Travel ban in my country cockblock me from selling and sendingovTravel ban in my country cockblock me from selling and sendingovDiary

smegmansmegmanVor 5 Tagen
So with the travel ban for Government post office I can't send package with the cheapest shipping fee possible

Meanwhile private couriers like Lbc are asking for insane prices

Eg. Philpost is around $50 to USA
While Lbc is a whopping $140 to USA

And I feel embarrass to ask my buyers a shipping fee more expensive than what they're buying.

I'll continue looking for a cheaper way, to anyone in the PH that can give me an advice, feel free
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Vor 2 Tagen
This is why I am not selling anything right now ):
Vor 4 Tagen
I'm sorry to hear this, it sounds like a terrible situation. If you can afford to wait I would say don't sell anything right now. But if you need to move some merch then I would start looking at trying to sell more locally. Facebook Marketplace, Instagram and Craigslist are what we use in the states, I'm not sure where you're located but I know that every country has their own sites for selling at the local level.

Good luck with your selling!
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