Hyakka Ryouran - Sanada Yukimura - 1/8 (Alter Hobby Japan)Hyakka Ryouran - Sanada Yukimura - 1/8 (Alter Hobby Japan)Review

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I figured I'd write a review on this red eye beauty since it looks like no else was going to as well as the fact that version 2 would be coming out soon. Believe it or not, there is basically nothing bad to say about this figure, I tried hard but the best I could come up with is some paint issues that no one is going to look at anyway. This figure is basically perfect. That's usually a cue for those of you that want to find a reason to hate a figure to hit back or close your browser because there's not going to be much to latch onto.


Before I continue, please understand I will never give a score of 10 no matter how perfect a figure as there is always room for improvement. The best I can do is 9.99, especially for this figure but alas I will not round up.

Sculpting, Painting & Posing

Let's first take a quick 360 tour of her.


Looks great, right? Yep, there is really nothing bad. I love the placement of the fans, so exciting! I tried hard and this is the only thing...


That's it... they didn't paint the bottom of her sneaker completely... Results may vary so maybe it's only mine with that slight issue? Anyway, it doesn't bother me even though I know that slight imperfection is there. Besides, sneakers are meant to be worn down anyway with use so for all you know they're supposed to look that way. I wouldn't be surprised if some of you can't even spot the paint issue I shown in the picture above so I can't really deduct any points.

Also, as far as I can tell, there is no obvious lines/seams. The fit and finish of this figure is perfect. I don't think I can think of any other figure without any visible/obvious lines/seams.

Going back to the show, notice the pattern on the bottom of her shoe and socks?

That pattern is also visible on her fan.


As far as I can tell, those are ancient Chinese coins. The ones on the fan definitely seem to be as they're the right color. And the number six seems to figure into the equation since there are six "coins" in each pattern set.

Six represents Happiness in Chinese, it's also a homophone for blessings. So I'm trying to figure out the significance? Maybe I'm reading too much into it? Perhaps they are supposed to bring her good luck/fortune? So does that mean she is supposed to bring luck/good fortune to those around her or are those charms meant for herself? Or am I just reading too much into it? If I could crack the code I'm sure I would like this figure even more than I do?

Anyway, let's go back to her shoes.


Normally I don't like high platform shoes like these, but the execution was well done and it doesn't bother me at all. Maybe it's because they're sneakers or how funny those stacks and stacks of soles look. But as you can see they are well sculpted and painted. The care and attention to detail is apparent. The transition from her socks to her legs are flawless. No issues to report.

Let's move on to her amazing legs.


The paint job is fantastic. The shading and highlights look amazing. Her flesh looks very realistic and the sculpting job on her knees are top notch. Look at how her various muscles are contracting and relaxing. The mixture of top notch sculpting and painting accentuate her muscle tone perfectly. I think one of my favorite parts about her legs is the inner thighs. Look at her Gracilis muscles straining with effort... that detail is amazing. I don't know why, but I find it so sexy to see that. Her legs are well proportioned, it looks like they spent a lot of effort in getting her beautiful legs right and I just can't seem to find any faults except for the fact they are not real and out of my reach. =(


A few more angles at her lovely legs, the back of her legs look fantastic as well. The back of the knees which many mess up was done perfectly here. And if you don't mind my saying, I love the spillage of her cute butt. While we're back here, if you can pull your eyes away from her butt, look at how the tassels are attached to her coat. The golden emblems are amazing in both painting and sculpting. I guess one improvement could have been if they tried to make the tassels/rope look more realistic like on Yagu... If they did that, this figure would be even more amazing.


Well, they leave nothing to the imagination on her form fitting outfit. Not complaining. 8Þ


Let's move up to further up her coat. Again, you can see the nice they did on her ropes/tassels. However, the ends do leave much to be desired. they could have detailed them better like on Yagu's.


Let's look at her amazing raven hair. So shiny and beautiful. Various strands and layers, radiating outward. They didn't slouch on the ribbon on her head. Various shades to give depth and dimension.


The artwork on her hat is just amazing. I can't get enough it. I just can't imagine her without her hat. the red goes sell with those red unearthly eyes of her. So hypnotic.... Also, note the Chinese coin ornaments on her hair, it just reinforces those coin theme, but I have no idea about the meaning.


Speaking of her face, I don't know about you but I love her face. Even though I am getting version 2 as well, I prefer this one more for some reason. I think it's because of her eyes and eyebrows. That blush and that small mouth of hers, so cute almost tsundere like. Take notice of that lovely floral pattern on her inner coat.


Another shot of some more amazing patterns on her coat.

Her pose?


Just amazing. The way her coat is fluttering open, the placement of her hair and the positioning of her legs and fans. She is so dynamic and lively. This energetic pose works on so many levels allowing an excellent use of her fans and putting emphasis on her beautiful legs.


Sculpting, no flaws but I wish they could have put more detail at the ends of the tassels, max score possible 9.99 or score of 9.
Painting, beside that minor issue with the bottom of one sneaker, perfect, score of 9.95 or 9.
Posing, score of 9 for such an original and exciting pose.


Well, the base is solidly built and nicely painted. It's just about the right size for this figure and low profile so I guess a score of 7 for above average.



Well, it's been a while since I tossed it out. I did hold onto it original. It was a decent sized window box. Layout and artwork are basically the same deal with any Alter figure. Standard blister design with the figure wrapped in plastic to protect from rubbing/paint transfer.

Score of 7 for a decent layout, sturdy box and overall nice presentation.


What can I say? I absolutely adore her. I enjoy looking at her, especially her face. The figure just doesn't get old. I'm perfectly happy with what I paid for her and do not regret getting her. Even when I get the version 2 Sanada I still think this will be my favorite of the two.


See you later
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Another good and extensive review StarshipPooper. I'm inclined to get version 2 when it gets released...
Vor 9 Jahren
I dunno. Something about her eyebrows and mouth looks off to me.
Vor 9 Jahren
No Kyon reviews... he's a dummy 8Þ Haruhi is mine!
Vor 9 Jahren
i love ALL of your reviews, they're so well done <3 and you always (well, almost always) review figures that I like :D
Vor 9 Jahren
ah OK, thanks.
Vor 9 Jahren
StarshipPooperThanks, but what does it mean? 8Þ What's the significance of 6 gold coins to Yukimura? Maybe it means nothing to him but whomever in his lineage that came up with it or had it bestowed upon them had to have a reason? I think it has to do with luck/fortune but not sure more after that...
You can refer to wiki to know the origin of the family symbol of Sanada.

And the six coin is stand for the six realms(Jp. = Rokudō 六道)
Check here for more info.
Vor 9 Jahren
simakaiThe six coins are the symbol of Yukimura Sanada, it is seen in almost all popular versions of him (or her, since they made him female in Hyakka Ryouran).

Thanks, but what does it mean? 8Þ What's the significance of 6 gold coins to Yukimura? Maybe it means nothing to him but whomever in his lineage that came up with it or had it bestowed upon them had to have a reason? I think it has to do with luck/fortune but not sure more after that...
Vor 9 Jahren
The six coins are the symbol of Yukimura Sanada, it is seen in almost all popular versions of him (or her, since they made him female in Hyakka Ryouran).
Vor 9 Jahren
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