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So I'm in a bit of a pickle. There are two Gojo figures I'm debating over getting. Obviously given the price points, I am not going to get both. But both have pros and cons and I can't really come to a decision.

So I am stuck between:

ITEM #1085472
I did manage to snag a PO as I knew the window of opportunity was closing fast, though I was never sure if I was just gonna cancel the PO or give it away if I decided not to get him. I do really like how his teeth look. Makes him look a little crazy lol.


ITEM #1241050
I am in LOVE with his expression, but he is pricier. Also his fingers make me giggle because I am extremely immature. I think I might slightly prefer him but again, he is more expensive.

Plus I don't have any other figures from either company so I don't know what the discrepancies between quality would be. What's the general consensus on this situation?

(There is also ITEM #1038873, but honestly I'm not the biggest fan of this one. Something about his face just bothers me, and I don't really like the way the hair over his eye looks either. Oh well.)

UPDATE: I slept on it and did end up picking the FuRyu! Went ahead and cancelled my eStream PO on AmiAmi (which I saw is now open for PO again if anyone happens to be interested). I just preferred the FuRyu one in most aspects, price be damned. I will, however, dearly miss eStream's feral looking teeth. They're so unique. Thanks for the advice everyone!
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FuRyu for sure.
I ordered both of them but looking at the track record for quality for both figures, FuRyu is a safe choice.

Both have a special base. SSF is based on the manga volume 4 while FuRyu is an original design. I'm worried for leaning issues with SSF as some of their first figures have already begun doing so. Paint wise, FuRyu looks a bit better for me, but that could be subjective for personal choice. As for the expression: yes, SSF has more to it but I am worried how it will turn out as some of their figures are missing sharpness in sculpt; I don't want it to be just a band of white to represent his teeth lol. SSF does win in pose as it is more dynamic though. Overall, FuRyu's face sculpt is amazing, and you can also enjoy knowing that there's a life-size scale of that exact same figure in Japan ^_^.

And I agree, I personally really don't like the Koto one. Doesn't look like him at all.
Here's to hoping more companies pick him up too <3.
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LinkeatbananaVor 7 Tagen#101228095eStream looks like a bratty teenager, Furyu looks like a man.I lolzed( ´∀`)
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I personally prefer Shibuya, I'm just really digging this sort of feral facial expression and the contrast of the blue. It really fits his eyes as well. But I have the both of them pre-ordered because I couldn't pick just one either.
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Personally, I much more prefer the first one. The second one is far more popular but, we already have so many figures that look really cool with calm expressions, I think it'd be nice to have the former one to break that theme a little bit, also I just prefer it more in terms of color and the expression is great, but you do you❤️
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eStream looks like a bratty teenager, Furyu looks like a man. The base on the latter is also much better integrated into the figure.
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ITEM #1241050

this one.
love it
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BlindngAwsmnssVor 7 Tagen#101226949I had a long discussion with a retired collector friend (who also isn't familiar with Jujutsu Kaisen besides what I tell her) about this. Looking specifically at craftsmanship, she made a great case for the Furyu figure:
- The shading/highlights are better on the clothes on the Furyu one compared to the Estram one. It's easy to make dark clothes look flat, and the Furyu one takes extra care to prevent that.
- The Furyu one looks more like Gojo. (My own note, I read the sculptor interview on the Estream one, and they admitted that they aren't sure if it looks like Gojo even though they were trying to copy the manga cover as best they could.)
- The Furyu one draws focus on the eyes, which are supposed to be one of his most distinguishing features.
One thing I also noticed is that the domain expansion stuff has the Infinite Void effect behind him. And while the Estream one is using clear plastic to look like water, it can look cheap if not done well.
Thanks for the input, I think this really helped me come to a concrete decision. Although I do think I prefer the blue and purple contrast in the eStream one, I know exactly what you mean about clear plastic sometimes looking cheap. The purple on purple doesn't necessarily bother me though, so I don't mind.
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MaidragonVor 7 Tagen#101227364As you are in love with FuRyu, I'd say go for it. Your love is the one that cares the most so try it out!
For me FuRyu is better but Shibuya is more iconic. I'd get FuRyu just because I like it more anyway.
Yeah the more I weigh my options the more I'm leaning towards the FuRyu one. His face looks amazing and I'm not bothered by the less dynamic pose. donnabananaVor 7 Tagen#101227363Furyu all the way! I think they really nailed his ikemen face. I love estream’s base too and Gojo’s crazy look. I’m not fond of Koto (only got it for the bonus head) but I PO’d all 3 of them for my Gojo shrine His crazed look is definitely favorite part, he just looks so unhinged, it's great!Belle_ReveVor 7 Tagen#101227248Personally Furyu is the better one imo, even with the higher price point.. I have the Furyu and Koto ones on preorder, I genuinely just couldn't stand the teeth in the eStream one The teeth are my favorite part! Funny because I'd usually hate something like that.
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GsfigurelistVor 7 Tagen#101227187I'm team estream. My reasons for it are: pose is way more dynamic, it's an actual Gojo pose straight from the manga cover, it's quite a bit cheaper, and for me, I think the blue contrasts a lot more with Gojo. The FuRyu one to me just has too much purple going on. That said, I do think the FuRyu face is a little better. I do think I've always been one to prefer a good face plate over a dynamic pose, though I think the biggest thing for me is his mouth. The teeth are pretty polarizing, but I love them. Thanks for the feedback!
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Maidragon Horns lover
As you are in love with FuRyu, I'd say go for it. Your love is the one that cares the most so try it out!

For me FuRyu is better but Shibuya is more iconic. I'd get FuRyu just because I like it more anyway.
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