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MoribundeadMoribundeadVor 5 Tagen
After having rewritten this introduction around 5 times, I guess I'll just stick to letting giant projects come out of nowhere.

Well, I made a "Japan Compendium" that lists many traditional Japanese objects you may or may not have seen before. Why? Simply because I wanted to. I love collecting knowledge and putting it into order. There are so many things in my mind I just need the visual unit(s) as an add-on. ...and besides, I like solving problems and that's best done showing people where to find info instead of repeating myself over and over (I rather use that time for the next awesome thing I come up with).

I actually haven't worked on it for a few months now, but there are already more than 800 objects (I had no idea when I started). Unfortunately about 200 of them are currently missing a picture (because I just stole them for a quick overview), but I'm already working on replacements. I prioritized crop-outs from figures though, so if you've seen an object on a figure, it's most likely there. I also tagged many figures on here with the objects' names. ...I really love overviews.

Here's a little preview of what it looks like:

By the way, it's technically not only about Japan. There's also a little page on Chinese objects. Well, the ones that are still most commonly associated with China (if you didn't know; many Japanese things originated from ancient China).

Here's finally the link: japancompendium...
(talking about overviews I'm really embarrassed by how abandoned-mid-buildup all pages currently look... but as always I only see what's not done yet *sigh*)
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Thank you! That really nice knowledge. Can you share some more items you added? I would like to know about them..)
Vor 5 Tagen
This is so cool! Thank you for sharing. Will be adding some of these terms to my vocabulary.
Vor 5 Tagen
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
This is great, thank you for your hard work and sharing it!
Vor 5 Tagen
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