So MFC where are you displaying your new figures?So MFC where are you displaying your new figures?Polls

TyjosAzariTyjosAzariVor 11 Tagen
After deciding on what figures to get decided to change my displays around again!

Now I've got some good solid display space for new scaled figures!


The main display shelf in this collection used to be pretty crowded but after getting tired of seeing that crowded and always asking myself where a new figure would be going finding the main shelf looks to be the best display option!

Nice Wide area for displaying figures and at the moment the only spot in the room where I can park the Falcon due to it's size but having this area open for new scaled figures works perfectly.

ITEM #805897 and ITEM #298185 will be displayed here when I get them, also will display ITEM #805896 here as well and I am now drawn to wanting to get another one of my favorite Fate Guys for the collection ITEM #775830 and this would be a perfect fit for this display area.


Ozymandias will be a perfect fit for the collection to go alongside Gilgamesh and Merlin on the main shelf.

Plus when I get Jeanne she'll go perfectly with Ozymandias on that main shelf.

I am currently very motivated MFC to get rid of Star Wars vehicles -the larger ones for figures since I like the smaller scale vehicles like the ones on the main shelf more and I'm making some nice coin off of that so it's helping to motivate me further to looking into more scaled figures!

I love to look at the Fate Grand Order Scaled Figures.

There are some amazing scales out there from Fate Grand Order and I'm also looking at Sword Art Online Scales came across an Asuna that looks absolutely wonderful that is quickly becoming one I want to get.

ITEM #891393 this is gorgeous to me and very tempted to get her next month.


Would love to get that Yuki figure too that goes with her.

So many wonderful scaled figures out there, not enough space or money for them all.

Have to be selective but being that way helps out the most to get the figures that will be near to a perfect fit for this current collection.

Where do you display your figures MFC?
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Where do you display your figures?

37%Anywhere you have room
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Currently, my [planned] locations are:
+ a stationary organizer I turned to stand vertical I'll find out how that goes when planned figure and nendoroid arrive and
+ one deep-shelved display case that doubles as a desk. (No doors unless you count the desk. The desk being a wooden rectangle on a hinge).

If the figure & nendoroid fit the stationary organizer, I shall have to figure out how to attach a curtain to protect them from sunlight when I open my curtains.
Vor 10 Tagen
I have different rooms or areas I put figures depending on style/aesthetic, and mix them with other items I collect aesthetically. I love buying up those cute floating shelves from the dollar store or 2ndhand stores to make a super mixed-maximalist look to my rooms and combine figures with framed prints and such. My guest room wall is a victorian-style mishmash of shelves of tea sets, display plates, and tea/sweets/fairytale-themed figures, like the TeaTime Cats and Myethos' Sleeping Beauty figure. Another corner is my MDZS shrine of prints, plastic folders, minifigs, etc.
Vor 10 Tagen
I wish i can just pay 500 dollars and make my room instantly bigger. Now the figures have invaded my livingroom
Vor 10 Tagen
Repurposed closets and hanging cabinets. Basically removed the solid doors, put some shelves in and fitted glass doors. Also corner shelves for smaller figures like prizes.

When I order a new figure I then plan out where it will fit the best and in case the spot is currently occupied, where to put the figure that currently sits there. So when the figure arrives, I already know where to put things.
Vor 10 Tagen
schmo69Vor 11 Tagen#124362857sick nebula sheet, where'd you get that?
I thought I was out of room but now I am even more out of room than I was before. Considering getting a big ass bookshelf or something. Every flat surface in my room is covered with figs.

Got that off Amazon www.amazon.com/...
Vor 10 Tagen
I used to put my figures everywhere when I began! xD I've began from a year or so to put them with a criteria to make my shelfs look cutie but I don't know if I achieved my goal honestly.
I still have a lot of empty spots right now. I will cover them with the figures I have preordered (I can't wait) and I actually have only one space completed:

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2023/05/16/3588110.jpeg

It's not even that good but there weren't many options on how to make it looking good. I've chosen black figures to match my printer even though I don't know if they look cute honestly.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2023/05/16/3588111.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2023/05/16/3588113.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2023/05/16/3588114.jpeg
Vor 10 Tagen
sick nebula sheet, where'd you get that?

I thought I was out of room but now I am even more out of room than I was before. Considering getting a big ass bookshelf or something. Every flat surface in my room is covered with figs.
Vor 11 Tagen
can i choose "all of the above" xd i have figures in my detolf, bookshelf, and just scattered about
Vor 11 Tagen
That galaxy does make a nice backdrop!

I have my summer figures planned, but until I've erm, hacked and sawed them apart and stuck them back together to suit my needs, they won't be ready for display. However, when the time comes, I've got space on the shelves all ready for them! I'm hoping to finish at least two, maybe up to four customs this year. (Four characters, six or seven Nendoroids to make it happen. Oh, how did I fall down this path?)
Vor 11 Tagen
I rotate my figures on display. Whenever I get bored with one set up, I switch to the next.
Vor 11 Tagen

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