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Hey all. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to receive my AmiAmi shipment from July, which included an experimental buy. Included in the bundle of well-known figure molds such as Alter statues and Max Factory Figmas, I had an order from Griffon Enterprise’s new figure line called Figutto. Let us take a look at Hakurei Reimu in Figutto form.


Anyone who frequents this site should know who Hakurei Reimu is by now, but I will give a brief summary anyway. Touhou Project is a famous series of PC games made by ZUN, and Reimu is one of the main characters. Because of her status as a main character of the series, she often gets to be first in any company line who wants to make Touhou Project figures. So it is no surprise that our skilled but lazy shrine maiden got to be the first Touhou Project Figutto.


Here is how the front of her box looks. From this position, you can see the top cardboard line is a bit scruffy. Considering that AmiAmi has quite good packaging and shipping, I would lay the blame more on the flimsy rim made for it. Also, her left hand (to our right as we look at the box) has fallen off in transition. This seems dire, but I have had no problems with getting her hands to stick since I took her out, so I assume it was a small mistake.



The sides have pictures of how Reimu can be positioned with her different accessories. Crisp, clean pictures that look good, I have no complaints here.


The box has some brief, picture-related explanations on how to position her, which I found useful. You can see here that her skirt is removable, but I did not take any pictures of that. The reason is that I believe to remove her skirt, you have to pull her torso off her waist and then slip it off. I really did not want to risk breaking her by trying that, especially since I like her skirt and having it off looks kind of silly to me.

You can also see my only other complaint with the box from this picture. The top had no sort of tape to keep it closed. I did not ever make any motions to open it and already it is coming open. That is not something that pleases me. Even if the tape can be annoying to slice or pull off, it provides more protection to the figures in shipping. I really think they should have included some.


Taking her out shows that the inside is nice enough, but that it has nothing really worth pointing out. It is a mostly good box that does its job of protecting Reimu and giving directions, yet fails at providing anything to keep coming back to look at just for the sake of admiring it.


You can see the base she has in this plastic, along with her multiple hands. Normally I do not compare figures with other figures. However, I am making an exception this time since Figuttos are quite similar to Figmas. Many people have been wondering how Figuttos will hold up when compared to the vastly popular Figma series, so I will be making comparisons between them. I unfortunately do not have Figma Reimu to use, but Ryoko has been kind enough to volunteer for a couple of pictures.


Ryoko’s stand should look familiar to any Figma collector. It is clear with a single rod to hold her up. Some Figmas come with more than that (schoolgirl Nanoha, for instance, has a clasp of sorts to hold her waist instead of just a peg).

Now look at Reimu’s. It has the same idea as a Figma’s, with the base and then a rod and peg to hold her up from the back. But she also came with two long rods that are metal covered with plastic. What the heck are these supposed to be for?


Our handy instruction sheet inside the box explains what the extra rods can do. It might be hard to see in this snapshot, but you can hook them up to form an alternate way to hold her up. I did not really bother with it though, because…


…Reimu does not need a base. She can stand perfectly fine on her own so long as her feet are properly positioned. Some people dislike seeing the rods sticking out of the backs of their figures (I have even seen one person say they look like cranes), so this should please the people who do not like their stands. In any case, Reimu’s stand is good and fits into her back well, so anyone who wants to use it can easily do so.


You can see from this picture that Reimu is a bit bigger than Ryoko. It seems that Figuttos will average at a size larger than Figmas. In exchange, they cost a little more. This cost could also reflect on some extra items that come with them. We will get to that in the section covering enjoyment.


Reimu is incredibly easy to pose. I exchanged her hands and faces without any trouble or concerns of her snapping. One factor that I really like is how her waist can move. Since the skirt is a cast off item, her torso and waist are connected by a ball joint. This allows her waist a lot more freedom than most of my Figmas have. I like this feature. Also, since she can stand without her base, she has more freedom in posing than some figures that rely on rods for support. (Note that a lot of Figmas can stand properly without their stands, but I have also seen many that have trouble with it.)


