Millhiore Firianno Biscotti 1/8 (GSC)Millhiore Firianno Biscotti 1/8 (GSC)Review

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Today we'll be taking a look at another heroine from
GOODSMILECMPANY, Millhiore Firianno Biscotti from the anime series Dog Days. Millihi as she is affectionately known is a 13 year old princess from the Biscotti Republic. Her name is actually pretty interesting. Her first name means "thousand flowers" and her last name means "biscuit" in Italian. I find both names fitting as she does looks like a pretty flower and well biscuits... dog biscuits. 8Þ Now I don't want to ruin things but I saw a decent comparison of her that shouldn't spoil anything for you if you didn't see the anime yet. Basically she's described as her world's equivalent of Lacus Clyne in terms of popularity, station and abilities.

She was a standard release in April of 2012 and retailed for around 7,500 Yen. At this time she is basically only available on the secondary market unless you luck out looking for her at one of the various foreign stores that stock figures. The goal today is to take a closer look at her and what she has to offer.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Packaging: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡







GSC went with a typical tower design and layout. Three window panels were used with the front being the largest. The other two panels are located on the side and top. Even though the views from the side and top are obstructed the yellow inner liner helps greatly in allowing you to view the figure. As mentioned the front window panel is the largest and you can basically see the entire figure while in the packaging through it. If desired you could easily leave her in the box for display purposes. This is further assisted by how nice the figure box looks. The sky background contrasts very nicely with the pictures they choose to use as well as supporting the inspiration of the pose used for the figure. Those pictures show off the figure perfectly and the gold decoration and royal motif makes the packaging a fitting home for this little princess. The packaging is almost as attractive as the figure, almost.

Packaging weight and dimensions:
Weight: 400 grams
H: 261 mm
W: 176 mm
D: 161 mm

A lightweight non-corrugated cardboard was used for the figure box. This helped keep the weight down but protection didn't really suffer. The compact nature of the packaging allowed it to resist compression fairly well with only the window panels being the weak points. Even then they weren't that much of an issue. As mentioned the packing is compact considering the contents with just enough buffer to allow for the packaging to deform without damaging the figure. Weight is pretty low as well. They achieved a decent balance between size, weight and protection. She should get to you safely without breaking the bank.

A typical two piece blister was used to house her. The two pieces were taped together for added protection. Plastic sheets were used to protect her from rubbing and paint transfer. Note they were careful to make sure the plastic sheets didn't obscure her face. They also flattened the area around her face to give you a non-distorted view of her face while still in the packaging. The tolerances on the pockets and sockets were sufficient and she shouldn't shift during transport. The majority of the strength was provided by the blister as well.

GSC did a nice job with the packaging. You have the option of leaving her in the packaging if desired as you can easily see the figure within and it didn't hurt that the packaging looked good. As for shipping, she should get to you safely without costing a pretty penny and she'll look good doing it as well. Expectations were met.

Sculpting: 9.9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Sculpting credits go to Miyajima Katsuyoshi in a team effort with Anima. For this particular figure they actually used a 3DCG model instead of a traditional clay model to create her. I'm not clear on who was working with the model and who was providing the sculpting expertise though. In any event the figure is composed of 47 pieces and two metal rods. There really isn't any other figures that either has worked on previously so this one will just have to do all the talking. She is of course 1/8th in scale and measures almost 200 mm tall from the top of her base to her ahoge. In any case let's get on with the show.


She looks good, right? Well she actually looks even better in person. If this is the result of 3DCG modeling then I'm all for it. Now bear in mind it was brought up that someone good with 3D modeling usually can't turn out a great looking figure. It still required the input of someone with traditional modeling experience to refine and tweak the generated model before they made the transition to the physical figure. In any case let's start with her face. Her face looks accurate to the character design in facial features and overall shape. I love the job they did with her mouth in particular and her jawline. Her jawline transitions to her neck seamless and looks quite natural. I just love the bright expression of hers and she looks great from various profiles. I don't think you can get her bad side because she doesn't have one.

Her hair also looks accurate to the character design. The typical seam line you encounter with most figures is integrated nicely with her hairstyle and doesn't stand out at all. Her hair is nicely detailed all around and looks great from all sides. Her hair is pretty rigid though including her ahoge so care should be taken when handling her. I love the job they did on her hair buns and the ribbons are actually pretty soft and should resist damage. All I can see is so far they are doing a great job as we move on down.

