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I've recently started sorting my figures by their popularity on this site, because I always find it interesting to see which characters are selling faster than others and try to figure out what about them has brought such a rise in revenue. I don't actually care whether a figure I buy is popular, so long as I found some enjoyment in the series it originates from.

For example, my most popular figure is ITEM #91361, with over 1,400 other users currently owning, and another 1,000 wishing for her! (It took about half a second of examination for me to figure out what made her so popular, though XD) I personally love her for her cute personality and pretty design, and having such a detailed render of her, including the tiny Luffy for scale, is amazing. She's definitely one of the best One Piece figures I've seen.

Which figure from your collection is the most popular? Is it a well known character, or is your collection just so niche that, despite being the most popular, the character remains obscure?
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Male figure: him (who im currently selling) ITEM #264423 Owned by 1,232 users and wished by 1,031 users!!!

Female figure: ITEM #166616 ...i got her for 6k yen on mandarake in 2016 can you imagine?

Also when it comes to Nendoroids its him ITEM #166946 . Kind of obvious.
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It is this nendoroid (ITEM #287774). She is the 6th most owned figure.
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One popular figure I have is the exquisite Ryougi Shiki ITEM #3139 according to MFC has 2,310 owners.
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Going by MFC metrics it would probably be this figure ITEM #236127, but if we're including nendoroids it would be this ITEM #143937
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I don't have a lot of figures, but my most popular one is:

ITEM #78585

2,673 people own her and is wished by 1,776 people
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That figure is absolutely beautiful woah, I love her!

I didn't consider how popular Nendoroids are so mine is

ITEM #455089 with 1,880 users owned and 868 wished.

Subtracting Nendoroids, I was surprised to find it was actually

ITEM #849844 with 674 owned and 379 wished!

It is interesting to see which of your items are the most popular among collectors on here!
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That one piece figure used to be on my wishlist actually! Ultimately I never decided to get her, but getting to see it again has rekindled some "oh yeah!" memories. ^_^

For me it looks like:
ITEM #27637 3,079 owned. 2,516 wished.
ITEM #317824 1,431 owned. 2,106 wished.
ITEM #153069 1,540 owned. 1,206 wished.

(I think popularity is ordered via page hits. Which above are 597,590 hits, 219,672 hits, and 218,376 respectively)
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I wonder how it works out popularity, does not appear to be on numbers owned as I get these as my top three

ITEM #80601 owned by 1229 users

ITEM #166704 owned by 940 users

ITEM #5438 owned by 1032 users
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That Shirahoshi is on my wishlist too. So beautiful.

Anyway,mine: ITEM #157022
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Haven't bothered looking at the "popularity list", but I can say for sure that the figure most people seem to be interested in is my makaizou 1/2.5 Kirino (NSFW): PICTURE #1656682
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