Her paint and sculpt job is, for the most part, well done. A few flaws can be spotted if looked at carefully. A white dot is on her ribbon, a black smudge on her left arm, and probably some others I have missed. The good news for me is that these all occurred on her back, where just about nobody will be looking anyway. They were also tiny flaws, easy to overlook. Hopefully the quality control will keep anything more severe from happening.


One portion in this package has made Figutto win a ton of brownie points from me. Do you see that clear item at the bottom that says Figutto on it? It is, in fact, a box for extra pieces.


The handy instruction sheet pointed out that the box has just enough room for both the plastic containing the faces and the one with the hands. I slipped her extra item below the hands. That only leaves the stand, which ideally one would be using for displaying anyway. Compare this to the Figma bags, which are helpful but could have concerns of the bags being torn or pieces of the figures getting pushed around, possibly even crushed. This box leaves no room for concerns. I love this and hope they keep producing them.


I had a blast with Reimu for this review. You heard me right: she was fun for a REVIEW. Imagine how much enjoyment I can get with her for other activities. I have a lot of better photo ideas in mind than just sticking her on a staircase to analyze and I cannot wait to get to them.

Reimu has shown that the Figutto line has a lot of promise. If they can all be of her quality, or higher, they will definitely meet up to the standards that Figma has set. The only question that remains is how many series Griffon Enterprises will tackle with Figutto. So far they have not done many, which makes the audience they will attract rather low. Reimu has guaranteed that I will continue to collect the Touhou Project Figuttos if nothing else.
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HADOMy god I want her. I feel so selfish because I already have the figma... but.. she's just so great looking!

No selfishness in that, I have both Sakuyas because I like them so much. XD Reimu's Figutto is truly worth getting, and I can't wait to open Sakuya and see if she lives up to it. =D Thanks for reading!
Vor 9 Jahren
My god I want her. I feel so selfish because I already have the figma... but.. she's just so great looking!
Vor 9 Jahren
Vanilla_Icehm... she's ok . Griffon should better pay more attention for the face expression . Love the face of figma ver more .

I thought Reimu had a good range of faces for the Figutto. Then again, I wasn't a fan of the Figma having a face that was basically 'XD'. I know a lot of people like that, so I'm not complaining. It just isn't my type of face. Now, Figutto Marisa might lose out to Figma Marisa's in terms of faces just because I don't think she comes with a huge, cheesy grin, which I love on her Figma, haha. I guess we'll see when I get to review her.

Thanks for reading!
Vor 10 Jahren
hm... she's ok . Griffon should better pay more attention for the face expression . Love the face of figma ver more .
Vor 10 Jahren
Strife212It really is Figma like

Definitely similar enough for a lot of comparisons. There are some parts I like better than the Figmas (flexible waist, box for parts)... and some small flaws (figure box). They're both great lines, if they keep up with Reimu's quality.

Thanks for reading!
Vor 10 Jahren
Strife212 Original Blue
It really is Figma like
Vor 10 Jahren
SuokunFantastic review. ^_^

She's surprising well done. Never thought that they would achieve such high quality job. At the beginning I thought it was a figma.

It's a shame that I really don't like touhou. Let's hope that they will reach a lot of series.

Thank you very much! =D

It was kind of a gamble to get her since Figuttos are not well known, but I like Touhou a lot. I do look forward to seeing what other series they will reach out to, because Figma definitely wins in the variety category.

Thanks for reading!
Vor 10 Jahren
Fantastic review. ^_^

She's surprising well done. Never thought that they would achieve such high quality job. At the beginning I thought it was a figma.

It's a shame that I really don't like touhou. Let's hope that they will reach a lot of series.
Vor 10 Jahren
breakericWow, she looks a lot like the promotion pictures. I'm gonna order Tamaki! :D Thanks for the review.

I'm glad it helped you! Thanks for reading! =D
Vor 10 Jahren
Wow, she looks a lot like the promotion pictures. I'm gonna order Tamaki! :D Thanks for the review.
Vor 10 Jahren
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