How to add shelves into a detolf (and reduce dust)How to add shelves into a detolf (and reduce dust)Tutorial

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Detolf is a popular choice among collectors for displaying their figures, but I think it's not effective for smaller ones like Figma, Nendoroid, or trading figures. It could be used to display the aforementioned figures, but the result would be a lot of unused space and the detolf would look empty (despite the fact that it's full with figures). Some collectors use risers to solve this problem while others add shelves into the detolf. I choose the latter solution and based on my research, the popular method is to install clamps to each of the pillars so they would support the additional glass shelf. I like the method but feel it's too complicated for me, so I figured out another method that is more simple.



Although it's tagged tutorial, I didn't document the process but it's relatively straightforward. For the materials, I used 6-7 pieces of suction cups and an acrylic sheet with the size of 38cm x 30cm x 0.3cm. I used an acrylic sheet instead of glass because it's lightweight but sturdy enough and it's also safer (it won't be the end of the world if it drops!). The specific type of suction cups that I used are available in shops that sell aquarium supplies, but I think it's easier to get them from online stores. For the acrylic, you could either make a custom order or cut it manually. In my case, the store doesn't accept custom orders for small quantities so I bought an acrylic sheet in A3 size, then I cut it using a knife.


After it's been cut, you'd need to create two openings for the two pillars at the back end to get through. For this I used a small saw but the edges would be rough. I think it would be better and easier to use a laser cutting machine but I don't have access to it.



Then, we could proceed to add the shelf into the detolf. I place three suction cups on each side and put the acrylic sheet in diagonally. I work on the left-hand side first and slowly lower the right-hand side. If you measure it correctly, then you'd feel slight resistance when you lower the other end. The hard part of this process is ensuring that the shelf is level.

This is optional but I was worried that the acrylic sheet would bend over time, so I install a single suction cup at the back for added support.


And the project is finished! I've been using this shelf for 1.5+ years so I think it works. You could use a thicker acrylic sheet for the added safety. I don't recommend it for bigger figures though as they would be too heavy.

Bonus tips:

Speaking about detolf, it's a wonderful piece of furniture to display our collections but the main gripe about it is the wide gap in the front. It allows dust to get in and accumulate inside. I also experience this problem so I try to block the gap using this product below.




I get the strip from a hardware store in my local area and it's super easy to install. It's not perfect because there is still a gap but I think it reduces the dust intake. Also, my detolf was originally located in the living room. It's a hectic area where people often passing by and there is a strong wind whenever the front door gets opened. So I moved it to the quiet corner of my room and it's been better ever since.

Hope it helps and thanks for reading!
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otaku_clubVor 3 Tagen#96332478Oh that is so wise! I wonder if the suction caps and the plexiglass can hold statues on the heavier side... I hope so!

I think statues would be too heavy, even scale figures would make me worried (^^:). I thought it would be okay for smaller figures but many users pointed out that it's also risky lol. I guess I'd find out whether the experiment is a success or not in the future.

But I do like plexiglass or acrylic as the choice of material because they're generally safer than glass. I heard stories of clamps that don't hold up over time and cause the glass that it supports to fall. It's scary!
Vor 3 Tagen
Oh that is so wise! I wonder if the suction caps and the plexiglass can hold statues on the heavier side... I hope so!
Vor 3 Tagen
Thank you for everyone's input and suggestions! I'll continue to monitor it and try other alternatives suggested below if the shelf falls off.
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Could try using these www.ebay.com/it... instead of the suction cups. Haven't used them personally but I've seen some people use them with good results.
Vor 4 Tagen
Please think about this.
Those things translate to 'wire rope clips'.
Still ugly and still a Detolf but at least it won't break down. Hopefully.
At least with a smaller chance than with those suction cups.
Vor 4 Tagen
Elise_Grimwald The other Warner sister
I'd be afraid of those suction cups falling off, tbh. They fall off of windows without warning with holiday decorations on them, and I think the shelf is about the same weight.

I'm glad it's been working for you so far, though. If it's working so far, it's working so far.
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Angel_Vivaldi Metal is life
ahhh those suction cups kinda worry me. I would do what others have done in the past and just get some 1/8" wire clamps from a hardware store for a few bucks and tighten them to the bars on the detolf really well. Example: picture/2503435...

as for the weather strips that stuff is fantastic. I stripped my two cabinets out of boredom one day and I don't regret it at all cause I just don't see dust and I haven't since I sealed them. Totally worth the 10 bucks imo.
Vor 4 Tagen
I'm sweating just by looking at those suction cups.
Vor 4 Tagen
I'm weary about suction cups on detolfs. One of my friends used them on one side of her detolf to hang stuff and the glass shattered after a while.
Vor 4 Tagen
Far too sketchy, especially with larger scales. Good it works out for you tho !
Vor 4 Tagen
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