Touhou Project - Remilia Scarlet - 1/7 - Gungnir ver. (Griffon ETouhou Project - Remilia Scarlet - 1/7 - Gungnir ver. (Griffon EReview

mangasus90mangasus90Vor 9 Jahren
Another review today lol. This gorgeous figure is not mine, but my friend who willingly give her to me to make a review ( sadly i have to give her back lol).

Well, im not too familiar with Touhou ( i know them for a long time but i dont like playing them). As i know there are many Touhou characters, and Griffon is the company which made a lot of Touhou figures include this one.

This figure gave me a lot of impressions. The first one is her box. Never in my hobby life i receive such a figure box! Its really big and cost my friend 3000yen EMS shipping although we live in Asia which very near Japan... Oh EMS long life.... even Miku VN02 only cost me 2400yen >__<.

And seriously the box is thin... Well, i dont wish its must be thicker but its really too thin to protect the full figure. The cover papers are also not many like Alter's or GSC's

Seriously, i dont like Griffon that much since many of their figures have the same face. But this one won me. She has such a great face and pose plus nice weapon that i think i will never forget lol.


The sculpt on her body and clothes is great, gets the shadow and everything else to make a perfect figure

Still the Griffon face but somehow i really love this one. Shes just too cool. The only thing is i wish Griffon make her hair better, no shadow here.... but you can cover it by wear her a hat lol.

Her weapon is really really nice and cool! See-through material make her flame lance and hand are really impressive lol. One of the best figure this year for me ^__^!




Her base is also pretty nice and detail as you can see. I can feel Griffon paid a lot of time for her and their work is brilliant



You can cast her...hat off ^__^.

Im not a Touhou fan and i dont own this figure, but i said my true feeling. Shes great and a must have for everyone that like cool figure, not only Touhou fan. I honestly wish to own her one day if the price is not too stiff.... Well, its worth the price and i cant still paid for it so i cant complain it >__<. This is a masterpiece, the words come from a reviewer who only looks at the sculpt and quality of the figure, not affected by its origin or anything else. You should get her if you can ^__^.
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nice review!!
Vor 8 Jahren
Cool photos!
Thank God Amiami and Griffon Ent. gave a second chance (re-release) and I do not miss it. :)
Vor 9 Jahren
Official anime merchandise

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