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I haven't done much on the figure front owing to strained budget and trying to find a place on my own away from oppressive family. This is hard given my resident state and economy.

Then somehow someway I wake up to this.
My favorite figma developed a torn 'joint'. I don't know how this happened or why.

On this figma (ITEM #37863) the vest is an exterior, made of a rubbery material. This is glued and formed onto a solid PVC "core", which is partly exposed as her undershirt.

There are many cut sections for easier posing. From the day it arrived to just earlier this never gave me any problems.
One of these sections tore off the solid PVC "core" and won't go back in place.

So instead of crying over 'spilled milk', I tried repairing it.
I tried gluing the section with glue - no good.
Then came modelling paste - no good again.
I tried just bending it back in place - nope.
Then just leaving it as it was - looks bad.

It wasn't like this when it was new, it wasn't like this when I checked it the other day. I don't recall nudging it out of place so I don't have any idea how it happened. Maybe it was age, maybe it was really a bootleg/discard despite coming in the game box. I don't have a clue.

With repair attempts failed, no hope for spare parts as it was a non-standard figma, and definitely no hope for a reissue or revised figma of this character, I guess all that can be done is tracking down another figma in hopes it isn't damaged.

Yes I know it seems fatalistic trying to buy the same model again in hopes it won't go wrong, but I don't see many options left. I would look into another maker's figure of the same character, but I always liked the figma best as it was pose-able and the details weren't bad. And for whatever reason many of the PVCs of Mikoto look 'off' in my view. Differing styles I guess.

I'll have a 'fun' time explaining this to family whom preside over everything I buy online. Even with my own cash, nothing goes without their approval. =_=
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KotomineVor 7 Jahren#1521580Even if others don't notice, I'll always know.
Man I feel stupid.

I'm on your boat. That conscience is just slowly killing us.

OT: Hope you find a way to fix it :/
I'd email GSC (or MaxFactory?) and see if they can do anything about it...
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theyasminshowVor 7 Jahren#1521696Ahoge!

Aha that's it, thanks!
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theyasminshow Militant Missionary
KotomineVor 7 Jahren#1521580You know that tuft of hair on Saber's head (it has a specific name but I can't remember it)


That sucks! I was legit going to suggest you try emailing about repair tips, but then I remembered that didn't work in my favor when I tried it. So... I see she sold on Mandarake for 4000 yen, which is not so bad considering she's an SP figure from 2011. And if push comes to shove, you've got all of MFC to help you in your new mission.
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Sorry to hear about your situation, hopefully everything works out for you.

Something similar (well sorta similar) happened to me yesterday. It had to do with my new Saber Lily Figma. You know that tuft of hair on Saber's head (it has a specific name but I can't remember it) well when I was taking the bangs off I inadvertently gripped it with my finger and *snap*. I super-glued it back and it looks just about in the original position as it was. Even if others don't notice, I'll always know.

Man I feel stupid.
Vor 7 Jahren
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