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timbytimbyVor 6 Monaten
i picked up my first kit way back in february 2020 but wasn't able to start building it until this september. i thought id document what the process was like in a bit more detail than instagram, so this will cover my progress through the kit.

first, i opened it all up to check and count the pieces, see the official photo reference, instructions, etc. it all looked great.


at this time i couldnt do anything with the kit as i had no tools and was busy working fulltime. the kit sat in the box on display for 7 months until i was moved in to college and ready to take the kit on. getting all of the tools and materials was very difficult due to me no longer having a car, so i would often have to halt progress on the kit due to lacking materials. the first thing i did was lift the resin mould off the kit in a 1:1 mix of simple green and water. i ended up letting it soak for about 16 hours to make sure it was all off.


then i was able to begin sanding off the seamlines, cutting any jagged ends, etc. i bought 220 and 400 grit sandpaper from home depot which worked find enough, though ill pick up some more grits for the next kit. i used an x acto hobby knife to knick off any flash tabs that still remained (which there were very few, if any at all) and generally smoothing out some pointer parts of the kit such as her bangs.

after she was sanded, i was unable to keep working for a long time. i picked up a dremel 3000 and drillbits, but realized i needed different collets to fit the drillbits in ^^; i did a test pin with blue tack to see what she would look like since i was excited.


once i finally got the collets, i was able to pin her. i was really nervous about the pinning process but it actually ended up being one of my favourite parts of assembling the kit! the pinning revealed how many gaps there were on the kit, which was an annoyance to say the least. this kit had predrilled guide holes, however they ended up being an annoyance too. they did not fit completely, so some gaps were caused by this. the legs are a very obvious example. i ended up drilling in some more pins using my own fitting as a guide by drilling straight through, giving a much tighter and firmer fit, especially on the arms. i couldnt do this method with the legs because there werent any more rooms for leg pins, so they ended up being loose for the entire time until i glued her at the end.


once she was pinned, i cleaned her again. i ended up going back and cleaning the kit multiple times which was no big deal. then i began the puttying process, which was a long bother. i picked up white tamiya putty, but i should have gotten an epoxy due to the large gaps. white tamiya is actually different from gray tamiya, as its viscosity is a bit different, and i think the drying time differs as well. white putty worked well on small gaps and drill holes though. i ended up having to putty akari three separate times as i learned through trial and error.


at the end of it though, i was satisfied enough.


i did one last round of checking and sanding before priming the kit, which ended up being a bit of a nightmare. i took everything outside to prime the kit, however it was super windy and cold outside. my hair ended up getting stuck to the wet kit a lot T__T, it was kinda runny, some pieces fell on the ground...yeah i was a little ill prepared. and the primer blew back into my hair too. i went back inside my res building and soaked the pieces in another 1:1 simple green and water ratio for about two hours, then spent the next two hours scraping off the primer as best i could. i dont have a whole lot of ventilation in my college residence, so i opened the window to get as much air as i could and turned my filter on full blast so i could prime inside. i definitely dont want to prime and seal inside again, it stinks and can fly around everywhere. for future kits ill have to wait until i visit home to prime and seal. when im done this year ill definitely use the basement workshop at home.

they primed pretty well for my technically second try, i used a pair of pliers to hold the wire with the pieces nice and tight. when i was outside i used a toothpick...bad idea. (ill pick up bamboo sticks when i can, since i bought croc pins).

once she was primed i waited about an hour and a half. while i was waiting, i made some mockups using a picture of akari when i pinned her with blue tack.

https://64.media.tumblr.com/e05fa844b4ab9aec9c6e46f43412dbf7/124b897a9a116e6d-eb/s1280x1920/9eeb13b57dbed12deb436c55db223031c8b46e96.png https://64.media.tumblr.com/45de444a319a7a691d8dfe57ff606ee8/124b897a9a116e6d-48/s2048x3072/1112a5d58639ffc5778a74add88e1465c9a8a10f.png https://64.media.tumblr.com/10e3e27c3068c5aa77279ac5e4f662e7/b0c0f47374759d1d-89/s1280x1920/5dc8872710dac3afefa0b320c2e17c3e773609b5.png https://64.media.tumblr.com/52efe224290a9cffefd42e3c5303ad80/b0c0f47374759d1d-af/s2048x3072/7550b7bd930a92f448c809b8c84ad6111c98634c.png

for reference, here is her official photo: https://static.myfigurecollection.net/pics/figure/big/19818.jpg

i didnt like how white the kit was and thought the colour balancing was extremely poor. i also disliked how saturated the colours were like on her overalls for example, it kind of looked like someone picked from a set of 6 crayon colours. the white shirt was also quite bland, so i wanted to give it a bit of character. i sanded down the tight lines on her thigh and by her knees before i primed the kit as i thought the stockings were a bit boring too.

