Tsukihi Araragi by GSC : color dilemna.Tsukihi Araragi by GSC : color dilemna.Ask MFC

jintoojintooVor 7 Jahren
I was wondering what is the color that you prefer for this gorgeous figure : pink or green ?
As I am concerned, I haven't yet choosen but I will order and update this poll with my choice when I will be clear.
Thank you for your votes.
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Which color ?

40%Pink / standard version
52%Green / GSC Online Shop exclusive
8%Can't choose.. going to buy both !
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Wow I didnt know there were two versions. I think they should have spaced the releases a year apart at least to avoid saturating the market. I prefer green but will end up buying to the chagrin of my wallet.
Vor 7 Jahren
It was the pink one!
Il semble que c'est celle que j'ai commandée.
Vor 7 Jahren
Pink due to perverted nii-chan scene.
Vor 7 Jahren
I think the green color fits well with the red bars. =3
well, it's also her original color in the anime. :)
Vor 7 Jahren
I think her green version stands out more, becuse of the red bars she is holding. :)
Vor 7 Jahren
I like the pink myself :)
Vor 7 Jahren
WatchJessieGo Magical Girl
I personally love pink, so if I decide to order it I'll get that one.
Vor 7 Jahren
I agree with a couple of these comments. I think if you plan to display her against a light/white background, the green one is the way to go. However, if you've got plans to put a contrasting color behind her, then the pink is fine. I would personally get the green, just because she's got an all inclusive color palette; you don't have to depend on what colors are around her to make her look good. But I'm not a big fan of overly red color palettes in the first place.
Vor 7 Jahren
Yeah... the red+pink looks fine in the illustration due to the background, but looks weird without it. I imagine the figure will look a lot better if you display it in front of something dark/blue.
Vor 7 Jahren
jintooVor 7 Jahren#1594438What you say senseful but for the standard version they had to be close to the original illustration where the bars are red.
The red bars look a lot better on the illustration due to the lighting, and cause you don't see the full set in one color, so it's not so much of an over load of red... If you hold a paper to your screen and cover half the bars up on the pink one, she looks a lot better (in my opinion)

I like the green more, even if the pink is correct to the illustration.
Vor 7 Jahren