Kommentare How to add shelves into a detolf (and reduce dust)

  • otaku_clubVor 3 Tagen#96332478Oh that is so wise! I wonder if the suction caps and the plexiglass can hold statues on the heavier side... I hope so!

    I think statues would be too heavy, even scale figures would make me worried (^^:). I thought it would be okay for smaller figures but many users pointed out that it's also risky lol. I guess I'd find out whether the experiment is a success or not in the future.

    But I do like plexiglass or acrylic as the choice of material because they're generally safer than glass. I heard stories of clamps that don't hold up over time and cause the glass that it supports to fall. It's scary!
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    Oh that is so wise! I wonder if the suction caps and the plexiglass can hold statues on the heavier side... I hope so!
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    Thank you for everyone's input and suggestions! I'll continue to monitor it and try other alternatives suggested below if the shelf falls off.
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    Could try using these www.ebay.com/it... instead of the suction cups. Haven't used them personally but I've seen some people use them with good results.
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    Please think about this.
    Those things translate to 'wire rope clips'.
    Still ugly and still a Detolf but at least it won't break down. Hopefully.
    At least with a smaller chance than with those suction cups.
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    Elise_Grimwald The other Warner sister
    I'd be afraid of those suction cups falling off, tbh. They fall off of windows without warning with holiday decorations on them, and I think the shelf is about the same weight.

    I'm glad it's been working for you so far, though. If it's working so far, it's working so far.
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    Angel_Vivaldi Metal is life
    ahhh those suction cups kinda worry me. I would do what others have done in the past and just get some 1/8" wire clamps from a hardware store for a few bucks and tighten them to the bars on the detolf really well. Example: picture/2503435...

    as for the weather strips that stuff is fantastic. I stripped my two cabinets out of boredom one day and I don't regret it at all cause I just don't see dust and I haven't since I sealed them. Totally worth the 10 bucks imo.
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    I'm sweating just by looking at those suction cups.
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    I'm weary about suction cups on detolfs. One of my friends used them on one side of her detolf to hang stuff and the glass shattered after a while.
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    Far too sketchy, especially with larger scales. Good it works out for you tho !
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