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    I tend to skip buying daki covers that have printed the character too small; it's a waste of space imho. I don't think you should worry too much on the pillow edges as long it's not 100% to the edges.
    Most prints are still smaller than life-size. 160cm doesn't leave a lot of room. No straight legs etc.
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    I would just use the template that Cuddly Octopus gives to make things easier (They offer custom printing services). They also give guidelines in case you want to do it on your own (have to take into account bleed areas etc). Pretty sure there's also a dakimakura discord server for dakimakuri and Cuddly Octopus where you might be able to get more advice from people who have made customs, or you could try and check the dakimakura reddit page.
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    Definitely would avoid having the character reach the very edge of the pillow since once it's filled it will warp the image some. It might help to look up official dakis of other characters just to see about how much border they have between the character and the sides. Also make sure to check for formatting info on whatever site you're using to make it because they generally need a decent amount of extra border for bleed.
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