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Hi MFC! Today I wanted to know your opinions regarding recent Figmas!

Let me start off by saying I have 3 Figmas of my own:
- Megurine Luka (ITEM #39539)
- Hatsune Miku 2.0 (ITEM #144335)
- Sakura Miku (ITEM #879097)

* Also, this post isn’t talking about the joints of Figmas. I personally don’t mind them, but I know it’s the reason a lot of people don’t buy Figmas.

Recently, I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about the price and quality of Figmas, particularly from more experienced (long-time) collectors.

I have 3 Figmas, each made quite a while apart from each other, and I’d have to disagree with people saying the quality has been getting worse. If I’m being honest, my Sakura Miku (2020) is FAR higher quality than my other two (2010 for Luka and 2013 for Miku 2.0).

The joints of the newer one are very easily movable yet still firm enough to hold a pose, while I have a much harder time moving the joints of the other two (Though, this could be due to age).

Additionally, both my Miku 2.0 and Luka had some levels of paint damage straight from the box (I got all 3 sealed, so I know it’s a manufacturing thing), while there isn’t a single imperfection on my Sakura Miku.

As for the price of the newer Figmas, yeah, I can agree that a retail price starting at ¥8000 is a bit much. Though, for me it’s not the ‘absolute rip-off’ that I’ve seen some people call it. I’ll still buy a Figma at that price since I think they’re worth it, but if they lowered it to ¥7000 or even ¥6000 I’d be much happier.

So yeah, those are my thoughts on recent Figmas. Thank you for reading!

Now, I’d love to hear your thoughts down in the poll or the comments section!
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What do you think about the quality of recent Figmas?

16%They’re so much better than the older ones!
19%They’re a little better than the older ones.
12%They’re about the same quality as the older ones.
5%They’re slightly worse than the older ones.
4%They’re much worse than the older ones!
45%I never even liked Figmas to begin with-
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the figma line has many problems like price, articulation, accessories etc.
I only buy figma because of fate, or love live or some other anime that figma is the only company that makes articulated figures of.
Animes like fate dont have another company except figma to produce articulated figures, so I'm stuck with them even though I dont like figma
Vor 1 Monat
the only figmas i consider buying nowadays are those of robotic characters like ENTRY #2064 (i have one of her and aside from her cape ripping whilst trying to attach it, and difficulty with dust in the joints, she looks fantastic). i own two other figmas, and whilst my karamatsu one is okay, both my non-drossel figmas have had issues with the joints, particularly my rin from love live. the limbs started yellowing around the joints a few months after purchase, and i get nervous about changing her pose in fear of the stiffening joints deciding to snap if i try ^_^’

figmas seem a lot more fiddly than other action figures or goodsmile products, kinda just the worst of both worlds. especially for the price, i wouldn’t consider buying a line of figures so small, so costly and yet prone to so many issues o_o’ even if they are better quality with new releases, my own experience has kinda pushed me away from buying any more of them lmao.
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Kuromii デュエーデュ
My most recently made Figma is the Chinese V4 Miku ITEM #851320 and I absolutely love her! I don't have many figmas to compare her to, but compared to my Racing Miku 2012 figma i wouldn't say she was better made as such, just... nicer somehow :)
Vor 1 Monat
In general the prices have gone up too far for me to get characters who already have a scale or Nendoroid, since they're fun to pose but too small for the cost in my opinion. That said there are a few I either already ordered or plan to order since they're actually very detailed and come with a lot, namely Doom Slayer and the Bloodborne characters. While the quality seems to have dipped a bit for Nendos (there are multiple comments on Bayonetta, Amaterasu, and the latest JJBA characters, and those are just the ones I have ordered) I think it's actually gone up for figmas. Not sure it justifies the amount they're charging though when the ones coming out now are roughly the same as cheaper ones from two years ago.
Vor 1 Monat
Some of my random thoughts:

I dislike how the amount of accessories has been dwindling.

For me the selection has been pretty poor the past few years. I don't care about Fate or V-tubers or western IPs like Overwatch.

The quality is now better than the pre-200 ones, but I have Figma from #200 onward and those are not much worse than the current ones imo. Furthermore, they were half the price and came with more accessories.

They are making inexcusable mistakes such as with ITEM #863594. He is too short. He is supposed to be the same height as all the other figures in this line, including himself (he has a Figma in another outfit already). He is even the same height as the others in the official promo pictures, but the final product is somehow too short? Where is the quality control on this?

