K-ON! - Kotobuki Tsumugi - 1/8 (Alter)K-ON! - Kotobuki Tsumugi - 1/8 (Alter)Review

mangasus90mangasus90Vor 9 Jahren
Hi there, this is my latest review. I know one has posted this girl already but as a K-On! fan, allow me to post mine as i just got her today ^__^.

The reason i get this girl is to complete the set from Alter, and shes the 4th one, only Ritsu left lol. Shes not my most fav in the series, still she gives me some impression about a rich-air head girl. Well, talk enough, let see this one from Alter:

I never stopped getting amazing from Alter sculpt. They just give us what exactly shown in their prototype and i really like that, this one is truly a great sculpt.



A close-up:

A more close-up:

Honestly i would love Alter to design her mouth larger. Its quite off to me. But its what shown in the prototype so i cant complain much here. Also, some sculpts on her hair is not done perfectly which give me a little bit down. Just hope Alter pay a little more care to her and she will be perfect!


This is what im impressive for this figure, its her instrument, a keyboard. Its very detail and nice that i cant believe a figure 1/8 can have something nice like this. This thing make all the price i paid worth every penny no doubt. The keyboard just cool and like exactly the real one. Alter great job! Even the glass piece on it can reflex her face lol

Some pictures to show her elegant pose! Her clothes and body gets all the great sculpt and color, i really like it!



Even with great sculpt and color, i think Alter could pay more attention on coloring her hair. Its quite simple and doesnt live up too much expectation to me. However, it doesnt mean its not nice, its just simple, and if you follow the Minimalism, its just fine ^__^.


There is one more thing to say, her keyboard is not attached to the stand which make it likely to drop down if you move her not carefully, so beware!

(shes quite talent to keep the keyboard like that in the last pic dont you think lol? )

So, to sum up my review, as a K-On! fan i would say everybody get her! As a MOE figure collector shes worthy to get in your collection! As a figure collector who collect cool stuff beside the figure itself, her keyboard is really nice to get. So, im 100% love this one like all of other Alter K-On figures that i have. Alter is truly an ideal figure maker to give us something nice like this.
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the last photo ist just perfect XD
Vor 9 Jahren
A cute review!

It would have been nice if you could have showcased the detail on her outfit a bit more.

There's a lot of subtle things about this figure that really shine through. (I have her as I'm completing the K-On! set as well, but Mugi is one of my favourite characters!)
Vor 9 Jahren
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