Kommentare Lets Crack Some Crime :) -Celia Hasselberg Romando Figure Review

  • I had to look into the game this was from and was surprised it's a FPS that looks quite violent LOL.



    The game is also super cheap at Suru www.suruga-ya.j... if you still have a working PS1.
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    Loved the review
    11/10 would read again
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    If someone could survive so much as this plastic did, he will be yellowish and fragile too..))
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    very cool thank
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    celia chan and all her official art are very adorable, i wish her all the best in her crime cracking ventures :)
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    Lil mama straight lookin like Princess Peach in Trunks cosplay.
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    Broserpina The magi-cooliest✧
    m o n k e
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    very good review
    monkey really stole the show for me
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