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So we all know that shipping from Japan to most places is a right pain in the arse at the moment. Some regions have it worse than others, but between production delays, shipping delays, and - perhaps worst of all - absolutely bonkers shipping/handling fees, it seems everyone is having some degree of frustration transporting our nerd goods from their country of origin into our Cheeto-dusted hands. With EMS still suspended between Japan and many countries cries in Canadian, DHL and Fedex are the only options for a lot of us, and no matter how much you love your waifu, paying the same amount as your order in shipping never feels good.

So, good people of MFC, how are you planning to deal with all of this? Go on a buying hiatus? Being extra-extra selective with purchases? Spacing out POs? Only buying local? Picking up more shifts at work because you can never truly escape this hellhole of a hobby? I really don’t know how I’m navigating this going forward. But it's probably the last one.
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I never thought I'd feel lucky to have surface mail still available, but here we are, haha. I'm surviving by buying almost everything through a proxy and then packing it all into massive surface parcels. Where I am surface always takes ~2 months so it ain't so bad. I occasionally treat myself to a fedex parcel but usually shipping isn't too much as all scales, etc. get shipped by surface so it's just garage kits and other miscellaneous things which weigh very little. Planning on buying few figures until other options return, and instead focus on really nice hand-made stuff and merch.
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combining orders when buying and simply not buying figures. shipping isnt as painful when you have a box full of keychains and acrylic stands :,,)
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For me, slowing down the rate I collect that is the only option.

Oof, thanks. Didn't even think to check the tag when I posted this.
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Why is this tagged review...? :P

For me, slowing down the rate I collect that is the only option.
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being extra selective and choosing to wait
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Buying stuff that isn't Japanese.
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Going on a buying hiatus or buying from local stores, in my case considering shipping and customs tax/duty/fees, it costs me about the same, or less in some cases, as if I imported them myself, but not having to go thru the annoying clearing customs process is a positive thing, the only negative might be it takes a bit more time for figures to be available after release or preordered figures will take a bit more time to arrive.
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combination of moving my POs closer to home and taking a break from collection once my current POs release. its unfortunate but i can't really afford the hobby with everything as expensive as it is, so its time for me to take a bit of a hiatus in that sense. i'm actually quite happy with my collection though so its not TOO depressing.

also thankful for any and all delays as it allows me to space purchases out more and more which i appreciate
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Storing them at warehouse until shipping gets cheaper + combine shipping.
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I've been relying on my local stores since they're not marking up as much as they used and it seems like they have some sort of a deal with the manufacturers so the cost between amiami and the local shop isnt that much different.
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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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