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I've always wanted to do one of these so I guess now is a good enough time to start!

Gathering all my loot together to take pictures... Hey nosy cat those all just showed up today! >:U
*She knocked them all down when i was trying to take a picture XD*
Can't get anything done without her "help"(Judgemental roomate cat destroyer of all in her reach)

First off are the books i bought from a used bookstore. A lot of people don't realize how often they have manga for sale that are in good condition! These are the English editions of:
Kingdom Hearts 2: Volume 1
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Volume 1
Yu-gi-oh! Duelist: Volumes 2&3
Descendants of Darkness: Volume 8
I also grabbed Juvenile Orion: Volume 1 but i already let my sister borrow it to read.
All for under 30$ so I was happy!

Then we have a package from Rightstuf (God I love that store ;A;) I got them all for 6$ each with free shipping.


I now officially have the complete series of Hikaru no Go ;A; It took me forever to buy them all. With the weird Viz releases in the US.


I completely recommend this series to anyone. It ended up being one of my favorite manga next to Gantz. (._.) Interesting combo.

Finally onto what everyone really cares about! Figures~ I got all these in a box from Amiami!


This first one is all you amazing reviewers fault.



I liked Durarara! and I was a fan of Shizuo to begin with but you all made him look irresistable....


HNNNNNG Okay you all did him justice (unlike me) ;//A//; Love <3

Finally got around to getting Hiei the group was missing him.


On the next episode of Yu Yu Hakusho, Kuwabara Missing In Action..


Seriously though please release him ;A; He has fans and it just doesn't feel right without him.

Next came Kurapika I was dreading this figure because everyone is always talking about how bad Prize Figures are and this one is my first....and i adore him. I got him off the preowned section of Amiami A:A


I'm not a figure expert and I know things can be improved upon but i think it looks great!


Last but not least~!

The Vincent!


Being horrible at even figmas you can only imagine how long it took me to put this together....it was already basically done to begin with as well...i guess this is why i can never make models.


:D Now Rolo doesn't look so lonely on his shelf!~

Tried so hard to do half way decent pictures XD Thanks so much for viewing <3
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rabbickVor 7 Jahren#1242202Awesome loot, and the feeling of finally completing a set of manga.

Thank you! I have to say it's an interesting feeling. I can't decide if i'm accomplished and happy or sad that I'm done with it.
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Awesome loot, and the feeling of finally completing a set of manga.
Vor 7 Jahren
You brought a bunch of manga, figures, and a black cat? awesome!
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DX Yea I'm probably one of the worst photographers in history my stupid hands shake so much. These were actually the best pictures i took out of a huge photoshoot >_______< Same reason i can't do freaking figmas. I really need to buy a real camera and stand but that's a lot of money for something I really have no clue at how to do.
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lol at the blurry shots. Too excited! XDD
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so... blurry... lol, my eyes kinda hurt.
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