Kommentare Do you love or hate the hunt?

  • I don’t think I get too much emotion from hunting things honestly. If I really want something then I pursue it but I don’t get overly excited or discouraged or anything like that. To me it’s just looking (sometimes asking) around until you find it, I’ve never gotten much of a thrill from that though. Honestly hunts last so long for me which is why I think I don’t get very emotionally invested in them. I just see it as keeping an eye out for something until it's available.
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    It’s the rush. Not so much the hunt itself..
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    I hate the hunt. I just want the figure.
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    I don't enjoy the hunt. Its pressure. First, you are hopeless to ever find that figure. And when you find it, you are often conflicted, because sometimes you aren't sure if its legit and/or it will have a drastically increased price. But you can't ponder about it, because you need to react NOW or that figure might be gone forever.

    I rather have the joyful wait of looking at secured pre-orders.
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    Congratulations finding your boy!!!! ^-^ Hunts make me anxious so I don't enjoy them. I get scared when I finally find what I'm looking for that I won't even have any money to buy it.

    I'm currently hunting a rare Hamtaro figure very loosely. I don't have money for it right now even if it appears, but the hunt is on in my heart. Good luck to you for future hunts :)

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    It's kind of mixed for me. It's a joy to find great deals and be able to secure them, but it's inevitable that we would miss some. The sinking feeling of missing out is hard for me to deal with and sometimes I wish that I don't see them up for sale in the first place lol. I used to tell my sister about it but she neither understands nor interested, so it's great that sites like this exist. I learned from experienced users here that most figures would be available in the future, often cheaper or more expensive but we would be in a better position to acquire them. In some cases, we would have lost interest by then. Their stories are encouraging.
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    In my opinion it's only enjoyable if you have success with your hunt. I look for certain items from time to time to see if anyones selling them, but there are usually either no listings or only some with insane prices, when the figure / statue itself is not worth it. For example, people are still trying to sell the Sideshow Carnage Comiquette I bought for a reasonable price for double or triple the amount, even if nobodys going to buy it.

    Auctions can be exciting though. They make my monkey brain release some of the good chemicals, even if I don't win the auction. :D
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    Honestly, not a fan of it.
    At first it's great to find the item you're looking after for a long time. But once you see the price, you reconsider. It's way out one's own budget.
    And so the exhausting search starts from new - even if it takes years to find a good listing with tolerable price.

    But sometimes waiting pays of when an item gets a re-release after all these years.
    For example: ENTRY #176920 and ENTRY #176921

    Seeing this happen and took my chance, I'm optimistic for ENTRY #204814 seeing an re-release, too.
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    Hunts are hit or miss for me. In my experience, the satisfaction of owning a figure rarely lives up to the imagined satisfaction of owning it. Usually, it is the figures I am least anticipating that I end up enjoying the most, because I haven't hyped them up in my head.

    There are exceptions, of course. But something like ITEM #438872 isn't worth its high aftermarket price. I know it isn't going to make me as happy as it would seem to, although it is my favourite Len module. Even ITEM #542905 and ITEM #542904 would probably be lackluster in person, which is why I've never pulled the trigger on them.

    My biggest hunt was detailed in an article i wrote a while ago: BLOG #47904. That one was absolutely worth the headache.

    But I have had other good hunting experiences, too. Finding ITEM #835965 immediately after release for a good price was a struggle, but when I finally did, and I had him in my hands... I knew it had all been worth it. He is always worth it.
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    Don't like it. Everything is hyper-focused around supply/demand today. This means when you want an item that falls on the more demand than supply side, you're not going to enjoy the hunt in the current and coming times due to hyperinflation (aka that which is in stock keeps desperately undercutting each other which drops the value, that which is not in stock is gaining value even if not on the market).

    The shops know and apply this in their pricings, and the people follow that with their selling prices which solidifies the insane pricing more, meaning odds of finding actual deals shrinks. Heck, soon you're gonna be happy to see X out of stock item you want appear at all for any price rather than for a good price if this keeps up. Then again what will you consider to be a 'good price' in a super inflated environment lol

    If you've not experienced this yet then the items you buy aren't that rare / in demand and risk falling on the 'gets dropped in value once more of them appear on market' side, so what may be a good deal now will be a loss of money in the future.
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