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Let's face it. Figure delays are a major part of our collecting lives. They are more common than on-time releases. It's generally accepted that every figure will have at least one delay before releasing, though there are still some unicorns that come out on time (or even more rarely, early). This article is more about the four most common types of posts I've seen as that initial release date approaches.

This type of post tends to come from people that are super excited for a figure and want to have the figure in their hands as soon as possible. Often times, this group has been waiting well over a year since placing their order. They have their finances in line, and patience is running thin. While most expect a delay, this group holds out hope that this time, just maybe, this figure will come out on time. I typically find myself in this category.

This type of post tends to come from people that are still really interested in a figure and really want it, but for whatever reason, they feel a delay would be beneficial for them. The reasons can range from being irresponsible and ordering way to much, or having multiple months worth of figures delayed to a single month, to losing their job or having some other financial emergency destroying their budget, or even they are moving or traveling, and won't be home to receive a figure.

3. Meh, I don't care either way
These posters tend to honestly not care either way (as their post says). It could be they just ordered the figure on a whim. They could like the figure, but just not be super interested. They have the money now, so it's no big deal if it releases on time, but if it delays, no biggy. Or they could be of the opinion that they've waited this long, what's another month? Does it even matter since they are shipping it by boat and that's going to take multiple months anyway? Heck, they could just be exhausted from a figure delaying multiple times already and they just don't have the energy to care anymore.

4. I don't want this figure anymore
People who ordered a figure, but for whatever reason they just don't want the figure anymore. They could have fallen out of love with the figure, or even figure collecting as a whole. They could have placed an order just to secure the figure in case they decided they wanted it, and never fell in love with it like they thought they might. Maybe it's from a series that took a turn and they can't stand it or the character anymore. No matter the reason, they just want to offload the figure to someone else or just cancel their order.

Honestly, my main motivation for this post is to kind of complain about a subset of the people in group 2. I really feel that the majority of the time, this comes from people just being irresponsible, and really feels like a kick in the teeth to the people that properly planned, budgeted, and are super excited for a figure to release. So many times, the "PLEASE DELAY!" is accompanied by "I don't have the money I thought I would," or "I spent my money on another figure." I've always been of the opinion that you shouldn't buy a figure if you don't have the money when you order it, and then you should not touch that money, so why would you not be able to pay for a figure in month A, but be able to in month B, even if you've had 20 figures throughout the year all delayed to month A? As I said it just feels like a kick in the teeth.

Of course, I do understand that life happens, and figure collecting isn't a priority. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to not have the money when payment comes due or to want a delay. People get sick, jobs are lost, expensive things break. I get that, and in these cases I don't mind the "PLEASE DELAY!" posts. It's the ones that almost seem proud of their irresponsibility that just rub me the wrong way.

So anyway, now that I've said my piece, what group do you typically fall into? Obviously, you can be in different groups in different situations, but where would you normally place yourself? Are there any groups that particularly rub you the wrong way? Have I missed any?
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How do you typically feel when a figure's release date is approaching?

35%Meh, I don't care either way
0%I don't want this figure anymore
6%It doesn't affect my excitement, so I don't care
8%depends on fig
6%Please stop complaining about other people complaining!
2%Fun fact: Hank Hill is born in a bathroom in New York
0%im still in figure collecting hell
0%I mean, It's up to the company? Even demanding it to come sooner won't do anything so?
0%Depens on how overpriced the figure is XD
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For me, it depends on the monthly costs (not because my poor budgeting plan). On the other hand, it depends on the complexity of the figure with the base (I know that the manufacturers can prove themselves in this, so I hope for the best outcome). In short, it just depends. However, this change in the month of release is a bit of a bummer because I don't like paying in advance. I certainly don't like long delays on the part of the manufacturers, and I don't like the absence of ems in our country... which is already a little off topic, but still a little related to the topic.
In short, I'm not in favor of delays... NAY.
Vor 2 Monaten
I'd say I'm kinda in group 1?
I order figures I'm excited about and of course I want to have them in my possession as soon as possible. However, I do understand that sometimes delays happen (especially since well...Corona) and I have a lot of patience regarding figures being shipped to me. I'm from Europe and order from European stores, so I always get my figures months after they're released lol.
Vor 2 Monaten
The Hank Hill thing was retconned later.
Delays are fine with me tbh..
Vor 2 Monaten
I'm not a fan of delays, but I would much rather that a company takes extra time to make good figures rather than rushing them out to meet a deadline. I can understand why delays are so common... just look at all the supply issues companies are experiencing.
Vor 2 Monaten
nishiki broke
i always expect delays for every figure release. i'm very patient and i don't mind waiting as long as it is not cancelled. i actually prefer manufacturers to delay than rush the production. i find myself still excited for the figures despite them being delayed over and over.
Vor 2 Monaten
Nygao Raawrrr~Nyaan ♥️
If a delay happens (and let's be honest...most of us know it will) it just happens...no use in being unhappy about it since it can't be changed anyways. xD

I'm mostly in group 1 since I have low patience as is and am already super excited when I pre-order.

But waiting 1 or 2 more months isn't gonna kill the joy of anticipation for me. It's different when it's pushed back several times though...then I'm group 3. x'D

Sometimes I'm group 2 for various reasons.

Just recently when the cheaper shipping options weren't available I actually hoped for some delays so that I wouldn't have to choose between DHL and Boat. D:

But honestly...if no big unexpected thing happens in my life all my pre-orders are allowed to release on time or sooner please! <3
Vor 2 Monaten
I don’t care about delays.

I can afford everything I have ordered, and will be using surface to ship them anyway. So what if a few extra months are added to the wait time? I’m not trying to get a huge collection quickly, and prefer buying figures for deals on the aftermarket rather than preorder.
Vor 2 Monaten
More or less in the I don't care camp.

For times that a delay is due to better QC and related, I am happier. Otherwise, a prompt release is actually more surprising these days.
Vor 2 Monaten
Eunnie Herrscher of Human:Ego
Don't care. More mortified of figures being earlier than expected. Pyra/Mythra scheduled for 2023 is moved to next month. I didn't even think this was possible! Ever since this happened I pray this never happens again-- I'd rather go with a delay. Or not.
Vor 2 Monaten
It depends, I'm typically patient with delays but when you have a figure ordered and it's been pushed back over a year or longer due to repeated delays it starts to get tiring. Delays don't seem to have a huge effect on quality control since the pandemic either since I'm getting more errors from virtually every company
Vor 2 Monaten
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