once the kit sat for about an hour and a half, i got on call with one of my boyfriends and painted while watching vinesauce. i handpainted akari and personally prefer handpainting because im a very hands on type of person, so having to do a lot of masking when it comes to spray paint isnt really for me.

i started working from the bottom up, so i painted her skin first.

https://64.media.tumblr.com/f64e845ca5cdfb5c62a42403c5c2064b/b0c0f47374759d1d-48/s2048x3072/9b3b9af7c008329952c1b184d714b01ebba534c6.jpg https://64.media.tumblr.com/3da245aec44ebbd895acd43709de6529/b0c0f47374759d1d-29/s2048x3072/813dc1069b3de2a7bd99055e3196b39cd11d8e03.jpg https://64.media.tumblr.com/7cc1679f2dec307929d86d033d879566/b0c0f47374759d1d-cb/s2048x3072/302e2f90b12adfb839d059b655d33a2462e13ad1.jpg

she looked really pasty in the original, so i gave her a normal skintone. her skin took about 7-8 layers. then i began the hair.


this picture has the hair layered once.


this is the second hair layer.


i believe her hair only took about 3-4 layers, to look good, but in future im going to do at least 5-6 layers. i found that the paint would actually knick off slightly when handled and touched for too long, which didnt occur with the skin (that i saw). it wasnt a huge problem as i just went over the tiny spots with more paint as i saw them, but id rather reduce that risk in future. since i already had my red mixed, i moved on to the shoes.


then i moved on to the white of her sleeves and shoes.


for colour balancing, i gave the white a green tint. i didnt want the kit to be too red/pink, which is why i was deciding between red or green stripes on her shirt in the mockups. i ended up going with the red stripes, but used a green tinted white underneath it. at this point it was 2AM and i was long tired, so i resumed painting the next day. heres a picture my boyfriend took of me while painting. ^__^


the next day i kept painting. i moved on to the white of the shirt on the torso and the overalls. i also added a highlight to her hair like they used to do in old anime, which i miss and absolutely loooove to see on figures. figures with this shine tend to be my favourites.

https://64.media.tumblr.com/d6e37045d6a3add620fc961179433464/dd2677dd38b1f81b-23/s1280x1920/ca5a0d5f7881b9308b3b047068966934979e63f7.jpg https://64.media.tumblr.com/6b3f6c6f4a792816aa6369bb324d1b1c/dd2677dd38b1f81b-1d/s1280x1920/ba6e5175d26ee303ae5361bc9d7fdfc6e08a0e3f.jpg

then i started the lines on the shirt.


it was a bit scary at first but it became relaxing. i knew i wasnt going to paint them perfectly, and i like the wobbly lines. feels like my usual art. once that was done it was time for...the eyes.


again, i worked my way from the bottom up. since this kit was 1/8, it was a bit small, and i only had a script snap! brush to use. i could have used one of the billion microns i have, but a straight black would have totally thrown off the colour balancing of the kit. i just went for it and sharpened up my edges by going over them with the skintone.


tada! i ended up going back over a few little spots after i took this picture though.

once the eyes were done, i needed to seal my kit. i ended up accidentally buying the wrong matte sealer twice. i got a chalky finish one from krylon (oops, could be used someday though), and bought another glossy modge podge instead of a matte. i really needed this kit out of the way so i did a test spray on the hair with the glossy sealer and it ended up not being overly glossy, so i just went with it. looking back i kind of like the glossy look, it feels very homemade lol. but ill definitely pick up a matte as soon as i can. krylon was sold out at micheals.

then i shaded her with chalk pastels. i thankfully didnt need to go out and buy them since i already had a pack from a few years ago. i used a q-tip so it didnt end up being very precise. my hands got full of it too, and ended up transferring on the kit a bit ^^;. i was told water would take it off but it didnt really lol. its hardly noticeable though, so who cares.

once i finished shading i sealed it very lightly one last time and glued the pieces together. the epoxy glue i picked up didnt really push out equal amounts of the glue and resin at the same time...nothing but pain. the legs were quite difficult to glue since they kind of stack on top of each other and i was trying to minimize gaps as best i could since the puttying job wasnt perfect.

i ended up kind of ignoring gaps and even just didnt bother to fill in a puttied hole that broke apart. i was frustrated with the arduous prep process of the kit and just moved on. future kits will be better :D

anyway, heres the final pictures of her. ill pick up a wood base or something another time, but since she can just hang out wherever, theres no rush.

