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kumasanmkkumasanmkVor 7 Jahren

Our partner Otacute is currently running a special sale. Feel free to check it out!

And the usual daily sales (up to 80% off): www.otacute.com...

Recent MFC updates -

i. Bootleg shops can be added to our shop database.
Feel free to PM me if you know such shops and want them to be added to the list;

ii. Your ads now have a view counter. You can also use one of your past ad as a template to create another ad;

iii. Our general Community Guidelines have been updated;

iv. And your usual fixes and such (and everything I have already forgotten).
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Otacute Mega Sale?

14%Looks great;
70%Will at least check it out;
16%Not interested.
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I guess they meant their pre-orders are usually ?% (5% or something, I don't know) off according to RRP prices and this week it's 20% off.
Vor 7 Jahren
there are a lot of preorder items with still the same price as a month ago
Vor 7 Jahren
Sorry for any confusion.

To help clarify things, the sale if for all pre-orders and in-stock products (everything except back-orders). The sales price is already applied so the price you see is already 20% off RRP; yes, everything is definitely cheaper than last week, last month and last year. RRP refers to recommended retail price. The reason we specified RRP is because our pre-orders are already marked down and we wanted to clarify that the reduction is off RRP and not our general mark down. Unfortunately, it appears that our attempt to clarify the mark down made it somewhat confusing - sorry about that! I hope I have covered everything. Thank you.
Vor 7 Jahren
jena ☆ mahou shoujo ☆
tyrantflughudeVor 7 Jahren#1210490Wait I don't understand what's on sale. Is everything in stock on sale and what does RRP mean?
Recommended Retail Price.
Vor 7 Jahren
Wait I don't understand what's on sale. Is everything in stock on sale and what does RRP mean?
Vor 7 Jahren
Asako Om nom nom
That #4 community guideline about commercial links, does that forbid people posting mandarake links or similar on where to get older/pre-owned figures? I find the handful of users that go through and post those to be quite helpful at times.
Vor 7 Jahren
I assume RRP means regular retail price?
Vor 7 Jahren
NSSR burning up!!
I'm also confused... what does "RRP" stand for, and how can I tell whether items are on sale or not? I tried adding a couple pre-orders to my cart but there doesn't seem to be any markdown.
Vor 7 Jahren
I'm not seeing this sale. I looked at something on the site and compared it to a price from about 1 month ago it seems like the same price....maybe I'm missing something here, but I'm having a hard time seeing these new sale prices....a clear indication on their part would help out a lot.
Vor 7 Jahren
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