However, when looked at closely, there seems to be a significantly lower amount of detail, complete with plenty of "webbing" between the strands of hair. The contrast in quality is so great, it genuinely makes me wonder if the hair and the rest of Mina's body were made by two different people. She's a really great figure, and seeing something as important as hair get the raw deal is really heartbreaking.

Hair aside, Mina is quite well-crafted.

Sculpting: 9

After watching the anime, I'm wondering what made them sculptor decide to go with a normal skin color for "true form" Mina. I'm not sure how she's presented in the manga, but in the anime, her whole body gets kind of a "magical girl color-wash" while transformed, making her skin look more lemon yellow/brown than anything. Not that I'm against it, I mean seeing this figure with yellow skin covered in brown splotches would probably make it less appealing. I'm just wondering...

Ah, forget it.

Painting: 10

Her pose is quite attention-grabbing. In one hand, her body and form are incredibily sexy, and at the same time, she seems to have a glow of elegance about her. Meanwhile, her "true" side shows that she's not one to be trifled with, making her presence invoke a kaleidoscope of reactions within the viewer.

Posing: 10

I have to say, I am quite pleased with this figure overall. I'm a little upset that the inability to keep those breast covers on pretty much plants Mina permanently into 18+ territory, but it's certainly not a deal-breaker by any means.

Enjoyment: 9


Come now. Dance with me.
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I haven't finished the show, but it wasn't Mina's fault ;D
This figure of her looks really nice.
I like your writing style, thx for sharing you impressions
Vor 9 Jahren
She remembers me a LOT the characters from Witchblade... Never watched/read DVB, but her... "armor" (?) style looks like a lot~!

Nice review, thanks a lot :D! She's so pretty *-*!
Vor 9 Jahren
Keroro Gunsou de Arimasu!!
thanks for the review. Mine hasn't shipped yet but it's cool to see a preview of what I'm getting

and for Cold Cast figures, I got 2 out of 6 figures broken during shipment, though there weren't really broken, it was just some part wasn't glued corectly so I just had to glue it back on and everything was fine. For coldcast it's just more that you have to be really careful that they don't fall down. If they do you can be pretty sure that something will be broken ^^''
Also not all coldcast figures are that hard to assembly. But as I remember correctly, in the anime Mina always has one boob exposed in this form, so just keep the right one on XD''
Vor 9 Jahren
Drego Neko fanboy
Zukin-ManI've got another cold cast figure pre-ordered. Thanks, now I'm paranoid all over again.
On the 3 cold cast i have ... none got broken during shipment ! :p
Keep the faith ! :D
Vor 9 Jahren
ChrisFirst two I bought arrived broken and even 5 layers of bubble-wrap couldn't save the second.
I've got another cold cast figure pre-ordered. Thanks, now I'm paranoid all over again.
Vor 9 Jahren
Drego Neko fanboy
Nice figure and huge box ... this sure is an Alphamax's Skytube series figure ! xD
It seems that assembly is a big problem for every Skytube cold-cast... -_-'

Nice review anyway ! (even if i'm not going to ... dance with you ... O_o)
Vor 9 Jahren
Nice review of a nice figure.

But nope, don't want no window boxes for my resins and cold-casts. This packaging is common for these. First two I bought arrived broken and even 5 layers of bubble-wrap couldn't save the second.
Vor 9 Jahren
Very nice figurine and great review! Thanks, I like how you described everything in detail. :)
Vor 9 Jahren