Moving on down to her bodice you can see the level of detail put in. The various wrinkles and folds really make it look like the material is shifting about her and that she really is wearing it. The bodice is form fitting and shows off her svelte frame very nicely. The biggest thing for me is the excellent job they did on the transition from her outfit to her flesh. It looks quite natural and compliments her lovely shoulders and arms. No matter the angle or side I couldn't find any seams. I also loved the job they did on her arms but especially the gloves as those gloved fingers look dainty and natural. The various frills and and tails on her outfit are quite rigid though and if you're not careful you could damage her so care should be taken. I thought they handled the transition from her dress to tail nicely and is attached pretty solidly.

Moving on down to her voluminous skirt, you can see it is just as detailed as the rest of her. Her skirt is actually composed of two layers and they are fairly rigid especially the pointy frills on the end of the main skirt. Care should be taken or you could damage her or poke yourself. Note the details put in simulating the skirts fluttering around making it look like she really is dancing and twirling around. And again no matter how hard I looked I didn't see any ugly seams or lines but detail after lovely detail.

Taking a peek under the hood if you look at the picture on the bottom left, you can see how her tail is attached. I do wish they could have minimized that or made it look more natural but it isn't a deal breaker. Her panties and tights are detailed and show off her long slender legs nicely. Her seem to be in proportion to her svelte frame as well.

From head to toe she is detailed. Look at the nice job they did on her boots from the laces to the soles. The transition from her legs to the boots seem natural as well.

Miyajima Katsuyoshi and Anima's team effort seemed to have paid off as she looks fantastic from head to toe. She is nicely detailed and I just couldn't find any sculpting issues. GSC also did a great job with her fit and finish. I'm totally sold on 3DCG modeling if this is the result everytime. If I could I would give her a 10 but the best I can do is 9.9. Expectations were met and exceeded.

Painting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡




GSC usually colors their figures with all the tools available competently, this figure isn't any different. Starting with her face you can see her eyes were placed precisely and seem accurate to the character. She also has a blush as advertised and a beautiful fair complexion. Her mouth was colored with a high degree of precision and it looks great. Her hair isn't one flat color but various shades adding depth and dimension.

I love the job they did on her flesh tone in particular and I just wish I captured it better in my pictures. As mentioned she looks better in person. The parts of her dress that were tinted seemed appropriate and areas hand painted were precise and accurate. She was airbrushed heavily especially at the skirts. The shading employed emphasized the details further making it look like her dress was moving about her as she danced. Now I don't really agree with how they tried to apply shading on the bodice though. I think they could have used a different color as the reddish shading on her white bodice makes it look like the red parts were smeared. However it isn't that big of a deal. Note they even air brushed under her skirt with the same level of detail. From head to toe you can see they put a decent amount of effort into her.

GSC did a nice job coloring her just like they did with her sculpt. There were no issues to speak of and I wish the same level of attention to detail was put into other figures more consistently.

(UVWXYZ x _ = ______) - ______ = _____ _______________

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
I tried and tried but I couldn't find the scene from the anime that they based the pose and figure on. I haven't seen the anime yet because I prefer to wait for the R1 releases so that wasn't really an option. Now GSC said it themselves that the pose was based on the ending from the anime so I don't see how I'm spoiling anything. So the best I could do is to compare her with the official photo on the packaging and as you can there is no surprise. Now if you were to compare her to the anime you would note they did tweak her to allow for a better transition to figure form. The biggest change would be her face. They wanted to make sure you had a clear view of that cheerful face of hers. Her cute and lovely face easily draws your attention each time you look at her so I think they accomplished their goal. Her pose itself is quite dynamic as she twirls her arms outstretched spinning and dancing. The way her dress especially the skirt flutters about adds further to how dynamic her pose looks and they accomplished this using 3DCG modeling to boot.

Display wise you basically have two options. At eye level and below eye level. This is because she's facing upward and if you display her high her face just doesn't look as good as it could. Below you can see what she looks like at eye level and below. This is a welcomed change since most of the time figures are displayed at eye level or above. So should help fill those more vacant lower spots.

