How much do you add to your collection in a month?How much do you add to your collection in a month?Ask MFC

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As this month comes to a close I find myself looking over this month's additions and there have been a lot of figures, DVDs,and Manga added to the collection and this has me wondering how much do you folks add to your collections in a Month's time.

My primary focus for collecting is mainly Action Figures and I find a lot of great deals for figures online and score some excellent pieces for the collection at decent prices and after getting a lot this month for the Transformers collection and adding a few more Mobile Suits to the Gundam collection it's time to relax.

Went out today and found 2 more Gundam G-Frames locally ITEM #1039090 ITEM #1116864 and I really like these G-Frames, finding them more appealing than the HG Models and for the price of $13.99 that's a price I can't resist so got the last that were on the shelf and am finished up with Mobile Suit Gundam collecting for now because this month added a few more figures to the collection by finding a great figure lot and finding more G-Frames so no need to add more Mobile Suits in for a while.


Added 2 Masterpiece Transformers to the collection this month and found a few great deals for older figures and am now finished up with Transformers for now.


Added more DVDs to the collection this month paying about $2.99 for each used DVD at one store ending up spending about $30 every time I go to that bookstore since they have a decent selection of older DVDs so finished with DVD shopping for now. -Found a Jackie Chan Movie today "Rumble in the Bronx." so may be on the lookout for other Jackie Chan movies next time I go.


An earlier trip out had gotten a few more DVDs, and the CD Soundtrack for Robin Hood Prince of Thieves arrived today.Got those DVDs at the Bookstore where I had found the ones picked up today.


This month's additions to the Anime figure collection were mostly Prize Figures, had gotten a few off my usual source for figures this past week and those will arrive next week so waiting for:

ITEM #945049
ITEM #760341
ITEM #1004225
ITEM #1103449

Had added 2 Prize Figures ITEM #1039941 ITEM #1084916 and 1 Scaled Figure ITEM #1038445 earlier in the month so at this point have had my fill of adding new figures to the collection for now.


3 Starships were added to the Star Trek Collection this month, added 2 small Hot Wheels Star Wars ships to the collection today.


Didn't get a lot of Manga locally this month but picked up a few things and the last of the Manga arrived earlier this week the first two Volumes of the Fate Grand Order Manga came in so now finished with Manga for now.


My budget is set up for this type of collecting, my focus with collecting is on Action figures and Prize Figures.

I typically will avoid the more expensive figures and focus more on smaller items for the collection, now I'm focusing more on Media like DVDs, Books,and Manga so that helps the budget go a bit further and finding figure lots is what I do since I'm a Deal Hunter and right now have no need to go out to do anymore shopping for a while.

Looking over this right now helps to get myself focused on doing nothing next month but since there are a few Store Exclusives coming out next month that have my full attention I'm hoping to find a Vintage Collection Blue Leader X-Wing, Jurassic World Legacy T-Rex Escape [Explorer and T-Rex Set] and down to at least 2 Transformers Exclusives and not sure if I'll find the Gi Joe Retro HISS III Exclusive so cutting back to exclusives only for the next few months and cutting out a lot of the online shopping.

Well over 30 figures added to the collection this month, after months like these taking a break as I'm planning to is an excellent idea.

Not getting the sales like I have been with getting rid of things to boost the budget so that's a main reason to cut back since I always had extra $$$$ added to my normal budget to allow to cover anything else beyond what was originally set for the month's To Get List.
-plus as usual running out of space for new things so that's forcing a stop for a while.

Got what I wanted for now so no need to do anything else for a while.

Figuarts Zero Merlin and MP Shockwave were my favorite pickups for this month.



How many new items do you add to your collection in a month's time?
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I typically only add a figure or two a month--but then, they tend to run me $50-$110 each, so... Last month was an exception, because I've collected all the Beast Wars characters from the Kingdom line and was already behind by two waves...
Vor 1 Monat
Sometimes nothing for months. I prefer buying a handful of expensive figures a year versus dozens of cheaper ones.

Though, there are times when I get plenty of cheaper ones too. Just depends on what's coming out.
Vor 1 Monat
Late to the commenting party, but I'll still chime in. It's honestly very variable. For a good chunk of the time, I was pre-order payments only, so with all the delays that could be a mere 3 figures or less a month. I've been a little looser lately because of said delays, so I've been on the higher end of adding around 15 a month.^^; But honestly, no regrets on my side because I've had my eye on these figures for a while. On average, I'd say it's about 6 figs a month with maybe the occasional goods/manga/dvd/doujin thrown in.
Vor 1 Monat
For me it’s mainly whatever amiami has on their pre owned section. Recently 5 items this month, last month only 1.
Vor 1 Monat
There are some great additions well done! I usually add around 10 prize figures and sometimes 1-2 scale figures per month.Except from the budget my bigger issue is becoming the lack of space..
Vor 1 Monat
I like to say only a few but then I go on Manda and mecari JP and realize all the other unknown goodies...it's all downhill after that
Vor 1 Monat
Maybe 2 or 3 scale per month this year with maybe 1 or 2 more large scale dolls per year. Down from 3 or 4 scale per month and 2 or 3 large scale dolls per year. Still hoping to slow down to 1 or 2 scale and 1 doll.
Vor 1 Monat
I only buy scale figures, so maybe like 1 or 2 new figures, to add to the collection every month or every other month.

It's space and money that keeps me at this pace. If I had more of both, those numbers would be up, lol.
Vor 1 Monat
ive only just started recently, so its been a slow 1-2 figures and 2-3 goods per month . hopefully with my new job ill be able to up those numbers lol
Vor 1 Monat
setokaibaswifeVor 1 Monat#98653117I'm always trying to challenge myself to buy less but then I find good deals, haha. Deal hunting is one of my hobbies I can't so easily give up.
I wouldn't say there's an average but if you take a look at my haul blogs you can get an idea.

I love deal hunting, adds up very fast but it's satisfying to get all those deals in and after words feel content to not get anything for a while.

The Hobby is fun to me when I'm focused on deals and finding lots at great prices and just finding that is part of the fun when the Hunt for deals is involved.
Vor 1 Monat
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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