Sengoku Basara - Date Masamune - Revoltech - No. 079 (Kaiyodo)Sengoku Basara - Date Masamune - Revoltech - No. 079 (Kaiyodo)Review

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One-Eyed Dragon of Oshu, Date Masamune is one of the most fierce (and most popular) characters in Sengoku Basara. The first 10 minutes of Sengoku Basara anime showed what kind of person Date Masamune is: Brash, strong, unconventional at times, charismatic, and full of ENGRISH! When I heard him speak English (mind you, this is Japanese version we’re talking about), it blew my mind. ‘Di..did he just say ‘Put Your Guns On’ in English? Holy F*ck!’ Since then, Date Masamune’s reputation kept growing, as well as his rivalry with Sanada Yukimura. In November 2009, Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura kick-started Yamaguchi Revoltech’s Sengoku Basara line.

Date looks great neck-down. Great details on his armor, including chain mails and his clothing folds, and nicely done paint apps (for the most part). Body’s in proportion and looks accurate to Data Masamune’s appearance in game and anime. The issues lie neck-up, especially around the face area. The helmet looks decent, especially the chrome’d crescent head piece (the sign of first edition). The problem is that, even though back of helmet is hinged, the neck looks like it’s tilting forward. This messes up his posture, like his head is leaning forward most of the time, or as I’d like to call it ‘DERP’. It doesn’t help that the facial design looks dull, which adds to the DERP factor.

Date comes with ridiculous amount of swords. The single big sword, 4 small swords that can connect at the bottom of handle, extra hands that can grab the swords, another extra hands with 3 swords on each hand (aka DRAGON CLAWS!), 2 sword sheath sets, and smile face. Also included are the orange box, blue effect stand, and clear stand with extensions. Hand-swapping is very easy via simple pegs, no revol-joints involved here. The sheath sets have gradient coloring on the web between the sheaths, which I dig greatly. I wish Date came with one more face, which shows him yelling in anger. It would’ve been nice face to have when posing him in battle stance. Imagine him having the yelling face while posing him performing Phantom Dive.

Articulation-wise, Date has revol-joints from head-to-ankle. The neck is on double revol-joint, so you can move the neck forward and back (and still comes out looking somewhat DERP), shoulders and elbows are revol-joints, knees and ankles are on revol-joint. The wrists are on hinge joint for sword-holding and claw hands, and the hip is combination of hinge and cut joint. The hip joint being hinge-and-cut joint means that the legs can rotate, but at the cost of some limits to leg pose-ability (as proven by Nicholas D. Wolfwood Revoltech). Also, much like Wolfwood, it takes few fiddling before you can stabilize Date, without using the stands. One nice thing about Date’s sheaths are that they’re on double revol-joints as well, which allows various position.

Single sword is bigger than the other swords for the accentuation, while the four small swords can combine. The 6 swords hands are the one you'll likely use most of the times, as it's part of his signature move. Chances are, you have this figure posed with 6 swords by default already (kind of like how my Kabuto is posed with the heaven-pointing finger most of time).

As expected, Date Masamune did not disappoint. I wish his face design and his neck posture looked much better, but I have to give Kaiyodo credit. They did somewhat fix the issue later on in the form of Vash the Stampede. Other than that, solid pose-ability, swords, swords, more swords, and accurate depiction make Date Masamune highly recommended Revoltech figure.

(For more pictures of Revoltech Date Masamune, check out Plastic Joint at www.plasticjoin...)
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