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LittleRedPilotLittleRedPilotVor 1 Monat
Hiii, i'll be listing some of my most favorite figures here! It might change overtime due to me getting new figs as well <333 (this is more of just a simple ranking for the figs i currently have)

• #1 Madoka Kaname by Good Smile Company 1/8 scale

ITEM #78404

• #2 Chiyuru Original character by Blade 1/6 scale

ITEM #740443 [NSFW]

• #3 Asuka Langley Shikinami by Alter 1/8

ITEM #186848

• #4 Asuka Langley Soryu Fruit Punch Prize Figure by SEGA

ITEM #36174

• #5 Flandre and Remilia Scarlet Prize Figure by SEGA

ITEM #546505
ITEM #546506
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Hard choice from my collection, so definitely how hard I to work to hunt some of them down and how good a deal I got on some of these influenced my picks.

Elias Ainsworth and Hatori Chise ITEM #409374
Definitely my top pick both for how rare it is, how gorgeous they are and of course how everytime I look at it, dance of the spirits plays in my head.

Ashitaka and San ITEM #390 ITEM #389
I'm gonna cheat and include both of these together, because I'm not separating them :P Again, both a combination of rarity, and I love them in particular for having that almost classic feeling early figure aesthetic.

Flamie Speeddraw ITEM #396992
Again, rarity plays a part, but also really enjoyed the anime despite the general consensus that it had pacing issues / completely bait and switched genres. Also a gorgeous sculpt.

Spike Spiegel ITEM #396921
Doubt I have to say anything to justify either Spike or Bebop being on this list. Also a relatively rare find. :P

Isaac Clarke ITEM #115875
For his sheer size, fact that he lights up and detail of his sculpt. Add to that I got him at an incredible price lower than MSRP, which is already ridiculously low for everything you get especially compared to today's pricing.
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This are my top 5:

Dark Schneider by Amakuni
ITEM #220990

Yue by HobbyMax
ITEM #464229

Tsuna by Megahouse (w/ Reborn)
ITEM #549424

Rem & Ram by Soyokusha
ITEM #806049

Emiya and Saiba by Aniplex/Monolith/Revolve
ITEM #926212
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Great list. The Chiyuru one in particular is one I really want to have in my collection.

As for my top 5. From my small collection here is what I have come up with.

ITEM #549563 NSFW

ITEM #462460

ITEM #236212 NSFW

ITEM #813034

ITEM #501858
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Picking 5 is pretty easy. I love all my figures, but definetly have my favourites.

ITEM #331648


ITEM #116883

ITEM #536183

ITEM #37784
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tomocchi Superneko
Just picking 5 is really hard. x3 I honestly love all of my idol figures.
But if I had to pick, it's these 5 I guess.

Nozomi by Alter ITEM #317823

Rin by Alter ITEM #549455 (and also Hanayo, they are kind of one figure, lol ITEM #549458)

Fumika by Alter ITEM #464658

Racing Miku 2017 by Amakuni ITEM #549644

Gene Bunny by Freeing ITEM #740286
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that Asuka by Alter is my favorite. the sculptor Nobuta is amazing, there's another Asuka coming from this same person, also by Alter. but it's going to be hard to beat this one.

my top 5, not in any order

Alter 1/7 Asuka ITEM #186848

Wing 1/7 Ignis ITEM #236277
Eriko is amazing sculptor

Alter 1/8 Velvet ITEM #269729
I wish Fukomoto continued the Vanillaware line. (Momohime is mom's favorite ITEM #27637 )

Amakuni 1/7 Mutsu ITEM #194851
my weakness has always been thighs and Ken Yokota is the expert at this. I collect his works including Queen's Blade ITEM #645877 and Rin Tohsaka ITEM #26700

This last one is surprising, Medicos' Queenie Yoh ITEM #675231
I accidentally dropped her and shattered, even when glued together it is just amazing to look at even from far away.
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That is a nice top 5 list!

Honestly I would have a hard time picking my top five figures because there are too many that I love lol. However, if I did have to it would be these five (no particular order):

Kamina Nendoroid (ITEM #651234)

Revy Bunny Version (ITEM #740327)

Zero Two Bunny Version (ITEM #740258)

Edward Elric by Kotobukiya (ITEM #463456)

Card Captor Sakura Stars Bless You (ITEM #396841)
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Chiyuru is a fine figure indeed and also one of my top faves as well. 8-)
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That's cool! Welcome to MFC! ^_^

You can also link the items, you just have to paste the direct link into any article/comment and it automatically displayed it like this:

h t t p s : / / m y f i g u r e c o l l e c t i o n . n e t / i t e m / 8 1 4 8 9
(looks like that when you paste it - but without the spaces)

ITEM #81489
(Looks like this after you post it!)
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