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Kingdom Hearts II Play Arts Arms
Release Date: April 21, 2008 (says the dater in the box)
Original SRP: USD 29.99
Notes: Square-Enix Webshop Exclusive, can be purchased elsewhere for albeit a steeper price.


I was rather astonished with the size of the package that carry these only five weapons.

According to Play-Asia, it weights half-a-kilogram and is qualified for free shipping. However, due to the size and sensitive-nature of these intricately-detailed Keyblades which are definitely breakage-prone; free shipping isn't recommended.

The Keyblades are lined horizontally: Oathkeeper, Oblivion, Wishing Lamp, Ultima Weapon KH1 and Ultima Weapon KH2; in the blister. Sorry but no pic to show that. ^_^6

The bright sky backdraft of the package is what I used as the background for this review. The lower half is from the Dragon Quest VIII Play Arts which carry a similar design.

The backside of the package carry the usual contact and safety information but I'm glad that it doesn't consume even one-fourth of the space. The space had given way for colorful individual photographs of the Keyblades in the box as well as a nifty group shot by the left.

Proceeding with individual Keyblade reviews --

Also known as "Charm of Promise" in the Japanese version; this Keyblade represents Kairi, the seventh princess of heart and Sora's childhood friend. By default; it is wielded by Roxas, the Key of Destiny and thirteenth Organization member but later in the game, Sora obtains it after sealing the final keyhole of Twilight Town with Hayner and friends as the witness. If you played the Final Mix version, you'll be able to obtain the Limit Form along with the Oathkeeper but I did not so I guess I should just be contented with a minimally-poseable action figure. ^_^6

The Oathkeeper is a silvery-white Keyblade which has a pair of angel wings as its guard that extends to the teeth which appears to be an interlocking pattern that forms a heart and an asterisk to the far right side. The gradient paint job which was applied to the asterisk is very impressive as it did not bled. But that doesn't mean that this is already the best Keyblade of the bunch. It's actually the worst. (read on below)


This Keyblade is the one and only source of my dissatisfaction with this Play Arts Arms set due to the paint chips and what appears to be "bite marks" on the surface. It's already like that when I opened to package and I don't think I'll be able to do something about it.

The extremely thin circular metal chain from which the Keychain was attached into, the hole that is located far below the guard; could wear and tear as time goes by. I could've wished Square-Enix used another more-durable material like a PVC plastic one This metal chain also ruins the balance of the colors of the Keyblade as it's suddenly metallic after all the girly whites and gradients.

Going down the metal chain is the continuation of the girly white tone with what appears as pigtails that are silvery-blue in color and lastly into the keychain which is a Paopu Fruit that supports its Japanese name "Charm of Promise." In Kingdom Hearts 1, the Paopu Fruit is a very significant symbol between Sora and Kairi but for some reason, in Kingdom Hearts 2; it was replaced with...an ice cream which Roxas loves to LICK and the whole Paopu thing is just a Keychain attached to a Keyblade.

"You're lucky Sora. My summer vacation is over."

Also known as "Memories Past" in the Japanese version; this Keyblade represents Riku, Sora's handsome childhood friend who unluckily did not have his own Play Arts action figure amidst the Sora onslaught. (Thank you for that, Square-Enix...).

By default; it is wielded by Roxas, the Key of Destiny and thirteenth Organization member but later in the game, Sora obtains it after reuniting with Riku in The World that Never Was.

Oblivion is my most favorite Keyblade; both in the game and in real life, as it looks really badass no matter how I look at it.

The guard presents a pair of black dragon wings, contrasting the angelic wings of the Oathkeeper. It's stalk gives me the impression of a pillar during the Gothic era of art complete with black chains that continue up to its teeth which appears to be a reversed E-shaped Old English letter.

Even if Square-Enix would go for the similar Metallic chain as the Oathkeeper, it would not ruin the balance of the colors of this badass Keyblade but I'm rather surprised and delighted that they went for a sturdier PVC and metallic chain. Far below the literal chains is a black version of the crown pendant which Sora wears.

