what is the most nostalgic figure for you?what is the most nostalgic figure for you?Ask MFC

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lyss_lyss_Vor 2 Tagen
while i was looking through here i was somehow reminded of the very first anime figures ive seen, so it made want to ask the question, what figure, or line of figures, is the most nostalgic for you?

for me, i would have to say the earliest goodsmile vocaloid figures. they were how i was introduced to anime figures. i was a huge vocaloid fan (and still am! but its not as intense xD) back in 2010-2011 when i was 10-11 years old. i randomly came across some vocaloid nendoroids, figmas and scales and wanted one so bad. i especially wanted one of the nendoroids as they intrigued me the most. although, i had no idea figure collecting was a thing and thought they were toys, so as a child, they ofcourse interested me. i would always watch unboxings, reviews, and even stopmotions of these figures and wished it were me owning them. i then saw more nendoroids of anime i loved at the time and became more interested in the line!
to this day, i still love nendoroids and they are still my top favorite line of figures, and i am now happy to say that i am currently living my childhood dream as i now own some of the vocaloid nendoroids i saw! these figures will forever have a special place in my heart. they are how i got into nendoroids and anime figures in general.

how about you guys? what figures are the most nostalgic to you? fell free to comment below!
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ITEM #117969

i saw her when i was browsing through the good smile info site back in 2014-2015. there wasn't even a US site back then so i had to translate the name and keep it in my notes.

i really liked the colorful sparkles and outfit. i was in middle school so i didn't have enough money for her at the time. fast forward to now, she's on my shelf!
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ive got the same story as you! the original miku nendoroid will forever bring back great memories of when i first discovered figures at around 10 years old. aaand ive been stuck here ever since, hehe.
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ITEM #54014
Reminds me of simpler days when I dedicated all my spare time to watching anime.
Sometimes watching 10 aired series a week, whilst watching 15 series airing.

My first introduction to figure collecting and the joys and woes that came with it.
Where I would be able to stare at my figures for hours on end, mesmerized by the craftmanship, always find something new I previously didn't. And there where so many figures of shows that became a part of me, that where left to collect.
Without the troubles of owning/maintaining a large collection or dealing with all the shit you have to deal with when you no can longer call yourself a young adult.
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jumpluff Pegasus Knight
I don't really think of them as figures per se, especially because mine are in a terrible state from being played with too much by a very clumsy tween, but ITEM #1445 ITEM #1446 ITEM #1447

I looked over eBay (I know) for ones that were authentic (afaik) and I was so excited to receive them, one of my first online orders. Their boxes looked amazing to me, I loved their accessories, I loved posing them and playing with them together. Final Form Sora had me in awe and I shipped Axel and Roxas HARD. I was super into the KH fandom at the time and playing the games a ton (and KH2 has a particular nostalgic feel for me because I spent a lot of time watching AMVs and in particular, the opening video of KH2. Like I'd outright just restart my PS2 to see it again).

For things I consciously ID as anime figures:

- ITEM #98665. I remember people I followed retweeting the crap out of her, and I thought she was SO gorgeous (and I love Madoka), but I thought, 'Wow, she's so expensive, I'll never own her'. One of the first figures I got was the 1/10 Ultimate Madoka that came with the Hobby Japan mag, and I still love her today. And I do own this Madoka now. I own a crapton of Madoka.
- ITEM #140902. One of my first figures. I can't remember if I ordered her online or got her from a local figure store. I got my first figures from a local figure store (I got a Homura prize, this figure, and the 1/10 Madoka I mentioned), and I remember having so much fun poring over the figures and in the back room, admiring the yukata line Madoka figures, my mom seeing ecchi figures etc. lol. I got some of my birthday and for Christmas, I still remember how they were wrapped seven (!) years later, taking pictures of them for my Twitter and being teased by my friends, the size of their boxes, struggling to assemble them, and the sheer fulfilment and joy I felt at having something physical to show my devotion. This figure was a big deal for me in particular, because I specifically wanted and loved this version, she's a DX version of the normal GSC Homura scale, and I admired that you could customise her so much, gazed at her online so much. She was just the coolest possible figure to me. I've had her for a long time and it's like she watches over me. :') Sorry to get sappy.
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skylinedo BANNED
ITEM #6361 my first time at a convention ecstatic seeing a figure from a series I love that I could actually afford. A step up from gachaphon and trading figures.

ITEM #4607 b/c I always saw her at the top shelf at a vendor in the dealers' hall for many years. I remember not being able to afford her but one of the many years later I saw her, broke down and bought her, finally
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my first actual figure was Item #2060. i bought it during FFX first time on the PS2. but i didnt start to collect until i got my first job and bought Hasbro transformers. i remember buying my first figure online was Item #8006. i collected american action figures, japanese imports, scale figues/statues and dollfies. i've slow down over the years because i got kidney dieses and stopped working but i hope to continue someday
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For me it’s actually the Hasbro transformers line that came out and was updated year after year with the movies from 2007 on. At the time I was also 10-11 and these toys that could be transformed were the awesome to me, but then I also found the huge community of YouTube stop motion videos and transformers reviews, and eventually custom transformers made from the parts of pre-existing ones, and those special die-cast masterpiece transformers that would easily run $400 back in those days. At the time I was lucky enough to have a neighbor who, though younger than myself, had one such Masterpiece Optimus Prime... but it was missing its head. I feel slightly guilty about this, but somehow I convinced him to trade me for a couple of my own so I could have this headless mythical creature. Eventually we moved away from that house and I think I had left my love for transformers and all things related to them behind.

Then last year I decided that anime girls are like transformers but prettier, and it didn’t take me long to justify a lot of purchases, given my experience in this field.
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lyss_Vor 2 Tagen#95226576View spoilerHide spoilerYes! In fact, I still remember almost all that happened the day I listened to my first song. Beforehand I was watching pokemon and touhou parody videos of a bunch of different anime songs and had a video of tewi and reisen dancing to popipo suggested to me. I watched the video, and saw the original pv in the suggestions and clicked on it.
I did not like the video at all. I thought it was very weird and it almost completely disinterested me from looking more into vocaloid. But for some reason, I was still intrigued by these characters and continued watching more videos regardless, and it all started from there
Nice! Popipo is a classic. :) I can understand why the pv weirded you out. It's like a parody of those surreal Japanese commercials.

My first one is Ievan Polkka sung by Miku. I was obsessed with the leek spin meme and watched many videos based on it. One of them was the Basshunter remix of the cover by Loituma. (since an animator I used to watched used that song in her animation) The video had Hatsune Miku in it and I was curious about the character. I saw Miku's cover in the recommendations and watched it. That's how my interest in Miku and the other loids started.

I'll be honest, I thought Miku was literally a robot when I was a kid. XD
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kaitylee Kawaii Mistress
My first figure back in 2011 was ITEM #36788 so it feels the most nostalgic, I was 12 years old and was over the moon for this cute lil Len figure
Vor 2 Tagen
Definitely ITEM #186. She was the first Nendoroid and anime figure in general I ever saw, in around 2010 when I was first getting into Vocaloid. I own her 2011 Cheerful release and she's still one of my favorites!

Some runners up include ITEM #41459 and ITEM #78177, since they were the first figures I ever got to buy at an IRL shop, and ITEM #25067, since she was the first I ever bought, though she was a bootleg.
Vor 2 Tagen
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