So I moved.. again. Collection update.So I moved.. again. Collection update.Diary

NewHarvestNewHarvestVor 8 Monaten
I know for a while I was keeping y'all up to date on my collection since my house burned down. Since joining, I've had to move to four new places. It's been crazy! I know I mentioned being excited to be able to settle in my last post but life comes at you fast. I will likely be moving next year too and boy does that get stressful with this collection!

Anyway~ These are my cases now. I still have to set up lighting and I have some hanging to do but hey, the cases are up and my figures are set!


How do you guys feel about having to move with your collection? What precautions do you take for moving?
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I'm never moving EVER. 1,000 figures to move plus 12 bookcases. nope. Not gonna happen. That's a absolute nightmare.
Vor 8 Monaten
Great collection! One thing I learned after my last move was to stick with scales, because action figures are a PAIN to repack for moving- especially Transformers.
Vor 8 Monaten
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
I hate moving... It's annoying to pack all and realise how much I got it made me realisme before I move again I definitely want to sell..

Precautions, well I put them in moving boxes with bubble wrap :) if there's space left I add paper next to it so it won't move :) plus extra tape so the box won't open

There are like 3 box less figs I recall which I keep in my arms :) so I'm certain they stay safe
Vor 8 Monaten
Nice collection! I especially like the Eureka Seven, BRS and League figures! Lowkey wish you could add League/Western figures on here. My condolences about your house, I hope no one came to harm and nothing too important has been lost.

I moved to a bigger flat in December and oh boy, packing every figure up and unpacking them and setting them up again was such a hassle. Having my car stuffed full with figures was funny though.

As for precautions, I simply kept every cardboard box I received and packed the figures that didn't have their OG box anymore in there with a thick layer of newspapers. The worst part were my Detolfs and my one other glass cabinet though ... so glad I had a lot of helping hands.

Hopefully you'll settle in nicely into your new place and won't move so soon again!
Vor 8 Monaten
Normally I loved the idea of a new and fresh place. However these last couple of years, moving is a nightmare for me because the more my collection expands, the more risky it becomes to gather the figures in many MANY boxes. It's especially risky for big pieces, those with sharp edges or tiny connection parts. I was able to save some with super glue, but it's not always possible for very small pieces. I didn't move very far away from my previous locations, but I imagine if I had to, having so many boxes of figures would worry me about some of them getting lost :/
Vor 8 Monaten
NemsyVor 8 Monaten#82745138Cute League collection! Will you be getting GSC's Lux figures, or Apex Innovation's KDA Ahri/Project Ashe?

I'm a little strapped for money since moving but I would love to add more to my League collection!
Vor 8 Monaten
LoveChopperVor 8 Monaten#82745216love your clean and neat display. personally have not really give much thoughts about moving as I cannot afford it.
probably a horrifying experience if I were to move, fearing that anything will break during the process or even prior the process when I am dismantling the figure. I keep all my boxes so I think this precaution will suffice.
EldinHeartVor 8 Monaten#82745264Moving into my house at the end of the month. Still boxing up figures. I’m horribly dreading moving the detolfs.
I don’t know where I will put my stuff. I’ve always had my stuff in my bedroom.

Go to fast food places (I go to Burger King cause I know they can) and ask for their tomato boxes! They're super sturdy so I feel better about packing my figures up. If you don't have their original boxes, it helps a lot.
Vor 8 Monaten
RikoeiVor 8 Monaten#82745098That is sad news about your house burning down I hope you didn’t lose anything important D:

We're hitting two years with that so I've definitely moved on :) I just know a couple of people have kept up with my moving adventures since. But thank you!
Vor 8 Monaten
Sounds like a lot of stress. I hope you feel comfortable in your new home and find some time to relax.

I'm scared of moving. I don't have that many figures, but I also have a pretty big collection of comics & mangas, which means packing & carrying a lot of heavy boxes. I got a small storage closet in my apartment where I store all my figure boxes in case I have to pack everything up.
Vor 8 Monaten
I recently moved, I dont want to do it ever again.
Vor 8 Monaten
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