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While waiting for my January orders to arrive both standard and exclusives, I decided to look back on the halcyon days when Griffon churned out Kan'u figures with the rest of the companies. At one point there was at least 1 Kan'u figure being released each month, sometimes more. Throughout it, Griffon was actually doing an impressive job on a number of their offerings.


Before I proceed any further, please understand I will never give a score of 10 no matter how perfect a figure is as there is always room for improvement.

Sculpting , Painting & Posting

First let's take a quick 360 tour of her.


I hope it's apparent from the outset that this is a very balanced figure. Quality was not skimped on at any part of this figure in the sculpting department. From her beautiful legs and nice rear end to her impressive midsection and bust to her magnificent hair. They didn't skimp on the detail of her weapon either.

Let's start with her Dragon Sword.


The detailing on this weapon is top notch. No excess material/runoff from the mold, no sloppy paint job. The metals look rich and pristine.


The weapon breaks down easily but it fits nice and snug so no worries about it falling apart. Tolerances were very tight, not like today where you have figures and weapons falling apart at a drop of a hat.

I'm impressed with the sculpting and painting done on her dragon sword, top marks for that.

Now, another thing you don't see as often either because it was just too expensive/inefficient, or whatever is the use of decals for patterns instead of painting them... This is probably why you see me complementing them on painting straight lines so well in some of my reviews because of figures like this where they use decals instead of paint...


As you can see, using decals might not require as much skill for the person detailing the figure, but it still requires skill if you want to avoid overlap issues like this... I have plenty of figures where everything was flawless except the stupid decals! I think they would have been better off painting on the patterns.


Here you can see the real issue with using decals. They don't handle time as well as the rest of the figure, see how the decal is fading away/disintegrating while the rest of the figure looks fine? That's what your BRS decal star will look like in a few years, fading and disappearing...


It's probably difficult to focus on her shoes and socks with everything else to look at but they didn't skimp on the details. I love what they did with her shoes and loose socks. Both look realistic and were well done. They actually took the time to paint them with various shades to give dimension and depth. I'm not into loose socks but this is a very nice figure for those of you are are into them.

Let's look at her amazing legs, if you had her in your hands you can tell the love and attention they paid to them. The sculpting is truly amazing as well as the paint job. No flaws to speak of.


Her legs are perfectly balanced in regards to muscle tone and curves. The paint is flawless with the right amount of shading and variation to emphasize her athletic legs. You can't see it in the picture but the details were very impressive when you examine her legs from all angles. I guess that's to be expected as this was the main part of the figure exposed to you with her provocative/enticing pose.


This is definitely a side of Kan'u that you normally don't see in more ways than one. 8Þ

I'll admit it's a pain to display her with that pose since you normally would need to use the base. However, that pose also has benefits. Her leaning over, arching her back, exposing her under boobs straining under that hiked up shirt. Another thing, they handled the nipple issue correctly. You don't have to show anything but don't give her barbie breasts. Here you can see she does have nipples poking through her shirt, instead being smooth as a bowling ball like the newer Griffon Ikki girls...

They didn't take short cuts, they actually took time to put in the details. Back on track to the pose.

The way her back is arched and her head tilted with her hair falling all around her crashing down like an avalanche. Truly a sight to behold. The placement of her hands and the state of her skirt. All executed perfectly.


If there is one thing I can count on Griffon to do well is school girl uniform skirts... Truly amazing how alive it looks. Oh and the sailor suit isn't bad either, love the various wrinkles and shading to give it depth.


2 Things, I love how her hair looks all wild and crazy here with multiple strands going all over the place. And as you can see, they painted both eyes. Some manufacturers/figures I've seen and have they take shortcuts where if one eye isn't visible they won't bother painting it...


Her mid-section is just amazing. I love how they sculpted, painted and posed it. Btw, if you haven't seen any seams/lines now that's because there isn't any besides the standard one on the top of her head that you see in almost all figures. Even her under boobs aren't butchered like some of other other figures. They really went all out to make her perfect.


Her hair is truly amazing. The multiple layers and strands raining down. As you can see they applied different shades/highlights to the hair to give breath life into it.


It's probably hard to see, but they actually used a tool to carve out her hair/detail it by hand. It wasn't just hair made in a mold, someone actually hand crafted her hair to add the finer details. The manufacturing process back then was definitely more different. Some good and some bad as pointed out. I really like the attention to detail and quality. And yes, she does not lean. And there is no signs of her leaning.


My only real beef is I wish they painted her lips better than again they might have been fine and the paint just faded?

What can I say, this figure was the apex of Griffon figures a few years ago, since then I've only noticed a steady decline either due to cost cutting or "efficient" processes that just doesn't show the same dedication to quality and detail.


Sculpting is a clear 9, max score possible. No issues to speak of she's perfect.
Painting, well, not a big fan of decals so points off for it and as mentioned wish they painted the lips better, score of 8.
Posing, I love it, Can't say it enough. It's a position you don't expect to see her in, score of 9.



Classic Griffon base... I'll say this, it's really sturdy. During the photo shoot alone I must have mounted and unmounted her so many times and the pegs show no signs of breaking and they are just the right size so very snug.

And as for the size, I guess it's not bigger than it has to be since she actually takes up that much room so score of 5 for average.


If I remember correctly, the packaging was a the standard window box you see with all Griffon figures, same time of layout/artwork. Standard blister design but I don't remember if she was wrapped in plastic to protect from rubbing/paint transfer. I'm going to assume she was...

Score of 5 for average.


What can I say? She is one of my most favorite Griffon Kan'us that I own. I'm glad I started to collect figures before she was released or I would have surely missed her. Max score possible, 9. She looks so great and I'm happy to display her openly.


See you later.
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HiriajuuWell, I'm not sure about this, but I can remember a Queen's Blade review posted not so long ago, where the figure had no base. As I can recall, the reviewer simply didn't give it any point, which means the final score wasn't affected by it. *

I'll have to try that then...
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BellatrixI like the pose and the sculpting but not the face :/

The face isn't the main attraction 8Þ
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I like the pose and the sculpting but not the face :/
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Well, I'm not sure about this, but I can remember a Queen's Blade review posted not so long ago, where the figure had no base. As I can recall, the reviewer simply didn't give it any point, which means the final score wasn't affected by it. I do believe it's counted by adding together all the given scores and then dividing it by 6 (the number of scores given), but if you don't put any point to one, then it just adds up the rest and divides it by 5 instead. Does this make any sense? *.*
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OhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
Perhaps if there is no base then you could factor in if some sort of base would have made the figure over-all more appealing? Or if it having no base makes the bottom of the figure chip/scratch/etc. Things like that. ^^
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Well, I do have some figures where the packaging and base would be 9's or high...

So those could probably get a score of 9...

Really wish you could block out some categories. For instance some figures don't have bases, how are you supposed to rate that? Do you put a 0 down or a 10? I mean that could easily screw up the score.
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cioudrunnerfiute Found Holy Grail & Quit
I understand the packaging was bland or uninventive but because it got such a low score it brought down the rest of the figures score! Honestly, the figure looks very well done and 7.5 seems a tad bit low for such a nice figure. Great review though, I love the pictures and descriptions (and I totally agree with all the other scores, haha). :)
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