Miyajima Katsuyoshi and Anima did a fantastic job bringing her to life. I'm usually a stickler for accuracy to the source but I'm OK with their changes to make her look as good as she can be in figure form. Her vibrant and cheerful expression is contagious and every time I look at her I'm cheered up. The option to display her low is a welcomed change and I just love how dynamic her pose looks as if she's frozen in mid spin while dancing. Expectations were met.

Base: 8/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
There's not much to say here that you can't see for yourself. As you can see they put some details into the base with decorations that make it look like a royal crest. My only issue with this is the details are hard to see unless you place it on a dark surface. They probably could have safely gone opaque so the details stand out better. As you can see with the base on a CD it isn't that big and the wider base does allow for more stability.

There are two mounting points both in her left foot and the tolerances on the holes are just right. The foot pegs could probably be a bit thicker but as long as you are careful dismounting her there really shouldn't be an issue. Her foot rests perfectly on the base mount and there isn't a hint of any wobbling. Keep in mind she does have a metal rod in her leg so there is little risk of leaning as well. And as mentioned the base is wide so she's very stable.

There's not really much to say. The base gets the job done, supports the theme of the figure and looks good. It could still use some tweaks here and there but all in all you can see they put some effort into it. Expectations mostly met.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
So we've taken a closer look at her and what she has to offer. The enjoyment of a figure is subjective for everyone. For the purposes of this review enjoyment is whether I feel a figure is worth the cost of acquiring her. Taking into account the excellent job with the fit and finish of the figure from head to toe. The attention to detail and overall quality as well as the competent job they did coloring her. I'd say she was definitely worth it and I don't regret getting her. If I had to do it again I would get her again without a second thought. All I know is I can't wait to watch the anime so I can get to know more about her and her world. Considering I deleted my first review of her by accident I didn't hesitate to start over again because I think she was worth it.

See you later.
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OtakuGirl01 Angel of Hope&Devotion
She looks wonderful, and like a perfect representation of Millhi! Unfortunately, I ended up buying the Griffon figure of her, which is nowhere near as good as this one, and isn't very sturdy, either. I plan to write a review over her soon. I'm hoping to replace that Millie with this one someday <3 Great review! I really love those rotating pictures @____@
Vor 7 Jahren
Wake me when they make a Kuberu.
Vor 7 Jahren
I literally JUST started watching Dog Days and this figure really suits her well. Cute series. Here's hoping that the Leonmitchelli figure will be just as good!
Vor 7 Jahren
It's a wonderful figure even if this one doesn't have meat like most of your figure reviews x3
Love the dress and the pose, nice review ^^
Vor 7 Jahren
She looks incredible!

Millhiore is one of my favorite characters from Dog Days....her figure looks like it's REALLY worth the money I might have to add her to the collection sometime soon if I can....maybe my next collecting cycle.

Wonderful Paint Job on her. I can hope the Leo figure coming out soon is going to be worth it!
Vor 7 Jahren
yuyuVor 7 Jahren#1320521Thank you for always making such nice reviews to contribute to us ^^ I always like to read them even if they are for figures I never plan to get! I was wondering, what is the figure in the middle of the very last picture?

Her: ITEM #24803
Vor 7 Jahren
Thank you for always making such nice reviews to contribute to us ^^ I always like to read them even if they are for figures I never plan to get! I was wondering, what is the figure in the middle of the very last picture?
Vor 7 Jahren
StarshipPooperVor 7 Jahren#1320459Sooner than later. Not sure if she'll be next.

I look forward to it :D I ended up loving her a lot more than I thought I would <3 Have you held her up to the light? Whatever Alter did with her hair it sure looks incredible.
Vor 7 Jahren
xcupidxstuntxVor 7 Jahren#1320440Wow, she's gorgeous! I've not heard anything of this anime now but I think it'll go on my to watch list! Great to see another review from you, Starship! Am I correct in guessing your review of Alter's Milla Maxwell is coming soon, given all the photos of her lovely self you've posted?

Sooner than later. Not sure if she'll be next.
Vor 7 Jahren
>w<)~<3 she's very lovely. Can't wait for mine to be shipped.
Vor 7 Jahren
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