Kommentare Shoujo S - 1/7 (Native)

  • Those breasts are too amazing, just looks so sexy/adorable! Do want.
    Vor 8 Jahren
    Oh, I really like her! Usually I don't go out of my way to buy ero figures, but she's just too cute. ^^ I think it's everything from the strawberries to the hairstyle and bows that sells it for me. This review is wonderful, thank you!
    Vor 9 Jahren
    kilani Sayaka Rank
    A-ma-zing review for a wonderful figure! Thank you so much for this, even if I can't own her yet it's great to see her in your review. I love this figure, it's just so.. great <_<

    The box itself is even so lovely!

    If I could favorite a review, I would this one. I love it! I hope to see more from you ^^
    Vor 10 Jahren
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