https://64.media.tumblr.com/9fe24b2caba5ca6af7dad43a5e0165cf/ca7c5d3647b81682-ce/s2048x3072/1222f22e919964ee0ff03031219ecdde2e927768.jpg https://64.media.tumblr.com/b32510d0d6aab5ecbfecdcee5a7191cf/ca7c5d3647b81682-09/s2048x3072/c2628dadf751aa3e32aef8de9158c3ee8423d409.jpg

https://64.media.tumblr.com/f2f2df76f1e75a788692c38efa0d194d/ca7c5d3647b81682-8b/s2048x3072/41000499896202642ba4b02258ff60b28a26e06c.jpg https://64.media.tumblr.com/9e8fc92b17b89f5d36927258bc823d2a/ca7c5d3647b81682-4b/s2048x3072/795997b415b9bb4214f2db9d5c677223a3bee297.png https://64.media.tumblr.com/8f557188f73a3558b19e457f29769536/ca7c5d3647b81682-d1/s2048x3072/9e43812a19339e8317e54f4780a4a78a64349d67.jpg

despite some obvious gaps here and there and other minor mistakes, i had a blast with my first garage kit and already ordered three more. two of which are not on mfc!

thank you for reading ^__^
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solluxcaptorVor 6 Monaten#85167488Wow I love so much what you did with her! Especially the face is so cute

XorasVor 6 Monaten#85167484Looks good for your first kit :)

thank you so much!! ^__^
Vor 6 Monaten
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
Wow I love so much what you did with her! Especially the face is so cute
Vor 6 Monaten
Looks good for your first kit :)
Vor 6 Monaten
barbieVor 6 Monaten#85124458Nice GK! I didn't know you had to soak it? You did an amazing job on her especially with the colors being bold against each other!

thank you! and yeah, resin cast kits/garage kits leave a resin mould on the figure during the casting process. ive been told it can cause problems with priming/painting, perhaps causing it to strip easier? im not totally sure about the longterm effects. ive also seen someone say they never clean the pieces and attest that its fine. since resin is toxic, well i dont think theres any harm in letting the pieces soak in a good cleaner for even a few hours. when you think about it, its hard to tell what gks will be like in the longterm...kinda scary lol. also thank you for the colour compliment!!

PrivaVor 6 Monaten#85112077Amazing work! I can’t believe this is your first kit. She looks great.

thank you so much!! i did a lot of research to ensure my first would be a solid step in the right direction, especially since its such a costly hobby T__T. im excited to keep working on more!

TuxmichlVor 6 Monaten#85112698Nice paint job! Also thumbs up for sanding the figure. I hate this step and always skip it >.<

it is a bit of a pain since theres health precautions. ive heard a lot of people recommend wet sanding but i cant really see wet sandpaper being all that good at sanding the resin down especially when youre making custom alterations to the kit. i didnt really get good results from it. it leaves quite a mess too, and the sanded off resin partciles cna get in all kind of nooks and crannies in the kit (especially this one with all the folds, i spent so long with so many toothpicks cleaning it out...) though it definitely does heighten the overall look of it. maybe putting on a podcast/youtube analysis/music and just going to town on sanding would be good? itd be nice in the summer to sit outside in the grass and sand.

plasticizerVor 6 Monaten#85115119Great work! Thanks for the detailed step-by-step. Looking forward to your next GK!

im so happy to hear that, thank you so much!
Vor 6 Monaten
Lucky_CharmsVor 6 Monaten#85166898this is super cute! I love your artstyle <3

thank you so much! being able to apply your own visual style onto cast kits is one of the coolest things about the hobby!

mindfrellVor 6 Monaten#85160134Very cute! I definitely prefer your color choices to the guide, the stripes on the sweater are a nice touch.

virtualpupVor 6 Monaten#85129602THIS IS SOOOO CUTE!! i like how you went your own way with the painting instead of copying thw original picture

ah awesome im so glad to hear that! good colours mean a lot to me so im kinda glad this gk never got picked up for a prepainted lol. i much prefer being able to alter this kind of stuff, especially since the kit is pretty simple by gk standards. and yeah the stripes really add a lot i think!

worms123Vor 6 Monaten#85112724i looove the eyes omfg

thank you!! i need a smaller brush to hone in on details a bit more, but they came out really good for the size i had, which im thankful for ^__^

dtindcareaVor 6 Monaten#85112684Nice job and dedication. Good article and photos as well. I look forward to seeing more.

thank you! ill admit this was kind of an afterthought, so for future kits id like to document a bit more properly. im glad people enjoy it!
Vor 6 Monaten
roachfigsVor 6 Monaten#85105196she looks amazing!! your painting style is really fitting on her and i'm looking forward to see more garage kits you work on :D

thank you soo much!! posting about it as an article on here is really fun, and it doesnt seem like theres very many gk process articles on here so ill definitely document more gks as i do them :D
Vor 6 Monaten
this is super cute! I love your artstyle <3
Vor 6 Monaten
Very cute! I definitely prefer your color choices to the guide, the stripes on the sweater are a nice touch.
Vor 6 Monaten
THIS IS SOOOO CUTE!! i like how you went your own way with the painting instead of copying thw original picture
Vor 6 Monaten
barbie diva of despair!
Nice GK! I didn't know you had to soak it? You did an amazing job on her especially with the colors being bold against each other!
Vor 6 Monaten
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