Since I have said that I like the Oblivion; I might consider getting the upcoming die-cast model by Corgi along with the Decisive Pumpkin...that is if and only if its locally-available or a good opportunity presents itself.

"I am the new chosen one as Roxas was thrown into Oblivion!"

Wishing Lamp
Also known as the "Wishes Lamp" in the Japanese version AND the Japanese name was rather an Engrish.
Sora obtains this after sealing the first Keyhole of Agrabah. The recurring summon, Genie, wields a similar Wishing Lamp Keyblade but has shallower details.

The Guard of the Keyblade simply appears as the bulb-like roof of the famous palace of the sultan in Agrabah. Going up, we see a literal Genie's lamp as the connector of the guard and the stalk. Above the lamp is what appears to be a cloud of smoke painted in blue and yellow gradient. The stalk continues to the teeth which I could not describe into words, maybe its an important symbol in Agrabah. The keyblade ends with a golden version of the palace bulb-like roof.

There goes that metallic chain again. This time, its painted gold to match the whole keychain and not to ruin the balance of the Keyblade's colors. What ruined the color balance is the purple middle of the guard. Perhaps that purple part represents Aladdin, Sora's party member in Agrabah and the titular character of this Arabian bedtime story-based series. Far down the chain is another lamp, a smaller one than the guard and stalk-connector. I could've wished they went with another charm or connector as I honestly don't like repetitive elements in a weapon.


Ultima Weapon KH1 version
This is the predecessor version of the KH2 Ultima Weapon. You can only obtain this through Synthesis at any later part of the game. I don't know what ingridients are required as I didn't played KH1.

According to some myths, the Ultima Weapon was based on the Sword of Awakening, the weapon which represents attack and physical power during Sora's awakening stage. Well, this is manifested by its Guard which really looks like the handle of the Sword of Awakening. If we are to remove all that complicated pattern which looks like hot pizza cheese gone haywire; we could really see the Sword of Awakening as the base model for this Keyblade.

Other than the bit about the Sword of Awakening, the chain and charm which looks like a golden heart (Kingdom Hearts?); I could explain this Keyblade no further in terms of words. You decide for yourself.

Kingdom Hearts 1 Sora is an upcoming figure, to be released on December 2008; so I'll lend this Keyblade to Limit Form Sora for two months. :D

Ultima Weapon KH2 version
We're now in the last Keyblade of the bunch, the KH2 Ultima Weapon.


This item can only be obtained through synthesis at any later point in the game with 13 Orichalcum+, 7 Serenity Crystals and 1 Crystal of all other types. Since the game only has seven Orichalcum+, it is really a must for the Player to carry an Energy Crystal during synthesis to knock down the required number of Orichalcum+ to seven (and Serenity Crystals to 4) and for this weapon to be possible.

There is no such thing as Ultima Weapon+, unlike the "Save the" weapons; and an honest player can only obtain one of these as two could only be obtained via cheat because of the only seven Orichalcum+. Besides, what would you do with two Ultima Weapons in the game anyway?

This Ultima Weapon is an improvement from the KH1 version which was directly modified from the Sword of Awakening. In fact, I could see no traces of the Sword of Awakening anymore in this. What I could see is a "II" pillar as a stalk which is covered by a complicated gradient heart pattern. The pillar looks similar to the "II" in the Kingdom Hearts 2 Logo.

The color is also an improvement from the predeccesor as it looks more refreshing for the eyes than the wild pizza cheese color scheme of the first Ultima Weapon. The color balance of the Keyblade was not ruined by the recurring metallic chain as it's silver in color down to the connector of the winged-heart charm.


Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Arms is for enhancing the display experience of those who own a Sora and Roxas figure. It can also be placed into Kairi but I don't recommend that as it would look awkward. Kairi never equipped any of these despite the fact that she represents the Oathkeeper.

I recommend this to:
- Patient Kingdom Hearts fanatics
- Sora and Roxas fans
- Play Arts Collectors
- People with weapon fetish.

Thanks for reading. :D

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