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I've always admired artist that can capture movement in their figures while keeping to the original style or personality of the character. I don't have many of my own in super unique poses, but I will forever be enamoured by the work put into bringing a fig to life - such as the ever gorgeous Boa Hancock, item/989873!

Seriously, I love her style of fighting, so having a figure of her using her powerful legs to sweep away potential enemies is brilliant. I love the flow of her hair and dress, the calm determination in her expression, and the colours are amazing. I've even come to really admire how the pinkish, opaque plastic and stone pieces are used to highlight the speed and heft of her combat.

So, which figures of yours, owned or wished, have the best sense of force behind them? Do they come in fantastically action-packed poses, or are they performing some sort of crazy physical feat?
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A reason why I love Jojo figures since most have such dynamic poses and/or movement flow.
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A favourite from my collection is ITEM #658026. It definitely looks like the divine wolf is turning right, just in your direction.
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jumpluff Pegasus Knight
This is a thing I LOVE in figures, but almost none of my figures fit the bill bc I tend to collect based on character first and foremost, and I also care a lot about bases these days. They might have billowing dresses and hair, dramatic poses, etc. but there's no real sense of motion; even if they're jumping or flying, they're more 'midair' than in motion.

However, this set is one of the only Madoka sets that really does it: picture/2356481... (I linked someone's photo because it has them all linked.) I don't have them all because they're actually really hard to display because of this and I worry about Kyouko being a leaner, but Homura, Kyouko, and Madoka all fit the bill (and arguably Mami). I particularly like how Kyouko is vaulting into combat ITEM #236242, her pose is a lot more active and forceful than Madoka's and feels more dramatic and fiercer than Homura's. (Sayaka's pose is honestly pretty meh, which is another reason I didn't spend the money on all of them. Maybe one day? Idk)

This is a prize figure, but I guess this is certainly active, at the least it feels very mid-motion: ITEM #621966

The Fire Emblem figures IntSys has been putting out in the last year all do a good job of this too imo. ITEM #1065088 (I have her ordered! I'm not 100% on her pose but it feels like a victory animation) ITEM #1131808 (So good, was so close to ordering) ITEM #1164515 (I actually lowkey hate his pose but it sure is a pose) Something I like about them is the pose captures the character very well - Lyn is an agile and wild swordswoman, Ike is an extremely tough mercenary, and Marth is more of a prince than a soldier, but also has swiftness and slightness in his favour (I just wish it looked more like he was dodging than falling over >>)

And as an exception, I will mention my all time favourite billowing hair figure. ITEM #693386 is literally sitting, but she's sitting in a really precarious place (on top of a lamppost) and her hair is going NUTS. The sculpt is so good. It's contemplative but you can feel the intense ambience in the motion of her hair.

Other figures I like: ITEM #604614 (swinging Chino) ITEM #427732 (Chino again... not even sure what's happening here but it's definitely active in how everything is directed) ITEM #143986 (a Patchouli Knowledge figure, this is one of the more impressive ones I've seen in terms of dynamism, especially for a spellcaster, even though I don't super like it otherwise)

Been fun reading the comments! Great topic.
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takiuto Gk addict
ii dont really collect or like figures with most of those poses but id say these are my most unique ones
ITEM #90773 really unique pose and design
ITEM #99080 obvious
ITEM #17017 i got this one yesterdfay, shes small but its a amazing figure i was looking at her for a while!
PICTURE #516845 and this set! i love how they r in the air and holding hands, not my pic but always a fav set of mine
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YukiaVor 1 Monat#100431892A small excerpt of "Miku hair go brrr" Miku's hair is a character in of itself XD
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njdrawscomics Webcomic Artist
I mostly have static poses but my favorite ones with more motion are

ITEM #468
ITEM #326916
ITEM #245008
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ITEM #5066, ITEM #680948 and ITEM #78365

Also the figure that came with the Cyberpunk 2077 CE definitely qualifies.
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Most of my collection have the basic standing pose but these two are somewhat different: ITEM #144414 and ITEM #806249
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A small excerpt of "Miku hair go brrr"

ITEM #637417 ultimate Miku gotta have ultimate hair
ITEM #1074600 comes with surfing panda
ITEM #1049502 prototype is finally on the horizon

ITEM #1096201 not sure if I'll get this one because the price scares me, but honorable mention

ITEM #464599 I'll have to get this one day, it's definitely first place for ridiclious Miku hair
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