Best Delivery Services: Who's been the best for you?Best Delivery Services: Who's been the best for you?Ask MFC

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Well after the craziness of last week felt like it was time to check on which Postal Service has been the best for you this year.

So far Amazon has been reliable up till the past week but I can blame that Winter Storms for that since that shut EVERYTHING down here for a week's time and now that the Snow is all gone things are getting back to some normalcy.

FedEx has been the BEST Delivery Service for getting things to me and I'd love it if they became the main Postal Service for sites to use to avoid the lengthy wait periods since USPS has been failing pretty hard since late last year and UPS while on time and reliable has started to slip up and started to become just as annoying as USPS with it's late times for getting packages here.

Considering all that's going on with the Pandemic and with Winter Weather impacting service it's getting to where Ordering Online hasn't been that fun lately.

I haven't ordered anything from Overseas, stopped doing that before the Pandemic started so have been spared the hell of Shipping Limbo but with USPS getting so bad it's like Packages vanish in their system then show up 2 weeks later and that package usually is Priority Mail 2 day and that ends up being 2 weeks to get things delivered.

Only ordered 1 item from Japan during the Pandemic and that was delivered in a few days with FedEx.

Shipping has been the most frustrating thing to deal with and with the Pandemic making me stay home not going out to check for things locally and from what I've heard from other collectors the Toy Areas in some places not being stocked at all so your reduced to getting things online.

So far Fed Ex, UPS, and Amazon Prime Delivery have been the best services at this time.

-USPS Is Failing Horribly to get things to me, I was expecting Kotobukiya's Black Cat today it arrived at my local post office then it shows up in another freaking state!!!!!! Damn them and their crappy service and their missending of my items every damn month! Gahhhhh!!!!

What Delivery Service has been the Best for you this year?
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From Japan, DHL has always been to prefer for me. I don't like FedEx because their currency conversion is rubbish and the customs I have to pay if I use them are usually super high. Air or EMS work fine but they're slow (EMS is meant to be fast but it's not faster than air here). I always choose DHL unless it's ridiculously expensive (as it is at AmiAmi), but otherwise air/EMS.
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FedEx is my favorite and has been the best to me, DHL lost my package and ignored to refund me anything- never again.
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Definitely DHL. I didn't order anything from outside of Europe though. DHL is usually the basic shipping method here in Germany and I think it's a lot more affordable than in other countries. I feel like they got more reliable during this whole pandemic. If you get your package and don't have to pick it up at one of their pick up shops depended a lot on the person delivering it. Some were doing a good job, but a lot of them we're too lazy to ring the bell, so they either dropped it off somewhere else or took it directly to one of their shops. It was really frustrating. I didn't experience anything like that since covid started.

The same goes for DPD. Before Covid they were the worst delivery service here, now everything's goin' the way it should. I received several packages from the UK, France, Belgium, Italy - all delivered by DPD and never had a single problem.
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DHL is great , but I can’t pay over 10000 jpy for a new figure that cost me 15000 jpy
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Shipping is fairly normal to the country I live in, although EMS takes an ungodly amount of time. Funny enough, airmail small packet arrives faster than EMS (5-8 days vs. 1-2 months). I assume it's because there's less space for bigger packages in planes these days.

DHL is the best though, hands down. No matter how much my order is, I always seem to bypass customs, AND it goes straight to my house/workplace. It's very expensive, yes, but I just look at it as me paying for shipping + customs + gas money driving to the post office 2 hours away both ways. Except this time it's just shipping + convenience.
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Despite the high (and annoying) prices, I have to say right now DHL and FedEx are doing pretty well by shipping standards in my book! USPS has been super slow recently but I blame the recent crazy weather have have been having all across the continental U.S. so I can't entirely fault them for the delays. Surprisingly, Surface mail for me has suddenly been more slow than usual, I am still waiting on a package that has now passed the 3 month maximum wait limit. I wonder what could be the case...I have seen others here though say that some packages came even longer like 5 to 6 months so I guess Ill have to wait a bit more...
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I preferred DHL but my proxy stopped shipping DHL here so I picked FedEx which is great. It's mind boggling to think that a parcel from the other side of the world comes to my house as fast as second class post from down the street... and on top of that not being massively more expensive than slow SAL or airmail shipping (at least for the volumes & weights I deal with)

heathersaurVor 6 Tagen#92755073FedEx and UPS would always give an exact delivery date and your package would always been delivered either exactly on that date or be late. It would never be early. Your package could get to your local warehouse a week early and then just sit there for a week because it's not scheduled to be out for delivery yet.

Pretty sure this is intentional on the courier's part and not so douchey. It's so you can plan around the delivery from the very start. If it's late then usually it's because of a situation that they couldn't do anything about, but it can't be early because you might not be ready for it.
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Prior to the orange-douche-who-will-not-be-named I 100% preferred USPS.

FedEx and UPS would always give an exact delivery date and your package would always been delivered either exactly on that date or be late. It would never be early. Your package could get to your local warehouse a week early and then just sit there for a week because it's not scheduled to be out for delivery yet.

USPS on the other hand didn't want shit sitting around, if they can deliver it they did, don't matter if it was early or not.

I haven't used DHL enough to really say too much, other than holy fuck is it expensive.
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general-radixVor 6 Tagen#92755024FedEX has been alright, though even they haven't been immune to delays where I live. DHL got my first Mandarake order to me lightning-fast, which is good when you have ADHD and have already been burned multiple times by lying tracking screens.
(Personally, though, I don't want FedEX to become the main postal service, if only because that would play right into the hands of the asshole sabotaging USPS to make privatization look like the best/only option.)

Feels like normally I'd agree but USPS sucking so horribly lately because of that orange asshole and his crony it's like I'd take any delivery service other than USPS right now.

I just hope that some major changes are made to where USPS gets back on the ball and after the Winter Storm they are back to delivering at their normal times this week and delivered the Kotobukiya Huntress I was excited for.

Now if UPS could get Koto's Black Cat to me I'll be a happy collector.

Getting to where if I do go back to ordering from Overseas I'll go with DHL and EMS whenever that resumes.
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paTKany Over 9000
Aramex is the best, DHL is ok, FedEx is too expensive, local Postal service is slower than continental drifting.

And as always UPS is the worst. I try to avoid them as much as I can, but sometimes Amazon picks them like in 1 out of 100 shipments, and usually those are the snake eyes of shipments. UPS Hungary is a lost cause, they deliver packages into a black hole.
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