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AsukafanAsukafanVor 3 Monaten
Hi everyone,
I think this video is very interesting because it gives us insight and more information into the life of an anime sculptor.

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GSC is pretty open to videos like this, there was a similar one that came out featuring tours/watching them work/interviews with various dept's staff from GSC during Aniplex Online Fest last summer.

But seriously, he needs to work on his diet lol... no breakfast, ice cream for lunch, and soumen/tempura for dinner?
Vor 2 Monaten
That video was really cool, thanks for sharing! It has so many views already too. Probably going to check out some of this guy's other stuff as well.

Seeing their work environment was cool. I agree that the ventilation doesn't seem adequate though just from what was shown.

30m check-ins seems crazy as well. I'm guessing it's for stopping procrastination, but for me that would be stressful and constantly break my focus.

That diet is obviously going to lead to health problems later. Even without considering the balance, it doesn't look like it's nearly enough calories.
Vor 3 Monaten
PhoenixdotVor 3 Monaten#97999825This guy's body must have adapted to run on the ethyl acetate from the spray paint or sth.
Couldn’t phrase it better, the man runs on spray paint and clay sculpt
Vor 3 Monaten
AlienEmojiVor 3 Monaten#97998552that was some interesting insight, but i wonder how creatively satisfying of a job nendoroid sculpting is. i hope the people behind nendoroids are also given chances to work on other kinds of figures, because if that were me i'd probably get depressed
also some of the desks he showed gave me like.. claustrophobia anxiety lmao i can't imagine working in such a cluttered space, i get antsy if there are too many papers on my desk
i also have to agree with everyone else regarding his diet, he seriously needs to rethink what he eats, it's like he's trying to speedrun health failure. i'm a little uncomfortable with his diet being shown in such a light-hearted "quirky" way in this video tbh

I honestly feel like there’s a ranking system in regards to what you can sculpt. The longer and the more experienced you are, the more likely that you will be allowed to create a scale and not a Nendoroid.

And yes, I thought I have a bad diet but his diet puts mine to shame
Vor 3 Monaten
RPG_FAN128Vor 3 Monaten#97998474Fun to watch! Thanks for sharing. I would probably starve to death if I ate that little food.
I like how the guy just freely wanders around the whole facility exploring and talking to other workers. LOL ^_^ I'm glad it's so chill in that company.

I honestly thought GSC would be stricter about where they can film as well. But I’m glad that GSC is a very chill and relax company and is happy to let him explore all the different aspects of the company
Vor 3 Monaten
Really did not expect them to use Blender of all things. It still has the reputation of software which is hardly used for professional work. Super interesting.
Vor 3 Monaten
that was honestly super cool. i liked how you could tell the video was recent based on what they were working on. also it’s clear the featured artist is super passionate about what he does which is awesome.
the president was super intimidating though i completely understand why he was nervous lol.
(do have some concerns about the ventilation system though and lack of proper masks when using aerosols.)
Vor 3 Monaten
Thank you for posting this, the video was super interesting! Loved getting a sneak peak in side the figure making process to see what's going on!
Vor 3 Monaten
This was a really interesting video. Thanks for posting! Perhaps the 3d modeling is why more ambitious figures like Alter's J'Alter or the the complicated Sakura figures are more commonplace. GSC's office space has a pretty chill vibe which is not what you'd associate with Japan lol. I love how everybody decorates their desks with figures!<3 It just shows you it's a labor of love and not just a paycheck.

Lol at everybody commenting on his diet. I agree it's super unhealthy but a lot of people eat junk diets and won't touch veggies outside of lettuce on a sandwich. This guy isn't unique in that regard. He's probably just too lazy for proper meal prep and just eats whatever.
Vor 3 Monaten
This guy's body must have adapted to run on the ethyl acetate from the spray paint or sth.
Vor 3 Monaten
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