I do think it is the best action figure line still.
Vor 1 Monat
My major complaint is the high prices, lack of accessories, and of course the very small number of actual characters. These days unless it’s Fate, Miku, or some generic OC no one else gets a Figma. It’s not that I don’t want to collect more Figmas, it’s just they’re not making enough Figmas I care about to begin with.
Vor 1 Monat
I haven’t bought any Figma since the new Saber Alter (ITEM #796300). It's also the only figma which came in smaller package in my entire collection, so you can tell I hadn't got many figma before this either.

I am not that into figma collection recently for many reasons.

The increasing price is one of those of course, especially when Max Factory want to put a premium tag on them (Bloodborne, Sekiro, Doom, Kojima, etc.). They shall look nice to some degree (at least from official photos and announcement video streaming) but I really don't need some 14cm action figure cost more than... my custom made mechanical keyboard, for example.

Also many of the times, I was not that interested in the source materials Max Factory chose to do in the recent years. And when they did pick something I was interested in, they still would mess things up by marketing or something. For example, I was really hyped when they announced they would make a figma of Sakura (ITEM #806079) from Fate series, then they bundled her with Shenji... so I ended up giving her up, which now cause me still hesitating if I should PO the New rider as I don’t have Sakura to keep her company (Probably won't). Also I was kind of interested in Yuru Camp's figmas, but also gave up when I realized it will be expensive to get the whole team, especially when most of the interesting accessories are all limited to much more expensive EX or DX versions.

Speaking of the architecture of the figmas... I don’t think they made much improvement in that department in recent years. New designs which improves pose-ability did merge from time to time, but it’s too hard to notice when they just Fxxked the ascetic. Cell at work! Figma (ITEM #806052) has such a bad shoulder design that official photos would try to hide it by angling the shots but still failed. On the other hand, the Knee design of the Rise of the shield hero’s male character’s figma (ITEM #846020) is just lazy as F, looking at it from its back and you will find some very hollow thighs previously are Transformer toys exclusive. They just rely on the cape to hide it from being noticed.
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It's not the quality I have a problem with. It's the insane prices coupled with dwindling number of accessories. Sometimes, even the most important accessories are locked behind a paywall (aka GSC-exclusive bonus). Figmas used to come with so much (e.g. the MSMM figmas), but now they barely come with one or two things.

Edit: also, the selection of characters don't speak to me at all. I'm taking a look at the JJK figmas they announced, but I will most probably not buy them unless they're absolutely amazing and is at a decent price.
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AckermanceVor 1 Monat#100720015They've also progressivly gotten smaller which also just adds insult to injury on top that absurd price. The faces of my Attack on Titan figmas are easily triple the size of the newer Persona ones.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's just an artifact of the line, not indicative of figma on the whole getting smaller. I have newer Fate figma that are the same size as my AoT figma. Conversely, the P5 figma are just about the same size as my DRRR!! figma which came out in 2016.
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ClMarshmallowVor 1 Monat#100719976Figmas are my favorite figures, I’m not a long time collector but the ones I have are all older, my newest one came out in 2016. I didn’t stop buying them because they got more expensive, it was just because there weren’t any recently from series that interested me. There has definitely been a huge change in quality since the older ones, before around number 100 I was actually disappointed in the quality, especially the paint and the sculpt, between then and now they are on a completely different level.
Everyone has been saying that they are getting too expensive these days, but I think the price is very fair, considering everything that goes into them, and they are overall the figures I’m most impressed with. Especially when compared to nendoroids, which of course are produced in larger quantity and much easier to sculpt. The only reservation I have is with possible qc issues, that newest one I have came with a paint bleed/dark spot on her leg. But the joints themselves have been good. I used to be into Lego and I’ve read a lot of posts from collectors discussing why they are so expensive (the plastic tolerances), it’s probably the reason I think the price is justified. Also getting used to putting tiny plastic together, always having to be conscious of where I’m applying pressure, allowed me to not get frustrated with posing figmas as much.
Regarding the pricing: yeah, comparing action figures to scales just via size makes little sense. There's a short animation here www.goodsmile.i... that shows all the parts that make up this figma ITEM #1007038. Making articulated figures, especially making them well, is much more difficult than making a non-articulated figure. Nendoroids are much simpler designs, as well. Although, to be fair, some figma prices can be unreasonably high compared to others, e.g. my comparison from below: this ITEM #1131758 being more expensive than this ITEM #492796 is ridiculous. Maybe the lincense is very expensive, no idea.
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