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Animefan678Animefan678Vor 13 Tagen
Before I knew any better, I bought a couple bootleg figures when was in middle school and early high school. I now know what bootlegs are and only want authentic figures, but I don't know what to do with the bootlegs I own now. I don't want to throw them away, I can't sell them, and nobody I know wants to take them off my hands.

Does anybody have any ideas on what to do with unwanted bootlegs?

Edit: I am thinking of donating them to a thrift store near me that donates some of their proceeds to charity, but making it abundantly clear that they are bootlegs, how do you guys feel about that?
Also, thank you all for your comments! :)

Edit: They're all going to someone whose going to use them for extra parts.
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Animefan678Vor 13 Tagen#96253688Unfortunately no
lol just checking :D
Vor 12 Tagen
You can make customs out of them! Create something original or just burn them lol. Make it a ceremony or something.
Vor 12 Tagen
if you have a lots of visitor especially like spoiled little children you can use the bootleg as a bait from the genuine one.
Vor 13 Tagen
I would just throw em out tbh. I know it used to be that sometimes paints or something would be toxic. Not worth the risk donating, and it takes the bootlegs out of circulation
Vor 13 Tagen
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Personally, use em to show bootleg VS real educative movies or use em to experiment with for gks or paint skills and such :)
Vor 13 Tagen
If you still have them, I'd be interested in them! I've been trying to get bootlegs and broken parts to use for cursed photos ^^
Vor 13 Tagen
I gave mine away to another user here who does customs
Vor 13 Tagen
TheBigTogVor 13 Tagen#96253461If you have Sader, I might be in the market.

Unfortunately no
Vor 13 Tagen
thecatsaysmoooVor 13 Tagen#96253517i'm using one of my bigger ones as a door stopper. it's working out pretty well!

Lmao that would be cool to see
Vor 13 Tagen
LittlePiscesVor 13 Tagen#96253478Yeah, like one person said, you can try practicing painting on them if you're considering to try out the garage kit hobby. I recall an article where someone repainted a bootleg Miku Nendoroid and it turned out nice.
Edit: I found the article! (BLOG #47797)

I'm probably never going to do that, but thanks for sharing that article its really cool to see others creativity
Vor 13 Tagen
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