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LycheeRoseLycheeRoseVor 21 Tagen
Hey all!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written an article. Actually, I’ve been less active online in general. Depression will do that. Less time spent on MFC means I’ve been around less to see the server’s performance. It was notoriously bad a year or so ago, but ever since the upgrade MFC usually runs without a problem aside from daily maintenance. I remember this mostly being fixed, but again, I was largely inactive for a while. I’ve slowly been coming back! So for those who know me, I am making a slow but steady return to activity and hope to go back to publishing reviews soon. Anyway, enough about me. The main reason for this article is about the server. It’s not just me, surely? It may be my wifi, so I want to know if it’s like this for anyone else.

It’s been bad all day, but it’s becoming progressively worse. So much so that it’s making it really hard to add items to the club I added tonight. Almost impossible, even. (Little promo I guess, if you like rodents you can check out CLUB #2816)

You can hardly browse for a minute without it crashing. I’m hoping it’s only a minor hiccup and doesn’t mean anything, or maybe some kind of changes are being implemented? I remember about a week ago that some changes to the database rules were announced (met largely with dismay by the community, and honestly myself included) but as far as I’m aware that isn’t supposed to be in effect yet. So it can’t be related to that, right?

Either way, I basically wanted to know what you guys make of this situation if it’s even happening to you. Is it literally no big deal aside from a temporary shortage in performance, and does this happen often anymore?
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Usually happen about 7pm (GTN-06:00) here, and everything is back to normal by 8pm, i think maybe is just daily update (or something like that, its by the time the POTD change) its been like that since i know this site
Vor 19 Tagen
I get this all the time, it's really annoying
Vor 19 Tagen
TheKillerAngel Vigilo Confido
500s like that are a result of the webserver failing in some way. This is up to the site owners to fix.
Vor 19 Tagen
Such crashes usually happen several times a day for me and it's definitely not due to my connection, as all other pages/content can load at the same time without any problems.
Vor 20 Tagen
Happens AT LEAST 3 times a day.
Its better than it was but it's not amazing.
Vor 20 Tagen
it's good to know it's not just me ^^ it unfortunately happens when i need it the most (like making ads or selling or organizing my collection), so it's made me less inclined to sell on here
Vor 20 Tagen
It's been happening to me usually in the afternoon when I'm on mobile. Like around 12-3 PM PST time.

Off-topic: I wish you well. I've been struggling mentally, too. I finally talked to 988 and I felt a little bit better afterwards.
Vor 20 Tagen
it happens a lot for me most of the time =_=
Vor 20 Tagen
Happened to me just now. Mid using the site. It happens so frequently I truly thought something was wrong with my internet connection.
Vor 20 Tagen
nishiki broke
it happened to me so often i thought sth wrong with my connection sigh i'm glad to know it's not just me
Vor 20 Tagen

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